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Tutorial List

Last Update: April 19th, 2020


Title Character Series
How to Make an Armband

Bags and Pouches
Title Character Series
Box the Bottom Corners of a Bag
DIY: How to Make Cosplay Utility Belt Pouches!
Drawstring Pouch
Greed Pair: Licht’s Angel BackpackLicht Jekylland Todoroki EnglishServamp
Hinamori Amu Cosplay BagHinamori AmuShugo Chara
Jane Bag
Lunch Bag
Make a Lined Zippered Pouch
Reversible tie-top handbag
Secretary Bag
Simple Bag

Title Character Series
Altair Costume - Belly BeltAltairAssassins Creed
Arkham Origins Batman Utility Belt TutorialBatmanArkham Origins
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Ezio Costume - BeltEzio Auditore da FirenzeAssassins Creed 2
Assassins Creed 2- Ezio's beltEzio Auditore da FirenzeAssassins Creed 2
Attack on Titan HarnessAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan Harness Tutorial Part 1Attack on Titan
Captain America Belt Build TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
Captain Cullen BeltKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
DIY Cosplay Leather Belt Tutorial
Fire Nation Toph Belt Tutorial
Full Grain Leather Belts
Gold BeltZeldaLegend of Zelda
How To Do Mikasa Ackerman 's Back Harness - Attack On TitanMikasa AckermanAttack on Titan
How to Make a Belt From Scratch
How to Make a Leather Belt
How To Make A Leather Belt - DIY Leather Belt
How to make a paracord belt
How to Make a Utility Belt
How to make a Warcraft Orc Armor - the Belt - Horde Cosplay - Props & TutorialsWarcraft
How to Make Mei's Belt from OverwatchMeiOverwatch
How to Make/Wear an Attack on Titan HarnessAttack on Titan
How-To: Make a Leather Belt
Jedi Belt Tutorial Star Wars
Leather Belt
leather skinny belt tutorial
Make a Belt
Make A Black Widow BeltBlack WidowMarvel
Make Your Own Fabric Belts
Making A Leather Belt – Tutorial
Making the Qarth BeltDaenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones
Mikasa SNK Harness Tutorial Part OneMikasaAttack on Titan
Mikasa SNK Harness Tutorial Part TwoMikasaAttack on Titan
MTT Belt GuideMettaton ExUndertale
Outlaw Belt: Fire Emblem FatesNinaFire Emblem Fates
Power Ranger's MorpherMighty Morphin Power Rangers
Raven's Belt TutorialRavenTeen Titans
Shezow Beautility Belt Tutorial
Steampunk Sam Browne Belt
Tutorial • Making Belts
Tutorial: Fabric Covered Belt
velour/velouria belt tutorial!velour/velouriaFire Emblem Fates
Worbla Belt Buckle
“Made To Match” Belt Tutorial

Title Character Series
Aerith ribbon Mianju-styleAerithFinal Fantasy VII
Allys Hair Bow Tutorial
Bow Tutorial
CosThrough: Junko Part 6: BowsJunko EnoshimaDanganronpa
How to make ribbons/bows
How to Make Rin's BowRin KagamineVocaloid
Lolita Bow Tutorial

Title Character Series
Anthy's crownAnthyRevolutionary Girl Utena
beaded crowns
Chobits Cosplay Chi Lolita CrownChiiChobits
Crown out of Craft Foam
DIY Flower Crown
DIY Flower Crown
Dress-up crown
Floral Crown for Weddings
Garnet's Headdress GarnetFinal Fantasy IX
How to Make a Flower Crown
Lace Crown
Maria's crownMariaUmineko No Naku Koro Ni
Princess Bubblegum's Crown
Rapunzel CrownRapunzelTangled
Shiro's CrownShiroNo Game, No Life
Thanduil Crown TutorialThranduilThe Hobbit
Thanduil's Badass Elven CrownThranduilThe Hobbit
Thanduil's Elven King Crown TutorialThranduilThe Hobbit
Thranduil CrownThranduilThe Hobbit

Title Character Series

Fabric Flowers
Title Character Series
Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Garters & Garter Belts
Title Character Series
DIY Garter Tutorial
DIY wedding garter tutorial
Garter Belt
Garter Belt
Removable Sock Garters
Wedding Garter
[d.i.y] Elastic Thigh Garter

Title Character Series
Fabric Headband Pattern
Make A Suzumiya Haruhi HeadbandHaruhi Suzumiyathe melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
Tutorial: Forehead ProtectorNaruto
Usamimi Headbands
[TUTORIAL] Morrigan Aensland: Head WingsMorrigan AenslandCapcom

Title Character Series
[Rin Kagamine] Bow + Headphones Cosplay Tutorial VOCALOIDRin KagamineVocaloid
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - headphones and beltArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Cosplay: Vocaloid Headphones TutorialHatsune MikuVocaloid headset tutorialD.VaOverwatch
DmmD Aoba - Headphones TutorialAobaDmmD
Gumi Megpoid Headphones
Happy Synthesizer Hatsune Miku HeadphonesHatsune MikuVocaloid
Happy Synthesizer headphonesVocaloid
Hatsune Miku Headphone TutorialHatsune MikuVocaloid
Hatsune Miku Headset TutorialHatsune MikuVocaloid
Hatsune Miku Magnet HeadphonesHatsune MikuVocaloid
Hatsune Miku Magnet Headphones. . .Convention Sized :)Hatsune MikuVocaloid
Laxus HeadphonesLaxus DreyarFairy Tail
Magnet HeadphonesVocaloid
Miku Hatsune HeadphonesMiku HatsuneVocaloid
Miku Magnet Headphone TutorialMiku HatsuneVocaloid
One Piece- New Age Usopp Headphones and Long Nose/ PirateUsoppOne Piece
Vocaloid headphones tutorial Vocaloid
Vocaloid HeadsetVocaloid
Vocaloid Headset TutVocaloid
Vocaloid Headset TutorialVocaloid
Vocaloid Magnet Headphones - TutorialVocaloid
[Rin Kagamine] Bow + Headphones CosplayRin KagamineVocaloid

Title Character Series
About Jewelry Making Wire
Braided leather bracelet DIY
Bullet Necklace
Complex Jewelery TutorialMidnaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Death the Kid BroochDeath the KidSoul Eater
Garnet's PendantGarnetFinal Fantasy IX
Hitomi's necklace - Movie VersionHitomiEscaflowne
Hitomi's necklace - Show VersionHitomiEscaflowne
Inuyasha NecklaceInuyashaInuyasha
Juri's locketJuri ArisugawaRevolutionary Girl Utena
Kyou's braceletKyouFruits Basket
Metalic cross
Princess Tutu NecklaceAhiruPrincess Tutu
Sailor Moon R Brooch TutorialUsagi TsukinoSailor Moon
Signless NecklaceNeophyte RedglareHomestuck
Sila's Lacy Bracelet Tutorial
Tiger and Bunny Call WristbandTiger and Bunny
Utena's RingUtena TenjouRevolutionary Girl Utena
Working With Worbla: Olivia Bracelet TutorialOliviaFire Emblem Awakening
Yona Earrings TutorialYonaAkatsuki no Yona
Yuna's necklaceYunaFinal Fantasy X

Title Character Series
brass Sailor Moon tiara for cosplaySailor Moon
Clematis Tiara
Fireworks Tiara
How to Make a Wire Tiara
Icicle Tiara
Sailor Mars tiara.Sailor MarsSailor Moon
Sailor Moon tiaraSailor Moon
Sailor Scout TiaraSailor Moon
Wire Tiara Tutorial

Title Character Series
Little Boy's Tie
Paint a Harry Potter House TieHarry Potter
Quick Tie
Simple Tie

Title Character Series
999 Watch Tutorial999 / Zero Escape
Decorative Watch
Rosette's Watch Tutorial Rosette ChristopherChrono Crusade

