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Would you be interested in a Cosplay Tutorial group on

(Groups allow you to make posts, uploaded photos to the group and start discussions, not just comment on stuff that we post)

I did not expect the responses to come in so quickly, or to be so overwhelmingly positive. I take this as a sign that a group



1: What was your first cosplay?
2: Favorite thing to cosplay?
3: Have you ever been in a pan


Is There a Replacement For Body Paint?

If you want to change your skin color but don't want to use a body paint to create the effect a solution would be to use a catsuit or hoodless zentai suit.

You can buy these suits online to fit your measurements. They come in most colors and you can get them in vinyl or spandex. You can airbrush or paint over them to create a more realistic look with shading and highlights, or create designs such as tattoos. The biggest benefit is that…


How old were you when you first started cosplaying?

0 to 9
10 to 14
15 to 19
20 to 24
25 to 29
30 to 34
35 to 39

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