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NYCC: Props Can be Returned

So no official response on this, but I have heard from a few sources that props can be picked up. So I am spreading this information in the hopes that anyone who had their prop confiscated can go retrieve it before the end of the day. 

If you know a cosplayer who is at th

Did any cosplayers get their props back?

Anyone know if any New York Comic Con cosplayers were able to get their props back at the end of the day?Or will get them back at the end of the weekend? Really would love to know if those props were actually tossed, or just h


Choosing Poses for a Character

Most people choose poses by mimicking what the character does in the show, movie, game etc. A good way to choose poses is to look up a variety of reference pictures and print off ones with poses that are interesting and easy to get into quickly. Interesting poses generally involve an action of some sort.

For example Medusa (left) is standing very stiff, so it's not very interesting. Sakura (right) is in an active pose so it is more interesti…


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