Title Character Series
Arm Wraps
Beginners Guide to Sewing (Episode 8): Scrunchie and Headband Tutorial
Black Rock Shooter Flame Eye TutorialBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Black Widow Shocking/Bullet BraceletsBlack WidowMarvel
Caine Wise Cosplay: Accessories TutorialCaine Wise
Chi Hair SpoolsChiChobits
Comic book Batman white eyes tutorialBatman
Craft Foam Ear Fin TutorialFeferi PeixesHomestuck
DIY | Wire Mermaid Ears
Dr. Franken Stein's Screw TutorialDr. Franken SteinSoul eater
Elizabethan Ruff Tutorial
Fake Piercing Tutorial
Fake Piercings
Faux Leather Tags
Hand of the King Pin Polymer Clay
Hatsune Miku Hairclip TutorialHatsune MikuVocaloid
How To Make A Rose Bud With Crinoline
How to make Calne Ca's mouthpieceCalne CaVocaloid
How To Make Epaulettes
How to make Tsuna's fireTsunaReborn
J Symbol TutorialYuna GunnerFinal Fantasy X2
Kagura hair buns+tutorialKaguraGintama
Kanzashi Tutorial
Lady Loki Worbla MedalsLady LokiMarvel
Large Bell
Make your Own: Attorney Badge - Ace AttorneyAce Attorney
Making a Headdress
Making Rin Okumuras Tail for a Cosplay | Blue Exorcist | idkRin OkumuraBlue Exorcist
Making Splatoon Cosplay Tentacles DIYSplatoon
Overwatch Mei Hair PinMeiOverwatch
PSWG heart tutorialPanty and Stocking
Quick and Easy Widow's BiteBlack WidowMarvel
Ram And Rem Cosplay Head BandRam And RemRe Zero
Realistic Cigarette
Renaissance-Haarnetz (German)
Satsuki Hair ClipSatsuki KiryuinKill La Kill
Screw Tutorial for Dr. SteinDr. SteinSoul Eater
Togruta HeadpieceTogrutaStar Wars Clone Wars
Tsuna Dying will Flame TutorialTsunaReborn
Yumichika's (Bleach) Face FeathersYumichikaBleach
Yuna's Chest PieceYunaFinal Fantasy
Yusei Fudo Epaulette/Bubble/Orb TutorialYusei FudoYugioh


Title Character Series
How to Cut Plexiglass
How To Oven Form Acrylic
HOW TO: Hand Cut Acrylic
Oven Forming Sheet Acrylic.

Armor Strapping
Title Character Series
Adding Straps to Worbla Armor Tutorial
Armor Strapping
Armor Strapping & Buckling Tutorial
Attaching Armor by Using Magnets (and Velcro)
Buttoning Basics
Foam Armor Strapping
Hidden Snap SystemStormtrooperStar Wars
How to Make the Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 3: Straps and FurSkyrim
How to Strap EVA Foam Armor
HOW TO: Assemble and Strap Arm Armor StormtrooperStar Wars
Stealth Iron Man Cosplay w/ Motorized FaceplateIron ManMarvel
Strapping Warrior Armor

Title Character Series
Vinyl over foam tutorial - Edward Elric automail
Automail From ClothEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
automail on the cheapEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1Edward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
DIY Cosplay: MGSV Venom Snake's Bionic Arm! In-depth TutorialVenom SnakeMGSV / Metal Gear Solid V
Edward Elric Automail ArmEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric Automail WalkthroughEdward ElricFullmetal Alchemist
Foam Cyborg Arm TutorialVriskaHomestuck
How to Make One Punch Man Genos Arm For CosplayGenosOne Punch Man
Making a Foam Arm [Junkrat from Overwatch]JunkratOverwatch
McCree Arm TutorialMcCreeOverwatch
Riverboat/Gambler McCree Robotic Arm TutorialMcCreeOverwatch
Robot Arm TutorialGaigeBorderlands
Tutorial - Bucky's ArmBuckyMarvel Comics
Winter Soldier Arm Tutorial - By Sketch McDrawBucky Barnes / Winter SoldierMarvel Comics
Winter Soldier's metal armWinter SoldierMarvel
Worbla Automail ArmEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist

Title Character Series
Fiberglass & Bondo Guide
H4 Hayabusa Helmet Part 1
Halo 4 Tutorial - Bondo to PerfectionHalo
IRONMAN 2 suit (mark 4 & 6)IronmanMarvel
Lady Vader Cosplay TutorialDarth VaderStar Wars
Scratch Build Helmet - Start to Finish by Ori CaburStar Wars

Title Character Series
300 Spartan Greaves (Leg-guards) out of Cardboard and Paper Mache
Armor making the Kaaskop Way
Armour That Grows On Trees
Cardboard Armor (Breastplate)
Cardboard Gundam TutorialGundam
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic
How to Make a Helmet out of Cardboard and Masking TapeTitanium RangerPower Rangers
How to Make Armor (Cardboard and Expanding Foam Method)
Iron Helmet and Sword cosplay tutorialSkyrim

Casting and Molding
Title Character Series
Constructing a Simple Mold Box
Creating a Body Cast
Front Face Lifecast
How to: Take a Face Cast
Latex Mask Tutorial - Batman The Dark Knight MaskBatmanDC
Lifecasting Tutorial: Making a Mold of Your Face with Reinforced Alginate
Lifecasting Tutorial:Body Double Silicone
Lifecasting: How to make a Lifecast of your face
Make a lifecast
Mold of Your Face with Alginate
Plaster Life Cast
rubber mold making
Sculpting A Helmet – The Master Chief ProjectMaster ChiefHalo
Sculpting and Casting
Silicone Hand: Mold Making and Casting
Skyrim Female Ancient Nord HelmetSkyrim
Working in Plaster

Title Character Series
Captain America Scales Tutorial
Chain Maille Cheats & Shortcuts
Faking Chainmail Techniques
Faux Leather Scale Mail
How to Make Chain Mail Armor from Start to Finish (4 in 1 weave)
How to Make Chainmail Armor
Lazy-Man's Chainmail-Shirt
Pop/Beer Can Tab Armor
PVC Chainmail
Scales tutorial
Various Chain Maille Tutorials

Title Character Series
Build Halo ArmorHalo
Fiberglass Armor
Foam / Fiberglass Armor
How to build Halo armor Part 4: FiberglassHalo
How to: Make a helm from fiberglass
Pepakura Fiberglass and Smoothing Tutorial
Resin and Pepakura : A simple guide to the safe use of fiberglass resin
So You Want To Work With Fiberglass
Using Paper, Resin, and Fiberglass to Be the Master Chief!Master Chief!Halo

Craft Foam
Title Character Series
The Cosplay manufacture process
AKAME GA KILL - Cosplay Bracer TutoriaAkameAkame Ga Kill
Aqua Armor TutorialAquaKingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep
Aquaman Breastplate (Genderswap)AquamanDC Comics
Arm Guards / Gauntlets
Armor out of Craft Foam - PauldronsZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Batman Arkham City Shin GuardsBatmanDC Comics
Boot ArmorLightningFinal Fantasy
Boot Caps
Bullet's Gauntlets
Camilla Fire Emblem Fates TutorialCamillaFire Emblem Fates
Coat Foam With Latex
COSPLAY 101: Craft Foam Props - Bendable Backing!
Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Armour 0.4LightningFinal Fantasy XIII-2
COSPLAY TUTORIAL- Erza Scarlet Heart Kreuz Armor 2.0 - ENG SUBSErza ScarletFairy Tail
Craft Foam Armor Bracers
Craft Foam Armor for Women
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft Foam Tutorial
Craft foam tutorial
Craft foam tutorial
Craftfoam Breastplate Tutorial
Custom colored foamboard
Ember Celica RWBY prop cosplay tutorialEmber CelicaRWBY
Fate/Zero Fate/Grand Order Berserk's armorBerserkFate/Zero
Fem!Thor's BreastplateThorMarvel
Foam 101 How To Cut, Shape, and Glue EVA Foam
Foam Armor Painting Tutorial
How to make Armor with Foam Sheets and Fabric
How to Make Cloud Strife Armor–Final Fantasy VII RemakeCloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII Remake
How to make Finger Armor with Foam Sheets
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : BeltPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : CrownPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : PauldronsPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How to make Props with Plastidip and Foam Sheets
Knight Captain Cullen BootsKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Marth's ChestplateMarthFire Emblem
Meredith hip armourKnight Commander MeredithDragon Age 2.
Mitridate – Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Neptune Vasilias Leg Armor Write-UpNeptune VasiliasRWBY
Peridot’s arm and leg armorPeridotSteven Universe
Quick n' Easy Iron Man GLOVES TutorialIron ManMarvel Comics
Sauron GlovesSauronLegend of Zelda
Shining Wind kiriya ArmorKiriya KiteShining Wind
Shoulder Pad TutorialCloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
Steampunk Banshee Armor
Terra Tutorial: ArmorTerraKingdom hearts : Birth By Sleep
The Many Wonders Of Craft Foam
Tooling Foam Details
Tutorial: TP GauntletKiriya KiteLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Vinyl and Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Working with Craft Foam
zelda armor tutorialPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
Zelda Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Zelda's ArmorZeldaLegend of Zelda

