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FAQ Monday – Can you cosplay outside of conventions?

Aside from the legal limits of your country, there is nothing to stop you from cosplaying outside of a convention. So yes, you can cosplay when a convention is not going on but it isn’t always a good idea.

If you are particularly antsy and can’t wait for a convention try checking cosplay discussion boards in your area. Some people run cosplay or photoshoot events between cons and they are both a great chance to wear your costume and make friends with other cosplayers. The bigger ones I know of in Toronto (Canada) are the Cosplay Skate where everyone goes skating in or out of costume, there is also the Cosplay Picnic that is a photoshoot / picnic hangout that takes place in the summer. If you can’t find anything in your area you could also think about starting your own event!

Please keep in mind that people will be looking at you funny, asking odd questions, and you may get some negative comments. Seeing costumes is not a normal thing outside of events and stage shows and not everyone is very open to the idea. Certain places, such as stores and malls, may kick you out if they believe you are a disturbance so it is important to choose your cosplay location wisely and be aware of your behavior. Remember it makes everyone who dresses up look bad when you damage property, try to freak out “normals”, and otherwise act rude or loud. This also applies to situations where you unintentionally cosplay outside of a convention, such as going outside of the convention area to eat, using public transportation to and from a con, pick up a last minute thing from a store, etc.

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Sharpie Dye Tips and Guide

So I finally had a chance to try out wig dyeing! In an effort to save money I took my old Mintaka wig and colored it purple to be used as my Rarity wig for this upcoming May.

What Didn’t Work

Wanting to avoid unnecessary mess and spending I attempted two other methods before trying the Sharpie & Rubbing alcohol dye mix.

My first attempt was just coloring the wig with Sharpie markers. This was effective but a long process. This would be ideal for creating a streak that is a darker color on a lighter wig. This might also be a good option for a short multicolored wig.

My second attempt was the paint method where you heavily water down acrylic paint and use the pigment to dye the wig. I had the most perfect color of paint for the hair and it would have been cheaper than sharpies, and I used this method previously to dye spandex with success. Unfortunately the wig would not take the color. After drying I rinsed the wig and the color ran right out.

Sharpie Dye – Spray Bottle Method

The method that worked was using Sharpie ink and 70% rubbing alcohol. This is one of the commonly suggested methods for wig dyeing!


  • 70% Rubbing Alcohol (Approx. $2 at walmart in the medical section)
  • Sharpie Markers (Available individually at craft stores. For a good color I suggest 4-8 markers)
  • Spray Bottle


You start by opening the Sharpies. I did this with a pair of pliers and wiggled the colored tip out. Don’t cut the grey end of the marker since it will be hard to get out the ink and you might cut the ink cartridge.

Once the Sharpies are opened you can cut the cartridge along the side so it can mix much easier. This is optional but I found it reduced the waiting time!

Pop the ink cartridges into the spray bottle and then fill with the rubbing alcohol. For refrence, I used 3 sharpies with each 250ml (1 cup) of alcohol. I used almost 500ml (2 cups) for the entire wig. Make sure to shake it so it can be mixed well!

Let your mixture sit, and shake it a bit. I let it sit for about an hour before I sprayed it on the wig.

Spray your wig! This stuff stains and gets everywhere very easily, it also drips off the wig. I suggest doing it outdoors if possible. If you must do it indoors make sure to cover your area including any close by walls that might be splattered from the spray. Alcohol evaporates quickly but it still takes a fair bit of time. Go slow and work your way through the wig, you will want to take care to get it to the roots of the wig and to color both sides. I did several applications of color.

Once it looks how you want it to, run it under cold water to wash out excess color. You may need to do another coat or two  to touch up areas you might have missed so repeat as necessary.

– You can use different colored cartridges in the spray bottle to create different colors, you can also use different colors for each application to create highlights and lowlights. I colored blue streaks on the wig for lowlights before spraying. I also used blue in the second application to darken the purple a little bit.

– If the color moves away from the roots you can touch it up later with a sharpie marker.

– Use light applications to avoid lots of dripping and wasting your solution.

– Rather than using a spraybottle you can create a dye bath and let it sit in it, such as in this tutorial.

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FAQ Monday – Can I change the color of a wig?

Yes you can! There are various methods available for changing a synthetic wig’s color such as:

  • Copic Marker

  • Wig Dye Kits
    These can be found online or at wig stores, and can also be used to change the color of wigs. For a rough pricing estimate, Karie Blair sells her 4oz kits at $16

Remember: Synthetic wigs can only go a darker color, not lighter. This is because the color is in the plastic and can’t be removed. For example, wigs that are a dark blue cannot become a light blue because you can only add more color on top. For lighter wig colors start with a white base, for darker colors blonde can help with giving you a slightly darker result.

Please note that wig dyeing can be very messy, especially the sharpie and spraybottle method. It is best to do this outside or have a drop cloth to avoid getting the dye everywhere.

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Website Update – Tutorial List

The tutorial list has been updated! It has had over 30 new tutorial links added and got a makeover!

The section titles have been updated to be more eye catching and visually appealing, it helps them stand out so that if you are scrolling though you can see the sections more clearly! Previously they were plain text and were overshadowed by the featured section.

The featured section was huge so it was changed to be less obtrusive. The featured section is now 3 small icons, that link to their respective tutorials, along side of the header. They show what can be found in the section and highlight some of the better or more interesting tutorials.

The [Top] link has been updated to an arrow. Now you can teleport back to the top of the page with an icon.

If you experience any issues with the tutorial list you can use the Contact Us form or email admin @ and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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Cosplay Christmas Collection

Cosplay Christmas finished but the costumes were fantastic and deserve one last feature, so here is a collection of all the Cosplay Christmas costumes! Thanks to everyone who participated, and we look forward to seeing your costumes next year!

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FAQ Monday – Where can I find reference pictures?

It’s always good to use a variety of reference pictures, screenshots and official art, some fan art for ideas, other cosplays to see how people pulled it off, and sometimes even pics of makeup or contacts you might like for the character! Usually you should have at least one good picture of the front of the costume, and one good picture of the back of the costume.

If a character has inconsistencies with their outfit (colors change, pieces appear and disappear) choose one version to use for your costume and try to find consistent references for that version.‘s image search and‘s image search are great for all kinds of pictures, especially screenshots. Try variations of the names of the characters or show (for example try the japanese name) to find more pictures. Still having trouble? Try taking screenshots from or another site that has clips of the show. and are great for fanart, especially if you are looking for gijinka ideas or alternate outfits.,,,, and are all great for finding cosplay photos. It also helps to sketch out the character so you have a good idea of the pieces involved, even if you aren’t a great artist it can help to get your ideas out on paper.

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