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Cosplay for Beginners

Cosplay is popular all over the world with video game fanatics and comic book readers alike. Cosplay comes in a range of styles and genres; some of the favorite cosplay characters come from anime, comic books, video games and films.

If you’ve heard about cosplay and you’ve always been curious to find out more – since most of your friends do it – then below is a beginner’s guide to cosplay to help you out. If you are used to spending your Saturday’s at home, playing FoxyBingo whilst chatting to your friends on Skype then this is certainly a change from what you’re used to – you will have to socialise face to face rather than interactively and act as your chosen character. Cosplay is even more enjoyable if you’re a confident person who enjoys acting, dressing up and having fun.

Tip 1 – It is important that you choose a character who you like and can relate to. You will have to mimic their personality (around the con, or for photos) so make sure you study your character’s mannerisms so you know how they carry themselves.

Tip 2 – Make sure you have a couple of signature or distinct poses which define your character. Try and find poses which you feel expresses the character best. It is important to try and bring your character to life by combining their mannerisms, their posture and their accent.

Tip 3 – In the word of cosplay, it is more about taking part and having fun rather than winning. You don’t have to enter cosplay purely to try and win competitions.

Tip 4 – Cosplayers are all equal so never treat others inferior to you. Plus, there will probably be someone else with the same outfit as you – see this as a good thing and bounce constructive criticism off each other.

Tip 5 – Try not to carry a sign around with you saying who your character is. This looks tacky and gives the impression you haven’t put as much effort into your outfit as you could have.

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FAQ Monday – What can I use to style a wig?

There are a variety of tools that can be used to help create the crazy styles that appear in anime, videogames, comic books and other forms of media. It helps to be creative, especially with more complex styles! This guide will go over the basic tools that are commonly used for wig styling.

Any pair of sharp scissors with a pinted tip can work for cutting a wig. To ensure that they are sharp it is best to have a pair just for wig / hair cutting, just as you should keep your sewing scissors separate from craft scissors. You can also look into professional shears, this is a guide for how to choose a pair of hairdressing sheers.

There are other specialty scissors available for hair cutting that also work with wigs: Thinning Shears (aka. Texturizing Shears or Chunking Shears) thins out the hair which works great for anime styles that tend to have a lot of volume at the top, but are very thin near the ends. Here is a quick how-to-use for thinning shears.

Styling and Spikes:
Most styles can be held in place with some hairspray. There are sprays made specifically for wigs but just some cheap hairspray works wonders. You can also use “freeze spray” which is quicker drying hairspray that tends to have a lot of hold, I see got2b Glued Freeze Spray suggested often and I also recommend it!

For more dramatic vertical styles, and for tipping spikes, white school glue (PVA glue) works really well and dries transparent, although it does have more drying time than hairspray. There are also products called “Hair Glue” which is very similar to school glue but is made for styling hair, it washes out a bit easier and is a bit thicker but also costs more.

Hair Wax also works, although too much will leave a residue. Hair wax is best used for minor styling (separating sections) rather than vertical spikes.

Extreme Styles:
The above methods work for spiked styles and normal styles, but sometimes you need a lot of volume or a very large spike. This section will cover some of the common ways to style those wigs.

Creating a Frame: Great for hair with a lot of volume (Felicia from Darkstalkers), a unique shape (Pheonix Wright or Jesse from Pokemon) or thick vertical spikes (Yugi from Yugioh)

Adding Wefts for Volume: Wefts are the strands of hair that are sewn onto a base to form a wig, by adding additional wefts you add more fibers to the wig and make it thicker. This will help hide your scalp / wig cap when wearing the wig, and help with many styles. This section has a ton of tutorials for adding / making wefts:

Other Stuff you Should Have Around:
– Fabric covered elastic bands / bauble elastics
– Butterfly Clips
– Alligator Clips
– Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or other rolls are great for holding curls
– Bobbypins
– Hair Pins (Hold wig on a wighead)
– Wide toothed comb or wig brush
– Wighead + stand or clamp
– Blowdryer

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