Insulation Foam
Title Character Series
Big Daddy (Bioshock) Costume BuildBig DaddyBioshock
KOS-MOS TutorialKOS-MOSxenosaga
Pink Foam Insulation - A Guide
Shoulder Armor tutorial Part:1Priest Tier 10 Sanctified Crimson Acolyte’s RegaliaWorld of Warcraft

Expanding Foam
Title Character Series
Shiva TutorialShivaFinal Fantasy VIII

EVA Foam
Title Character Series
a VOLTRON Paladin torso armor patternVoltron
Add Detail Lines to EVA Foam
Armor Build Photo Progression: Fierce Deity Link ArmorFierce Deity Link
Artorias Build LogKnight ArtoriasDark Souls
Batman Arkham Knight Armor How to DiY Costume Cosplay Part 1BatmanBatman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Origins Gauntlets Build TutorialBatman DC Comics
Bending, Shaping and Strengthening Foam Armor
Black Rock Shooter breast plateBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Bracer and cuffsSaarebasDragon Age 2
Captain America Gauntlets Build TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
Constructing EVA Foam Armor For the Novice Crafter
Cosplay Tutorial: Borderlands Athena BreastplateAthenaBorderlands
Cosplay Tutorial: Borderlands Athena Calf Guard ArmorAthenaBorderlands
Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam
Dark Knight Gauntlets Build Tutoria
Dark Soul Artorias of the Abyss - Armour Build!Knight Artorias Dark Souls
EVA Foam Armor
EVA foam armor: The Basics
EVA Foam Breastplate Tutorial
EVA Foam Costume
EVA Foam Crafting
Eva Foam Gauntlets
EVA Foam Skull AdornmentsSylvanas WindrunnerWorld of Warcraft
Foam Boot CoversAsuna YuukiSword Art Online
Foam Buying Guide for Cosplay Armor
Foam Dremelling Basics for Building Cosplay Armour
How to build a Gogo Tomago CostumeGogo TomagoBig Hero 6
How to make armor by Maguma
How to make clean straight detail lines in EVA foam cosplay armor
How To Make Cosplay Armor (Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender)ShiroVoltron Legendary Defender
How to Make Foam ArmorMaster ChiefHalo
How to Make Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 1: Foam FabricationSkyrim
How to Seal and Paint Foam Armor
I am Garnet and so can you: how I made my gauntletsGarnetSteven Universe
Introduction to EVA Foam Armor Crafting
Lightning XIII-2 Breastplate TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy
Making Mass Effect Armor Out of FoamMass Effect
Mass Effect Cosplay ArmorMass Effect
Mass Effect N7 Armor BuildMass Effect
Mass Effect N7 Armour shoulder piecesMass Effect
N7 Armor & DragonCon 2010 Recap Mass Effect
New 52 Batman Gauntlets Build TutorialBatman DC Comics
PARAGON FX N7 Armor part 1Mass Effect
Peridot Boots and GauntletsPeridotSteven Universe
Pilot's Vinyl Over Foam Tut
Print Transfers onto EVA Foam
Sculpting EVA Foam Wings - BracersGriffithBerserk
Shaping Foam Armor
Shockblade Zed Cosplay ArmorShockblade ZedLeague of Legend
Stretch Vinyl and EVA Foam Armor
Testing Gap fillers for EVA Foam
Tips on Making Foam Armor [Building T-60 Power Armor]T-60 Power Armor]Fallout
Tutorial: Armored Cups
Tutorial: Wonder Woman Cosplay CostumeHow to make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor - Wonder Woman BreastplateWonder WomanDC Comics
Using EVA Foam for Costume Accessories
Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial Part 1: Materials and Pattern Making Voltron
Voltron: Legendary Defender Paladin BuildVoltron: Legendary Defender
Working with EVA Foam for Beginners

Title Character Series
Basic Leather Carving
Basic Leather Working
How To Hand Tool Leather
Introduction to Leatherworking
Leather Armor Tutorial
Leather Carving for Beginners: Draw and Transfer Designs
Leather Cosplay Tutorial
Leather Pauldrons TutorialKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Leather Straps and Edge Binding
Leather working tools for making armour - Presented by The Black Raven
Leathercraft mini lesson: dyes & highlightsEnchantressMarvel
Leina's Breast PlateLeinaQueen's Blade
Make Leather Armor
Making Period Leather Armour
The saddle stitch - Introduction and Safety Tips
Wet Molding Leather
Working With LeatherMiss FortuneLeague of Legends

Title Character Series
TUTORIAL: Adding Mirror and Color Tint to your Helmet Visor
3D Printable Dragon HelmRyu HayabusaNinja Gaiden
Angewomon Foam Helmet (Part1)AngewomonDigimon
Angewomon Foam Helmet (Part2)AngewomonDigimon
base helmet for kamen rider and super sentaiKamen Rider
Berserker helmet - BerserkBerserk
Build Pyramid Head from Silent Hill for cosplayPyramid HeadSilent Hill
Cosplay Armor and Helmet
Cosplay tutorial - Helmet of WowWorld of Warcraft
Costume Helmet - WorblaBig BardaDC Comics
Craft Foam HelmetShredderTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Daft Punk HelmetGuy ManuelDaft Punk
Destiny Titan Helmet BuildTitanDestiny “Mr. Destructoid” helmet
EVA Foam Armor - Helm
EVA Foam Armor Helmet
Fiberglass HelmetNovaMarvel
Fran HelmetFranFinal Fantasy XII
HALO 2 Master Chief Armor
Hela Thor Ragnarok Cosplay Headdress Tutorial: HelmetHelaMarvel Comics
Helmet Tutorial (Celty Sturluson)CeltyDurarara
How I made my Hawkgirl HelmetHawkgirlDC Comics
How to Build a Foam Cosplay Helmet! (For Honor game)
How To Build Pyramid HeadPyramid HeadSilent Hill
How To Make a Foam Helmet,Tutorial Part 1
How to make a Halo 3 Master Chief Motorcycle HelmetMaster ChiefHalo 3
How to Make a Helmet Pattern – Prop: Shop
How to make a Metroid Power Suit HelmetSamusMetroid
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 1Knight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 2Knight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 3 - PaintingKnight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make helm(with templates)Faraam SetDARK SOULS II
How to Make the Horned Steel Helm for your Skyrim Costume – Prop: ShopSkyrim
jason Todd's red hood HelmetJason Todd / Red HoodDC
Lady Loki HornsLady LokiMarvel
Loki Helmet - Working with WorblaLokiMarvel
Loki Helmet TutorialLokiMarvel
Lord Of The Rings: Helm Of The WitchkingWitchkingLord of the Rings
Master Chief HelmetMaster ChiefHalo
Medieval Helmet with Cardboard
Midna HelmMidnaLegend of Zelda
Midna Helmet TutorialMidnaLegend of Zelda
Overwatch Genji's HelmetGenjiOverwatch
Pattern 1038 - Thor's HelmetThorMarvel Comics
Pink Power Ranger HelmetPink Power RangerPower Rangers
Power ranger / Super Sentai, Helmet making tutorial
Power Rangers HelmetWhite RangerPower Rangers
Pyramid Head Helmet TutorialPyramid HeadSilent Hill
quick Ni Knight Helm
Rocketeer Helmet Sculpt and CastThe RocketeerThe Rocketeer
Scratchman's Helmet TutorialScratchmanHomestuck
Star Lord Helmet Build: Part 1Star LordMarvel
Tali Z'orah Mass Effect 2 Cosplay - HelmetTali Z'orahMass Effect
The basics of cardboard helmets (tutorial)
Toku Cosplay Tutorial 101~Basic Type Helmet Pattern
Visor Installation Tutorial
WoL Helm TutorialWarrior of LightFinal Fantasy
Zaku Mecha Helmet Tutorial
Zed HelmetZedLeague of Legends (LoL)

