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Tumblr Messaging (got it!)

If you have it could you send me a message? I would like to try this out :) Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who messaged me, I now have messaging! For some reason my main and all my sub-blogs have it except for Cosplay Tutorial, so I am hoping that gets resolved and I can

BOWSER SHELL Tutorial (Part 1/3)


So CLC did a Super Smash Bros. cosplay for AB 2014 and AAC 2014, and now that we are in a lull between cons we decided to po


Wig vs. No Wig?

The person who gets the final decision on this is the cosplayer, and I have seen both wigs and real hair used well in cosplay. Though, the general opinion of the community is that you should use a wig whenever possible, and use your own hair if it already looks very close to that character's hair.

Though I am a wig shipper myself, I find that my costumes improved greatly after I started using wigs even if my hair was close before. There…


How many times do you expect to wear a costume before "retiring" it

Never (display piece)
2-4 Times
5-7 Times
7-9 Times
More than 10 Times
More than 20 Times
More than 30 Times
I'm never taking this cosplay off

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