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Lillymon – Part 2

Not a lot of progress to show off, mostly because I am waiting to show you guys the complete pieces rather than my unhemmed half-painted stuff! So today I will explain how I made Lillymon’s long thornesque nails:

Unfortunately my phone camera is terrible at picking up color, but these are bright red!

So around Halloween I check the sales and scope out some useful cosplay supplies, usually higher quality makeup pallets or liquid latex, specialty stockings and other fun things. This year I picked up a set of “Mardi gras” nails which were these bright green and yellow nails that were the length of the individual containers in the image above. I grabbed them in case I needed some extra long nails or claws for something, it was only $1! So for Lillymon I trimmed them down to size with a small pair of scissors. This gave a rough edge and so I used some sandpaper to smooth it down and make it more rounded. I then colored it with a couple layers of acrylic paint (trying to keep costs down for myself, red nail polish would have been a better choice) and finished it with two thin layers of glossy mod podge. They are a nice red and have a bit of a shine to them. They came with a type of double sided tape adhesive so I will be using that to attach them.

Hey look I found a picture of the package!

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Making Lillymon

Hello all! I’m currently working on a Lillymon cosplay for Anime North which is in 16 days! Wish me luck, I’m going to need it! I’ll also be showing you my progress and giving tips, hopefully this will help out other Lillymon cosplayers!

This is one of my boot covers. For those that don’t know, bootcovers are a cheap way to get a custom looking boot without even needing to buy a boot! Bootcovers work by making a fabric cover for a pair of boots or shoes, that looks like a boot or shoe. You can check out ways to make bootcovers on the tutorial list!

I made my mockup on some extra fabric I had lying around, and then used that to create the boot covers. They are lined, but they do not have interfacing since it manages to stand up without it. The bottom yellow is done with bias tape which is finishing the open hem. The front flower was painted on with acrylic paint, using a stencil. The side flowers were cut from yellow fleece and the pedals were painted orange with watered down acrylic paint, it helps make it a bit stiffer. They were sewn on with the machine.

I haven’t decided how they will be attached yet. I have an old pair of shoes I plan to convert into cosplay bootcover shoes by attacking velcro to the shoe, so these might be attached with a combination of velcro and thick elastic on the bottom .

These are my cute sleeves!

There are three major parts to this. One is the sleeve with a rolled hem which is the top rectangular shape. I made this by measuring the widest point of my arm, and the length I wanted it to be. I drew this out on the fabric and cut that out. I sewed up along the edge to create a tube and then I did a rolled hem on the top to finish it. I plan to make a tutorial on this later that goes into more detail, but I created the image below to help you out for now:

And for the dress, that is my plan for today! I’m making it a little different from how her dress actually looks, I want to add the pedals on the outside rather than have them be part of the actual dress. Hopefully it is a good addition!

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Cosplay Christmas Collection

Cosplay Christmas finished but the costumes were fantastic and deserve one last feature, so here is a collection of all the Cosplay Christmas costumes! Thanks to everyone who participated, and we look forward to seeing your costumes next year!

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All they wanted for christmas was a gravity gun

According to Volpin Prop’s facebook his Gravity Gun prop (which was his most recent project) sold at auction for $21,000! The auction was for Child’s Play, a charity that brings gamers together to provide games and toys for children in hospitals. If you would like to learn more about this amazing charity or make a donation you can check it out at

You can oggle some photos of the prop at Volpin Prop’s blog but if you insist on a teaser…

Photography by Dan Almasy:

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Cosplay Christmas Day 7

It’s been a whole week’s worth of cosplay christmas pictures!

Today we are showcasing Yashuntafun’s beautiful Juvia (Fairy Tail) costume! The curls on the wig are particularily impressive! Want to see more of her costumes? Visit her website at

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Cosplay Christmas Catchup – Day1-6

Day 1:

Check out PeaceMakerGirl’s awesome hat in this holiday photo of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Battle Tendency! Great work! Looking for more? Check out her Twitter, Deviantart or Tumblr


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Anime North Photos & Tips

Hello I’m back. Anime North was fantastic – made a ton of money in the nomi, spent saturday hanging out with friends and had a delicious breakfast every morning! Plus, fluffy fluffy pillows <3 There were also a ton of amazing cosplays at the convention, I wish I could have pulled out my camera more!

This year (2011) at Anime North I decided to start a new tradition: instead of just taking photos I want to ask people how they did things and share it with you guys. I didn’t get to ask everyone for some tips, I didn’t ask people who were busy or who were getting photographer swarmed, but I asked when I could and I’ll share what I learned.

Are you in any of these photos? If you are and would like to share some more tips, have your name credited or even if you’d like your photo taken down, please let me know! You can contact me at admin @ or leave a comment here!.

Pics with Tips:


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So Mjolnir is finished! This prop was made for my friend Josh who is a big fan of Thor!

Making the Prop:


  1. Green Foam
  2. Wood Filler
  3. Wooden Dowel
  4. Pleather
  5. Glue
  6. Acrylic Paint


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