Model Magic Clay
Title Character Series
Armor using Crayola Model Magic
Cloud Shoulder Armour Tutorial

Paperclay and Paper Mache
Title Character Series
Berserker Rikku Shoulder ArmorBerserker RikkuFinal Fantasy X
How to apply a Paper Mache Coat
How to Make 300 Spartan Vambraces/Armguards300
Make costume claws
Paper Mache Basics
Paper Mache Clay
Ronnie Burkett's Papier Mache Recipes
Shoulder Armor TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy XIII

Papercrafting and Pepakura
Title Character Series
A Beginner's Guide to Pepakura
Deathwing Jaw Armor TutorialDeathwingWorld of Warcraft
How to Adjust Scale on a Pepakura Model
How To Make Incredible Cosplay Armor
Iron Man Helmet BuildIron ManMarvel
IRONMAN 2 suit (mark 4 & 6)IronmanMarvel
Paper Mockups
Papercraft Models
Pepakura 101: Costume Armor & Props
Pepakura Alien QueenAlien
Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)
Prop Building 101 Part 1: Building a Helmet from PepakuraTerminatorWarhammer 40,000

Title Character Series
Dark Souls: Forging the Dragon Slayer Ornstein CosplayDragon Slayer OrnsteinDark Souls
Guts' Berserker armorGutsBerserk
PVC Armor TutorialTryndamereLeague of Legends (LoL)
Sesshoumaru armor tutorial
Sintra for Cosplay: What is it and What Do You Need to Use It
Sintra for Cosplay: What is it and what do you need to use it
Sintra Pegasus ArmorPegasus SeiyaSaint Seiya
Sintra Tutorial
Working with Sintra for Armor

Title Character Series
FemShep N7 Armor, Valkyrie Rifle, + Omniblade (Mass Effect 3)FemShepMass Effect
Shoulder Armor (I believe this is styrene)
Styrene Armor
Vacuum forming tutorial

Transpa Art
Title Character Series
TranspArt and Glue
Worbla TranspaArt vs Finest Art
Worbla's Transpa Art
Worblas Transpa Art - How to use

Vacuum Forming
Title Character Series
Budget Build Mini Vacuum-Former
Melting Plastic and Applying Pressue

Title Character Series
Creating Costume Armor with Wonderflex
GauntletsKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
How I Made Miaka's Anklet
Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit Isaac ClarkeDead Space
Knight Captain Cullen BreastplateKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Wonderflex Chest Armor

Title Character Series
Ancient Nord ArmorAncient NordSkyrim
Armor Breastplates with Worbla
Basic Armor TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Cosplay Work - "How to make armor parts" - Worbla tutorial (part 1)
Craft Foam vs. Wonderflex vs. Worbla
Create a Female Breastplate with Worbla
Creating Armor with WorblaDemon HunterDiablo III
Edward Elric’s Northern Automail - Black WorblaEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - Worbla PaintingHawkgirlDC Comics
How to create Breastplates with Worbla
How to Work With Worbla
Introduction to Worbla
Lelianas Leg Armor: Working with WorblaLelianaDragon Age
Leo Armor ProgressLeoFire Emblem:Fates
Making Worbla Smooth
Melia’s Stella ArmorMeliaXenoblade
Moondragon's Headdress
Smooth Worbla/Wonderflex with Gesso
Smoothing Worbla
Starkiller Armor TutorialStarkillerStar Wars: Force Unleashed
Sumia Armors (Fire Emblem Awakening) WIPSumiaFire Emblem Awakening
Tips & Tricks! Vol. 1 - Worbla!
Tips and Tricks for Working with Wonderflex and Worbla
What is Worbla?
Worbla Armor Tutorial
Worbla Breastplate AngewomonAngewomonDigimon
Worbla Shoulder ArmorStarkillerStar Wars: Force Unleashed
Worbla Tutorial
Working with Worbla
Working with WorblaLich KingWorld of Warcraft
Working With Worbla: Caramon Majeres Solamnic ArmorCaramon MajereDragonlance
Working with Worbla: Cosplay Basics
Working with Worbla: King Loki Armor Build – SpauldersLokiMarvel Comics

Black Worbla
Title Character Series
Breastplate with Black Worbla

Title Character Series
Wood Armor Tutorial

Title Character Series
A Guide to Making Bartholomew's SCA Armor
ANBU Arm Guard TutorialNaruto
Armor Edging
Armor painting (AION chestplate) PART2/2 [FR/ENGLsub]AION
Armor Patterns
Armor Up, How to Plan, Buy and Build Your 501st Armor
Basic Armor Patterning
Berserk - Gut's Armor TutorialGutsBeserk
Breastplate Pattern MockupDaenerysGame of Thrones
Building c T-60 Power Armor, Part 0Fallout 4
Cheap and easy visor tutorial!PeridotSteven Universe
Cosplay How-To: Wonder Woman ArmorWonder WomanDC Comics
DIY : Wonder Woman bracersWonder WomanDC Comics
DIY Twilight Princess Zelda Cosplay: Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
DIY Wonder Woman Gladiator skirt. Wonder Woman Cosplay Part 1Wonder WomanDC Comics
DIY Wonder Woman TiaraWonder WomanDC Comics
Dragon Scale Effect on your Armour
Extracting 3d models for Templates - Heroes (Hots) editionheroes of the storm
Faiz Chest Armor making tutorialFaizKamen Rider
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
Grey Warden Emblem TutorialDragon Age
How to Make a Wonder Woman Cosplay Breastplate using UreCoat Impact-Resistant CoatingWonder WomanDC Comics
How to Make Costume Armor
How to Make Female Cosplay Armor, Tutorial Part 1
How to make Mad Max's shoulder padMad MaxMad Max: Fury Road
How to make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor - Wonder Woman BreastplateWonder WomanDC Comics
How To Make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor | Cosplay BasicsWonder WomanDC Comics
Ice Claw TutorialMizore ShirayukiRozario + Vampire
Kirito GGO cosplay - Armor breast plate complete / tutorialKiritoSword Art Online
Legacy Assembly Tutorial (Legacy Era Mandalorians)MandalorianStar Wars
Make & Paint Your Own See-through VisorMaster ChiefHalo
Making a Pattern for Armor
Making Your Pattern - Armor
Mettaton Chest Piece TutorialMettaton ExUndertale
Mounting World of Warcraft Cosplay ShouldersWorld of Warcraft
MTT Cosplay - Adding Fabric to the ChestpieceMettaton ExUndertale
MTT Cosplay - Patterning the ChestpieceMettaton ExUndertale
ODST cosplay tutorial
Plastic Visor TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Qartheen ArmorDaenerysGame of Thrones
Quick Tip: Pattern Making
Scale Armor ThorinThe Hobbit
Shoulder Pads are not the Enemy: A Tutorial
Sith Acolyte Armor Build
Skyrim armor: Nightingale set with Bow and SwordSkyrim
Tutorial: The WitchbladeWitchblade
Vinyl Over Foam Armor
Visor Tutorial
Wonder Woman / Justice League Cosplay Chest Plate TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman CosplayWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman Cosplay - How to make Wonder Woman Gladiator SkirtWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman Cosplay Bracers TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman cosplay breastplate tutorial by GladzyWonder WomanDC Comics

