Cosplay Christmas

December 8, 2011

This is the first year of Cosplay Christmas! A celebration of holiday themed cosplays that will hopefully become a tradition that continues for the years to come!

What is Cosplay Christmas?
Every day we will be posting a picture of a cosplayer in a winter or holiday themed cosplays to fit with the season! We are encouraging user-submissions as much as possible allowing followers to show off their awesome outfits and advertise their coscoms, deviantarts, shops and websites!

How can I submit a costume?
You can submit a costume by e-mailing with a photo you would like to be displayed (either attached or a link to the image or a page it is on) and your name or username that you would like displayed, as well as any pages you might want advertised (blogs, shop, devart, coscom, etc).

When do submissions close?
When we have enough submissions (25) or by the 24th of December. Pictures are posted on a first come first serve basis!

Happy cosplaying~

Update: Submissions are now closed!

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