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December 12, 2011

So Cosplay Tutorial is now proudly displaying it’s brand new footer! This is something I wanted to add for awhile but I didn’t have much content for it and kept putting it off.

Contact Us
The contact us page has been around for awhile and the contact email gets posted all over twitter, facebook and tumblr but now it’s at the bottom of the page. Want to contact us? Send your love, hate, questions, comments, death threats and gift baskets to admin@cosplaytutorial.com!

The last page was lengthy and had a detailed account of the site’s history…which nobody really read. It got like 5 hits a month! Now a quick summary sits at the bottom of the page for anyone who is wondering what this site is about.

Newsletter Archive
All the past email newsletters for 2011 have been added so you can look through them at any time, even if you weren’t subscribed. It is still worth subscribing though, the newsletter archive will not be updated on a monthly basis. Right now I am thinking once every six months. So it is still worth signing up for the email version!

Site Map
Look at all the sections of the site in one easy list. Great for if you are looking for a certain page in particular but don’t remember where it was filed under. Right now, there isn’t a big list but we hope to fill it up as the site grows larger!

Still just me right now, so if you want to learn a bit more about Duckie you can look at my costumes 🙂  Eventually we might get some regular bloggers or some more help on the team and this will be updated.

Okay this isn’t part of the footer, but it is something new added to the site. It’s a tad more interesting than the plain solid blue we had before!

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All they wanted for christmas was a gravity gun It’s not easy being desaturated

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