Body Suits

Title Character Series
Armsock Tutorial: Four StylesHomestuck
Bird Details on an Arm Sock TutorialDavespriteHomestuck
Cosplay Tutorials: Arm Socks
DIY: Cosplay Gloves, Part 1PeridotSteven Universe
Homestuck Arm Sock TutorialHomestuck
Homestuck Armsock TutorialHomestuck
Homestuck Armsock TutorialHomestuck
Tights to Gloves TutorialHomestuck
Troll Cosplay Arm Sleeve TutorialHomestuck

Body Suits
Title Character Series
Catsuit patterns and more
Catsuit TutorialCatwomanBatman Returns
Cosplay Suit Tutorial / How to Texture SpandexMarinette Dupain-ChengMiraculous Ladybug
EASY Saitama Cosplay TutorialSaitamaOne Punch Man
Female titan cosplay bodysuit draftTitan ErenAttack on Titan
Halo 4 Undersuit - Build LogHalo 4
How did you do your Titan Eren suit?Titan ErenAttack on Titan
How To Make a Skinsuit
How to make the Female Titan costume (Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay)Titan ErenAttack on Titan
Making a Custom Fit Liquid Latex Body Suit
Miraculous Ladybug Bodysuit Tutorial - Part 1:Cutting The Big Pieces!MarinetteMiraculous
Peridot Bodysuit TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Seamless body suit
Sew-Your-Own Lycra® Bodysuit
Spider-Man Suit (Ultimate Spider-Man)Spider-ManMarvel
Uraraka Ochako BodysuitUraraka OchakoMy Hero Academia

Muscle Suits
Title Character Series
How to Make a Muscle Costume
How to: cheap upper body muscles (Spidey, etc.)
Muscle Suit Wip -Tutorial
My Superman suit and Muscle shirt

Title Character Series
Fallout Vault Suit Build Log: Part 21 - 57 Composite Upper BodyFallout Vault Suit Build Log: Part 21 - 57 Composite Upper BodyFallout
How to make latex rubber cosplay costume pieces including my Alien suit
How To Remove The Morphsuit Logo From a Morphsuit Tutorial
Jumpsuit TutorialVault BoyFallout
Sailor Fuku TutorialSailor Moon

Casting & Moldmaking

Casting General
Title Character Series
Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam
Casting Tutorial - How to cast your face with gypsum
Latex Mask in Two Part MoldPredatorPredator

Moldmaking General
Title Character Series
Basic Molding and Resin Casting
Cheap Silicone Caulking Mold and Plastic Casting Tutorial
Duplicating parts with a double side silicon mold
Face Casting with Twiznik
How to Make a Mold
How To Make A Silicone Mold Of A Helmet
Latex Mold and Resin Casting Tutorial
Matrix Mold (Silicone/Ultracal)
Moldmaking & Resin Casting for Beginners
Moldmaking and Casting: Learning by Mistakes
Plaster Mold Making
Silicone Mold Making: Cheap and Easy
Super Simple Silicone Molds
Venting a Silicone Mold to Eliminate Bubbles

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
Title Character Series
Choosing Circle Lenses for Cosplay
Contact Lens 101
Contact Lens Safety Information
How to insert contact lenses
How To Use And Care For Contact Lenses
Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Cosplay Tips

Cosplay Tips
Title Character Series
10 Cosplay Tips
19 Sewing Hacks
A Lesson in Layers (Layering Costume Pieces)
benefits of networking
Choosing a Costume
Coating Fabric with Liquid Latex
Common Sewing Machine Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Convention Guest Etiquette
Cosplay 101- Choosing a Cosplay
Cosplay 101: How to Do Costume Research
Cosplay 101: Materials and Tools
Cosplay 101: Underthings, Shapewear, And More
Cosplay Basics
Cosplay Cleavage Tutorial
Cosplay Crimes (and how to avoid committing them)
Cosplay Judging Tips and Tricks
Cosplay Noobs: A Beginners guide to contacts
Cosplay Questions Answered: Curls and Binding.
Cosplay Scaling and You
Cosplay Size Calculator
Cosplay Tips for the Convention
Does Fray Check Work? Fray Check Test + washing cotton ruffles
Faking Leather
Finishing Your Sewing Project
Firearms for Cosplay
Five Tips for Accurate Sewing
Fixing Height In Costuming
Fray Block…What is that?
Getting The Skinny On Straight Pins
Guide to Costume Care
How to Design Your Own Fabric
How To Make Tailor’S Hams And Sausages
How to set grommets
How to Take Care of your Cosplay Costumes
How To Wash Your Costume ( Spiderman Cosplay)SpidermanMarvel Comics
How to Wash Zentai Suits?
Improvised Sewing Tools: Hints and Tips
Make A Wig Head That Has Your Hairline and Head Shape
Making a Thermoplastic Friendly Workspace
Organizing Your Sewing Space
Planning a Badass Cosplay
Planning your costume
Pointe Shoes and Cosplay
Pre-Con Prep Guide
Present an Entertaining Masquerade Skit
Resetting Sewing Machine Tension
Safely Navigate A Convention
Sailor Moon Cosplay Traps to AvoidSailor Moon
Selling what you sew – how to price your work
Stitch Card Reference Guide
Supplies for Working with Foam
The Commissioner and Merchant Review Thread
This to That
Tips for Making Cosplay
Tips for Speedy Sewing
Tips for Tracing Sewing Patterns
Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade: Workspaces and Materials
Two Ways to Display Your Props on the Wall
Types of Wood Glue and How to Use Them
Washing Your Costumes
Workmanship 101 (Masquerade Levels)
Yuri!!! On Ice // Cosplay TipsYuri!!! On Ice



Binding Warning: Binding too tightly or for long periods of time can restrict your breathing, cause dizzyness, pain or discomfort. In serious cases the restriction can cause a rib to crack. So practice safe binding! Don't bind with ace bandages or tape, do bind with a chest binder. Listen to your body, take the binder off if you experience pain and discomfort. Learn more about binding safety here, here and here.
Title Character Series
Binding Methods
Binding your chest for cosplay
Binding: Creating a Male-Looking Chest
Breast Binding Safety
Chest Binding 101
Cosplay Tutorial: Binding I by Abessinier
Crossplay - Binding
For Women: Binding Methods
Home Made Binding Tutorial
Homemade Chest Binder Tutorial
Livx's Closed Shirt Binding Tutorial

Male to Female
Title Character Series
Crossplay Makeup Basics (Male to Female)
Enhancing the Chest
Facial Hair Removal
Fake Breasts For Cosplay (Visible Breasts)
Feminine Makeup for Crossplayers
For Men: How to tuck.
Help with Breast Forms (making or buying)
How to Cover Beard Shadow
HOW TO: Cover 5 O clock shadow
Male to Female makeup tutorial.
So, you wanna be a crossplayer

Female to Male
Title Character Series
Beard Make Up Tutorial
Beard Stubble - crepe wool method
Cosplayer's Guide to Basic Male Make Up
Crossplay Makeup TutorialKurose RikuTen Count
Crossplaying Overview
Female to Male Crossplay
Female to Male Crossplay Makeup
Female-to-male (Drag King) Makeup
For F-M Crossplayers: Stubble effects
For Women: Less Hips and Butt...
How to Apply Stage Facial Hair
Make a Fake Mustache
Male contouring tutorial
Manly Makeup tutorial
Masculine Makeup for Crossplayers
Nico Di Angelo cosplay tutorial / how to look like a boyNico Di AngeloPercy Jackson and the Olympians
[REQUESTED] How to Make A Realistic Beard Using Makeup? (Simple Tutorial)

