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Lillymon – Part 2

Not a lot of progress to show off, mostly because I am waiting to show you guys the complete pieces rather than my unhemmed half-painted stuff! So today I will explain how I made Lillymon’s long thornesque nails:

Unfortunately my phone camera is terrible at picking up color, but these are bright red!

So around Halloween I check the sales and scope out some useful cosplay supplies, usually higher quality makeup pallets or liquid latex, specialty stockings and other fun things. This year I picked up a set of “Mardi gras” nails which were these bright green and yellow nails that were the length of the individual containers in the image above. I grabbed them in case I needed some extra long nails or claws for something, it was only $1! So for Lillymon I trimmed them down to size with a small pair of scissors. This gave a rough edge and so I used some sandpaper to smooth it down and make it more rounded. I then colored it with a couple layers of acrylic paint (trying to keep costs down for myself, red nail polish would have been a better choice) and finished it with two thin layers of glossy mod podge. They are a nice red and have a bit of a shine to them. They came with a type of double sided tape adhesive so I will be using that to attach them.

Hey look I found a picture of the package!

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