Belphegor Cosplay Guide

January 19, 2010

So I had @ERobynA ask CosplayTutorial for tutorials on how to make a Belphegor cosplay from Hitman Reborn. I couldn’t find any so I decided to write up a quick cosplay guide for the character. Please comment with your Belphegor cosplay tips!


Well his crown is pretty basic, I am sure you could find it for under $5. Try checking party stores, dollar stores, and craft stores for kid crowns.

If you would like to make the crown, you could sculpt the shape using sculpty or the lightweight option of paperclay. It may be a good idea to use a toy crown, as mentioned above, as a base and then do the sculpting over it. Other options for making the crown, or it’s base, are craft foam, cardboard, or bristol board.

This tutorial is for Anthy’s Crown (Utena) but may give you a good idea of going about Belphegor’s Crown:

Generally I see Scruffy or Scruffy L from cosworx as a sugguested wig, or the wisp, or fashion 101 from amphigory:
[ scruffy ] [ scruffy L ] [wisp] [fashion 101]

You could also check on ebay for pre-styled wigs.

An easy way to get the jacket would be to check out your local mall or thrift stores and look for something similar. If you are making the jacket, I sugguest looking at your local fabric store for sewing patterns for similar jackets. It is a pretty simple design so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that is similar.

Some patterns I found that were close:
[ Simplicity: 1 ] [ Simplicity: 2 ] [ McCalls: 3 ] [ McCalls: 4 ]

Try the mall or a thrift store since striped shirts are usually popular enough to find around. If you can’t find one you could use a black or purple shirt and use tape to section off the areas you don’t want color on, then use fabric paint to paint on your stripes. You could also look into iron-on transfers but to get straight lines all across the shirt it really is more trouble then it’s worth.

His belt can be bought, but you will probably want to make your own buckle to have it accurate. This tutorial for creating a crest with polymer clay would also work for making his belt: [ crest tutorial ] then you could add velcro to the back and to the belt to have it velcro on, or created a hook that slides over the back of the belt and holds onto the crest overtop of the belt’s regular clasp.

I think a good way to make the knives would be to make it out of sculpty and bake it, then paint. Or use another form of clay such as paperclay, model magic, air dry clay … etc.

Another method would be to layer cardboard or craft foam, and do something similar to this kunai tutorial, except in the shape of his knives: [ layered kunai tutorial ]

If you want to create multiple knives that are exactly the same, resin casting might be an option, similar to this kunai casting tutorial: [ kunai casting ]

This cardboard knife tutorial has some pretty nice results: [cardboard knife tutorial]

Also, check out this metal texturing tutorial for tips on painting your knives: [ metal texture tutorial ]

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