Dyeing & Paint

Title Character Series
Basic Fabric Dying
Double Rainbow Dazzle Top
Dye Using the Wax-Less Batik Technique
Dyeing Suede & Nubuck
Dyeing Suede with Excellent Results
Dying Basics
Gradient Dyeing Tutorial
How to Alcohol Dye
How to Batik Dye
How to gradient dye tutorial
How to gradient dye tutorial
How to Silk Paint and Gradient DyeAyaneNinja Gaiden Sigma 2
How-To Ombre Dye Technique with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye
Impatient Plaid Tie Dye Tee
Ombre Dye Tutorial
Ombre Tie Dye Technique
Rit Colour Recipes
Silk Painting and Gradient DyingAyaneNinja Gaidin
Swirl Tie Dye Technique
Tutorial: How to use RIT Dye
Tutorial: RIT-Dye Color Chart
When all else fails, buy white (A fabric dying tutorial)

Title Character Series
Blood Spatter and Cell Shading
Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial
Creating a Convincing Metal Surface
Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial
How To Airbrush
How to Distress Clothes - Little Sister : Bioshock2Little SisterBioshock
How to Get a Shiny Metallic Finish
How to Make the Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 2: Painting a Faux Steel FinishSkyrim
How to paint costume props!
How To Spray Paint Helmet Snakeskin Camo
How to Stain or "Wood-Grain" PVC Pipe
How to: Paint Stripes on a ShirtSunnyMetal Gear Rising
I've figured out the best way to stencil EVER. A must read. (tutorial and pics)
Jack Frost Hoodie PaintingJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Jack Frost Hoodie PaintingJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Make PVC Look Like Wood
Making of man chest - for crossplay
Paint cotton into leather
Paint Stripes on Socks - DIY TightsMinene UryuuFuture Diary
Painting a 3D Printed Mass Effect PistolMass Effect
Painting a Breastplate
Painting EVA Foam
Painting your pieces (for foam latex!)Queen of Blades Sarah KerriganStarcraft
Plaid Fabric Tutorial
Print your own fabric
Prop Painting Tutorial
Prop Painting Tutorial
spraypainting tutorial
Stencil Painting with Contact Paper
Trim Detailing Tutorial

Title Character Series
Ageing, Distressing and Dying Techniques
Armor Painting and Weathering (using a helmet as an example)
Cosplay 101: Weathering and Distressing FabricViolaEternal Sonata
Creating a weathered metal effect
Distressing a CostumeMad Max
Distressing and Weathering
Distressing Fabric
Easy Weathering Tutorial for Cosplay weapons and armor
EVA foam armor Weathering
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - Battle Damaging ArmorHawkgirlDC Comics
High Speed Prop Weathering, M8 AvengerMass Effect 2
how i make armor look weathered or whatever
How to Make Clothes Look Vintage and Worn
How to Weather and Add Blood Effects to Cosplay Armor and Props Tutorial
Making a Prop Weathered and Old
Paint Armor Antique Gold
Prop Tips: Quick Ways To Battle Damage
The Volpin Project, Part 13: Weathering the NeedlerHalo
Torn Fabric Tutorial
Weathered Metal Effect Tutorial
Weathering Armor
Weathering LeatherYgritteGame of Thrones

Title Character Series
Cheap screen printing tutorial
Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial
Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts
Screen Printing Demo

Title Character Series
Controlled Bleaching with Discharge Paste
FAQs about Foiling
How to Spot-Bleach Clothes

Ears & Horns

Title Character Series
Bunny Ears Tutorial
Chii Ears DIYChiiChobits
Costume Elf Ears
Elf's Ears Tutorial
Espeon Ear TutorialEspeonPokemon
Giant Bunny Ears Tutorial!
How to Add Ears to a fleece hat
Opening Chobits Ears Tutorial with Craft FoamChiiChobits
Pichu EarsPichuPokemon
Simple Elf Ears Tutorial
Small wolf ears
Tutorial #1 Realistic Ears for Costumes
Tutorial - Big Fluffy Bunny Ears
Tutorial how to make ears
Wolf Ear Cosplay Tutorial
Zootopia Cosplay Tutorial! Judy Hopps EarsJudy HoppsZootopia

Chobit Ears
Title Character Series
Chi Ears Pattern & TutorialChiiChobits
Chii EarsChiiChobits
Making Chii EarsChiiChobits
Opening Chobits Ears with Craft Foam

Fox Ears
Title Character Series
Fox Ear Tutorial
Fox Ears
Fox Ears
Fuzzy Fox Ears Tutorial

Attaching Ears
Title Character Series
Attaching Cat Ears
Attaching with screws and headbandHomestuck

Cat Ears
Title Character Series
Animatronic Cat Ears
Cat / Inuyasha tutorial Ears
Cat Ears TutorialAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Cute Cat Ears
Goth/Cosplay Cat Ears
headband Cat Ears
Loveless Cosplay EarsLoveless
Neko (kitty) Ear Tutorial

Title Character Series
Bison Horns and Ears on an Elastic Headband
Clay Diclonius HornsLucyElfen Lied
Cosplay Horns and Maid Headband TutorialTohruMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Costume Horns: Easy + Cheap
Diy Unicorn Horn for Cosplay Or Halloween Costumes!
Do horns with liquid latex special effects
grow your own horns
Horns for my Skyrim helmet.Skyrim
How 2 make HORNS for cosplay
How to make cosplay demon horns
How to make foam horns for cosplay
How to make horns for Cosplay
How to make Lucoa Cosplay HornsLucoaMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Kanna Kamui Horns Cosplay (French)Kanna KamuiMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Large/Multi Horn TutorialForest SpiritPrincess Mononoke
Lightweight Horn Tutorial
Make 3D, Light-up, Twisted animal Horns
Making Horns
Maleficent HornsMaleficentDisney
Mask and Horns
MLP:FiM Unicorn/Alicorn Horn Cosplay TutorialMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Unicorn Horn with 3D Printing & NeoPixel LEDs
Vincent Horns from Catherine and AntlersVincentCatherine

Troll Horns
Title Character Series
Homestuck Horns Tutorial Part One bHomestuck
Homestuck Troll Horns TutorialHomestuck
Horn TutorialGamzeeHomestuck
Horn TutorialMysuHomestuck
Paper Mache Horn TutorialHomestuck
Plush Homestuck Horns TutorialHomestuck
Vriska Horn TutorialVriskaHomestuck


Title Character Series
Classic Gothic Lolita Dress
How to make Hakama
lolita skirt
Lolita Skirt Tutorial
Tiered Lolita Skirt Tutorial
wa-loli dresses

Title Character Series
Birth of a Ray Gun
How to make a steampunk blaster
How to Make a Steampunk Utility Belt
Steampunk Airship Goggles
Steampunk Goggles Tutorial
Steampunk Goggles Tutorial
Steampunk mechanical monocle
Steampunk Raygun

Traditional Japanese Clothing
Title Character Series
Cosplay Tutorial: Simple Gi
GeikoHikizuriKitsuke Tutorial
How to make a yukata
How to make Hakama
How to Make Tabi (Split-Toe) Socks from Regular Socks
How To Make Tabi Socks
How to put on a shihakushou
How To Put On A Yukata/Kimono
How to Wear a Yukata
How to wear your yukata.
How to Wear Yukata
Japanese Kimono and Obi Details (Reference)
Kikyo Miko Costume TutorialKikiyoInuyasha
make a haoriYoruichiBleach
Make a Japanese Gi or Yukata
Obi Tying
Sewing the Collar of a Yukata, Gi, Kimono etc.
Shinsengumi Haori
Tabi Tutorial (Japanese)
Traditional Japanese Kimono Pattern in Two Lengths
Tutorial: How to tie a obi
Tutorial: Make your own hakama
Tutorial: Pre-Tied Obi
Wearing a juban with a chikara nuno


