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Anime North Photos & Tips

Hello I’m back. Anime North was fantastic – made a ton of money in the nomi, spent saturday hanging out with friends and had a delicious breakfast every morning! Plus, fluffy fluffy pillows <3 There were also a ton of amazing cosplays at the convention, I wish I could have pulled out my camera more!

This year (2011) at Anime North I decided to start a new tradition: instead of just taking photos I want to ask people how they did things and share it with you guys. I didn’t get to ask everyone for some tips, I didn’t ask people who were busy or who were getting photographer swarmed, but I asked when I could and I’ll share what I learned.

Are you in any of these photos? If you are and would like to share some more tips, have your name credited or even if you’d like your photo taken down, please let me know! You can contact me at admin @ or leave a comment here!.

Pics with Tips:


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Using Cosplay Tutorials

This is an interesting article to write. Many people use tutorials, and many people write tutorials but not everyone knows how to use them to their advantage. This guide is to help with that, especially for people who aren’t experienced and aren’t sure if the result would be good. This guide is to help you learn how to find tutorials, and get the most out of them!

Types of Tutorials:

Guide / Article – These are usually in-depth and heavy on text, but can include images as well. These are usually to inform the reader, and can provide a lot of information or are based on personal opinion or experience.

General Tutorial – Almost always a series of images and text, giving you step by step information on how to create something.

WIPs (Work in Progress)– These are aimed at someone who already has an idea of what they are doing. Usually it is not explaining how to do what is shown but is showing the process. If there is progress being shown and information on how to achieve it, then it is generally counted as a tutorial. If it goes into a lot of detail then it is more likely a guide or an article.

Video – These are great for beginners. Video actually covers a range of tutorials, but I am specifically referencing those that show in real-time, possibly with some fast forwarding, how to create the end result.

Other – I can’t really think of something that fits this section right now, but if it doesn’t fit in the above then it will likely go here.

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