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Panty and Stocking Guide


*Please note, some ebay listings may have expired. You can still check the seller's store or message them about the product, since many will re-list!

The Wig:

The challenge here is achieveing her "banana" hair. For a good cosplay you are going to want to spend some time and use references to have an accurate looking wig. If you are buying a pre-styled wig you may still want to do some touchups depending on what it looks like when it arrives!

Spiking Tutorials:

What is nice is that all of these can be bought pre-made from dollar stores, accessory stores or craft stores. You may need to pick up some paint to adjust the color.


To be honest, there really is no reason to buy a dress if you can sew, because it’s simple you can make it for far cheaper and maintain quality better than just buying it. If you do go the buy route, look for actual dresses that look like Panty’s rather than picking up a “cosplay dress” since most of them are low quality.
Make -> Sewing Patterns

Buy -> Premade


These are pretty simple. Red mary jane shoes, closed toe with a strap. You really should have no problems finding these anywhere. For the silver clasp on the strap of the shoe, if yours does not come with one you can go to a craft store like Michaels and pick up something you can put on there, likely in the bead section.

Here are some shoes that may work:
Assuming you already have a pair of shoes that work, or you have gone thrifting and found a great pair, but they are not the right color here are some shoe color changing tutorials:
Backlace (gun):


The Wig:
There are a couple ways to take on the task of this double colored wig. The first is to buy one pre-made, there are a couple available for stocking and they appear to be really nice. You could also do it yourself: either by sharpie coloring the wig, splicing two wigs together or adding in additional wefts.

Buying (pre-styled):



Making (patterns):


Like Panty’s shoes these should be easy to find, a simple pair of black dress shoes should work and you can find those at any shoe store, and thrift stores. Try to avoid heels since she appears to be wearing flats, or platforms. Something like these would be ideal:

The Sword ::

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