Colouring Shoes
Title Character Series
Everyday Cosplay: Wonderbolt ShoesWonderboltsMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
How to make Songstress Rikku's Boots RikkuFinal Fantasy X
How to Paint Shoes (Acrylic Paint)
Painting mettaton’s boots, a guideMettaton ExUndertale
Painting Synthetic Leather Footwear
Sharpie Shoe Colouring
Shoe Painting Tutorial
Shoes Painting
Tutorial: Silent Hill Nurse ShoesBubblehead NurseSilent Hill
Vanille's Boots TutorialVanilleFinal Fantasy XIII

Boot and Shoe Covers
Title Character Series
Anti - Form Sora ShoesSoraKingdom Hearts
Attack on Titan BootsAttack on Titan
Bleez Costume Boots [in progress]: Heels & Alternate Method BootcoversBleezDC
Boot Cover Tips
Boot Cover Tutorial - Pt 1
Boot Cover Tutorial - Pt 2
Boot Covers Tutorial
Captain America Boot Cover TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
Cosplay Boots Tutorial
Cosplay Tutorial: Stretch Boot Cover
Costuming: Boot Cover Tutorial
Dante boot coversDanteDevil May Cry
Fabric Covered Shoes: Make Your Own
How To Cover Cosplay Shoes
How to make Bootcovers
How to make Lenne's Shoes LenneFinal Fantasy
Knee High Victorian Spats/ Boot Covers
Lucina Boot CoversLucinaFire Emblem
Making Spandex Boot Covers
Making thigh high boots
No-Stretch Boot Cover Tutorial
Ochako uraraka's shoes (sub ITA/ENG)Ochako urarakaMy Hero Academia
Olette Shoes TutorialOlette Shoes TutorialKingdom Hearts
partial boot/shoe covers
Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial
Sewingstuck - Bootcover Tutorial
Sora's Shoes TutorialSoraKingdom Hearts
Spandex Boot Covers
Stretch Boot Cover Tutorial
Tear Grants Boot Cover GuideTear GrantsTales of the Abyss
Tutorial: Link's Boots - Pt.1LinkLegend of Zelda
Tutorial: Link's Boots - Pt.2LinkLegend of Zelda
Tutorial: Sora's ShoesSoraKingdom Hearts
Ventus Shoe TutorialVentusKingdom hearts : Birth By Sleep
Vi Shoes tutorialViLeague of Legends (LoL)
Wonder Woman BootsWonder WomanDC

Making Boots and Shoes
Title Character Series
Avatar: Legend of Korra Boot Tutorial
How I made my Yoko BootsYoko LittnerTengan Toppa Gurren Lagann
How To Make Platform shoes for Cosplay
I Made Ballet Flats
Korra Boot TutorialKorraLegend of Korra
Leather Boot Tutorial
Making boots from scratch(almost)
Portal 2 – Long Fall BootsPortal 2

Title Character Series
Bleach Cosplay sandals (waraji)Bleach
Naruto Sandal Tutorialnaruto
Waraji Tutorial(bleach)Bleach
Wooden Sandal Tutorial
Zori Tutorial (Japanese Sandals)

Title Character Series
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - ShoesArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Cosplay Tutorial - Snake Man Boots - Page 0Snake ManMegaman
Hiccup's Cosplay WIPsHiccupHow to Train Your Dragon
Hiccup's Peg-Leg/False FootHiccupHow to Train Your Dragon
How to make Edward Elric's BootsEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Love live shoe tutorial!Love live!
Synchronicity Hatsune Miku ShoesHatsune MikuVocaloid

Fursuits & Mascots

Fursuiting General
Title Character Series
Balaclava (ninja hood) Technique
Casting Resin (Follow me) eyes
Fursuit Guide
Making a bodysuit
Making of Daiquiri
Scyther arm tutorial
Shrink Plastic Tag
Tutorial to 'Fuji' fur suit
Werewolf costume
Wiz Head TutorialWizD.N.Angel
Working with Faux/ Fake fur FAQ

Title Character Series
Make your own Balaclava Pattern

Title Character Series
Another How-to! Sculpting claws.
Hot Glue Claws
Left 4 Dead Witch Hands/FingersWitchLeft 4 Dead

Title Character Series
Plastic bowl eyes tutorial
Wiggle (Googly) Follow Me Eyes!

Title Character Series
Deadmau5 Mau5head!
fiberglass fursuit heads
How to Work with Celastic
Keroro Head Tutorial
Lemongrab MaskLemongrabAdventure Time
Making a fursuit head with a movable jaw
Maskmaking with Foam
Matrices Mask
Toothless Mask TutorialToothlessHow to Train Your Dragon

Title Character Series
Bondo-Shell Hooves
Casting Tutorial - How to make pony hoof shoes
Faun Hooves
Fursuit gloves tutorial
Hooves from Comfy Shoes (No high heels!)
How to build footpaws
Latex Paw Pads
Padded Hand-paw Tutorial.
Sculpey Pawpad Mold Tutorial
Simple Draenei's HoovesDraeneiWorld of Warcraft

Digitgrade Legs
Title Character Series
Digitgrade Hoves and Legs
Digitigrade illusion
Digitigrade Legs Entries
Digitigrade Werewolf Legs / Stilts
faun (digitgrade) legs
How To Make Digitigrade Stilts
Quadsuit Stilt Tutorial: hinges, hooves and paws!
Sizing the werewolf stilts
Werewolf Stilt Blueprints

Title Character Series
Ahri TailsAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Curved Fox Tail Tutorial
Dragon Tail Tutorial
Dragon Tails {sewing tutorial}
Faux fur tail
Fox Tail...Out Of Yarn
How I Made My Rin Okumura TailRin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
How to Create Ahri TailsAhriLeague of Legends
How to make A cat tail
How to make a good tail
How to Make Ahri Tails! (PART 1: Harness)AhriLeague of Legends
League of Legends Ahri Tails TutorialAhriLeague of Legends
Make a Moving Tail
Tail tutorial. (Mainly wolf tails.)
Vulpix's Huge TailVulpixPokemon
Yarn Tail

Title Character Series
Sculpting Teeth

Title Character Series

Centaur Legs
Title Character Series
Centaur Details

Title Character Series
Add Elastic To Fursuits
Craft Foam Scales Tutorial
How to Make Danbo SuitsDanboardYotsuba&!
Lego Batman bodyLego BatmanLego
Mettaton Cosplay TutorialMettatonUndertale


Title Character Series
707 glasses tutorial707mystic messenger
Kamina GlassesKaminaTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Sollux Glasses Static ClingsSolluxHomestuck
Sollux glasses tutorialSolluxHomestuck
Tutorial - Feferi glassesFeferiHomestuck
Vash the Stampede's SunglassesVash the StampedeTrigun

Title Character Series
Dr. Horrible GogglesDr HorribleDr Horrible
How-to: Digimon's Tai GogglesTaiDigimon

Title Character Series
Dragon Ball Z ScouterDragon Ball Z
Coraline Button EyesOther MotherCoraline
White Rock Shooter Eye-FlameWhite Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter


Tricon Hat
Title Character Series
How to make a Mini Pirate Hat or Mini Tricorn Hat
Newsboy HatNaoto ShiroganePersona 4
Tricorn Pirate Hat
Tricorn Pirate Hat

Bicorn Hat
Title Character Series
Bicorn Admiral Hat
Bicorn Pirate Hat
Napoleon Bicorn Hat

Top Hat
Title Character Series
Fosshape Hat
Fosshape Top Hat
Leather Top Hat
Mad Hatter HatMad HatterAlice in Wonderland
Mini Top Hat Tutorial
Mini Top Hats
Steampunk Leather Top Hat
Top Hat Tutorial
Top Top Hat Tutorial

