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PAX Body Paint - Don’t Use It On Skin


Up until recently I suggested PAX, a mixture of acrylic paint and pros-aide,  as a skin-safe body paint specifically when using Liqu

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I’ll be queuing up the next batch of tutorials soon, since the queue ran out. I have a ton of links saved but if there is demand for certain types of tutorials or tutorials from a certain series, I’ll focus on sharing those kinds of tutorials.


Can I Make My Dark Synthetic Wig a Lighter Color?

When you color a wig you are adding one color over another color. Because of this it is not possible to get a lighter color when using a dark wig as a base. A red wig will not turn pink. The same is true for regular hair, except that with regular hair you have the option to bleach the color out of the hair to make it lighter. You can't bleach a wig to remove the base color.

When buying a wig that you plan to dye it is best to buy a whit…


Would you wear costuming/sewing themed t-shirts?

Only If they looked nice
Probably only to conventions

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