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Blue & Black or White & Gold: Colour in Cosplay

Everyone is jumping on this internet fad, but Volpin’s post brought up a good point that I wanted to address:


What can you do as a cosplayer,

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What Hair Products Can I Use on a Wig?

Most hair products can be used on a wig. Hairspray, spiking glue, freeze spray, etc. The product you cannot use on a wig is hair GEL. Gel is made to work with the oils in your natural hair, and so it won't work properly on a wig, though it's okay since gel isn't as effective in making anime style spikes.

Other products you can use on a wig are white school glue and tacky glue, they are good for antigravity spikes and usually cost less than h…


Would you wear costuming/sewing themed t-shirts?

Only If they looked nice
Probably only to conventions

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