Mop Cap
Title Character Series
Colonial Girl Hats
Mop Cap
Shabby Chic Mob Cab

Fleece Hats
Title Character Series
Adventure Time Finn's Hat Cosplay! DIY CostumeFinn the HumanAdventure Time
Adventure Time: Finn's Hat + PatternFinnAdventure Time
Fionna Hat TutorialFionnaAdventure Time
Fleece Hat Base
Pikachu HatPikachuPokemon
Sew a Where the Wild Things Are hat + pattern Where the Wild Things Are
Totoro HatTotoroMy Neighbor Totoro

Title Character Series
Beret out of an Old Shirt or Sweater
Gail Brown's Creative Kindness Beret
Tudor style berets
Woolen Beret

Title Character Series
Eruka Frog Witch HatEruka FrogSoul Eater
Giant Hats (Lulu)LuluLeague of Legends
Hat & Broom for the Eco-Friendly Witch
Vivi HatViviKingdom Hearts
Witch Hat Tutorial
Witch's Hat
Witch's Hat by Sewing

Title Character Series
Vintage Sunhat

Nurse Cap
Title Character Series
Create a Nurse's Cap

Sailor Hat
Title Character Series
Sailor Hat

Title Character Series
Hetalia Denmark's Hat TutorialEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
.hack hat tutorialAtoli.hack
A complete course in millinery; twenty-four practical lessons detailing the processes for mastering the art of millinery
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - HatArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Aviator Cap Tutorial
Big Hat Tutorial - Dark Magician Girl Knight HatDark Magician Girl KnightYugioh
COSPLAY: how to make a lekku!Twi'leks / TogrutasStar Wars
Diy Dipper Pines Hat From Gravity FallsDipper PinesGravity Falls
DIY How to make a Cosplay Hat Tutorial
Easy Mario HatMarioNintendo
Finland's HatFinlandScandinavia and the World
How to Make a Snapback Baseball Hat | ProperFit DIY
How to make Fascinators
HOW TO MAKE JOTARO’S STUPID HAT *general* TUTORIAL (Stardust Crusaders edition)JotaroJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
How to make Queen Amidala's head pieceQueen AmidalaStar Wars
How To Make Snapback Baseball Hat
How to make Star Wars Twi'lek Lekku in CosplayFlex (tutorial)Twi'lekStar Wars
How To Make Triangle Snapback Hat NEW!
How To Make Trucker Hat
Inkling - Tentacle Hats & Wigs - SplatoonInklingSplatoon
Inkling Boy Hat DIY TutorialInkling BoySplatoon
Inkling Girl Hat TutorialInklingSplatoon
Lekku Making GuideStar Wars
Link Hat TutorialLinkLegend of Zelda
Link's Hat TutorialLinkLegend of Zelda
Maid Headdress Tutorial
Making A Medieval Escoffin / Heart Shaped Headpiece
Making of, Amidala HeadpieceQueen AmidalaStar Wars
Maleficent headdressMaleficentMaleficent
Military Cap
Mini Hats on a Budget
Nagisa Momoe Hat (Madoka Magica Cosplay)Nagisa MomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Nonon Jakuzure Hat TutorialNonon JakuzureKill la Kill
Splatoon 1 Cosplay Tentacle tutorial!!InklingSplatoon
Splatoon Inkling Hat TutorialInklingSplatoon
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Hat + PatternLinkThe Legend of Zelda
What time is it? Adventure Time!Finn / FionnaAdventure Time

Jewels & Beads

Hot Glue Casting
Title Character Series
Create Big Gems for Cosplay
Thermal Adhesives are cool

Resin Gem Casting
Title Character Series
Casting Polyester Resin Jewels
Create your own gem stones!
Gem Glow: Light Up Resin Cast GemsSteven Universe
Liquid plastic (resin) tutorial
Resin Gem Casting
Resin Gem Guide
Resin Gemmaking Tutorial
Resin Gemstones
Resin Stones
The 10 Commandments of Resin
Tutorial: Cosplay Jewel-Making

Molds for Gems
Title Character Series
Gem Molds and Casting Resin
Making flat back silicone rtv molds
Tutorial: Molds for Poly Clay

Title Character Series
Faceted Gem TutorialTenmyoujiZero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Faux Gem mini-tutorial
Faux Opal

Title Character Series
Easy Cosplay GemSteven UniverseSteven Universe
Easy GemsOpalSteven Universe
Faking an Opal
Gems with Plastic and Iridescent Flakes (+LEDs)
Glowing Gem Tutorial
Making RupeesThe Legend of Zelda

Lights & Electronics

Title Character Series
All About LEDs
Arduino LED Tutorial
Basic LED Tutorial
Budget Costume Illumination
Constant current source and laser / LED driver tutorial
Cosplay Tutorial - LED Basics
Crafting a Foam Sword Part 2 (LED Prep) - Craft Dad
Diffuse LED Tape
Glowy eyes/accessories and Smoke tutorial
How to add LEDs and Lights to Props and Costumes
How To Get Started with Programmable RGB LED Strip Lighting
How to Install LEDs Into Pre-Made Eyes
How to Make a Glowing Wizard Orb
How to Wire LED Strips
How to Wire LEDs
LED / Arduino Controlled Isis Wings
LED Lit Tron SuitTron
LED Resistor Calculator
LED Tutorial – Learn the basics
LEDs for Beginners
Let's Cosplay! : Basic Guide to LEDs
Let’s Put LEDs in Things!
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Light Up Eyes in a Mask
Lighting Tutorial: LED basics part 1
Sew LEDs into Your Project
Sewing Conductive Thread + Adding LEDs
Space Face LED Galaxy Makeup
The Basics of Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Tutorial : LED lights for beginners
Use a $1 ATTiny to drive addressable RGB LEDs

EL Wire
Title Character Series
A Beginner's Guide to EL Wire Cosplay
EL Wire Lightsuit
EL Wire Quickstart Guide
How to add EL wire to a coat or other garment
Light Up Costume
Programming EL wire fashion
Working with Electroluminescent Wire

Title Character Series
Cosplay Lighting Tutorial
Costume Lighting Tips
Electronic Demon Cosplay Tutorial
Light Up Tattoos
Lighting Your Cosplay
Soldering is Easy Complete Comic Book!

Makeup - Basics

Learning the Basics
Title Character Series
6 secrets I learned at makeup artist school
Basic Full-Face Makeup Application
Beauty Cheat Sheet: Keep a Zit Covered for Hours
Cosplay Makeup Tutorial
Cosplayer's Guide to Flawless Skin With Make Up
Everyday Makeup Look
Foundation and Concealer Tutorial
Guide to using a multi-tone correction concealer
How to Apply Eyeliner
How to apply fake/false eye lashes tutorial *the easy way*
How to Apply Foundation Makeup on Men
How to Apply Liquid Foundation
How to Hide a Pimple with Makeup

Airbrush Makeup
Title Character Series
Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush Makeup Tips

Title Character Series
Basic Contouring Tutorial
Cosmetics : Narrow the Nose With Makeup
Face Contouring 101
How to Apply Contour Makeup
How to Contour Your Pretty Little Face
How to Use Contour and Highlight to Sculpt the Face
How to: Contour for cosplay
Stage Makeup - Contouring

Character Makeup
Title Character Series
Abaddon from Supernatural Inspired Make Up TutorialAbaddonSupernatural
Adventure Time Cosplay Tutorial - Marshall LeeMarshall LeeAdventure Time
Anime Eye MakeupKirigiri KyoukoDangan Ronpa
Annie MakeupAnnieLeague of Legends (LoL)
APH England makeup tutorialEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
APH Prussia cosplay make-up tutorialPrussiaAxis Powers Hetalia
Ashe Makeup TutorialAsheLeague of Legends
Asuna Makeup TutorialAsunaSword Art Online
Boku No Hero Academia Cosplay - Uraraka Ochako Makeup TutorialUraraka OchakoBoku No Hero
Celestia Cosplay Makeup Tutorial DanganronpaCelestiaDangan Ronpa
Cosplay makeup tutorial for anime characters
Cosplay Tutorial// Mikasa Ackerman// Shingeki No KyojinMikasa AckermanAttack on Titan
Cosplay: Abaddon, