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Finishing Up

I’ve been adding banners to the sections (Lights & Electronics is by far the prettiest)  and am happy to announce that the major updates to the site are nearly finished! Just a few tweaks left here and there. 

If you ar

I've been around...

I’ve seen it mentioned here and on facebook: some people feel that cosplayers are trying to keep their methods secret and that there are less tutorials out there. The cosplay community has changed a lot since I joined it in 2004, but let me


What Can I Use To Make ___________ Prop?

Depending on the prop there is a wide variety of materials you can use depending on your budget and your skills. Some of these materials are:
  • Wood / wooden dowels
  • Metal
  • Cardboard/Papermache
  • Wonderflex/Plastic/ PVC pipe
  • Foam -> craft, insulation, green or styrofoam
  • Clay
  • Resin
  • Model Magic
  • Sculpty
Props can be made from just about any…


Do "original characters" count as cosplay?

Sometimes / It Depends

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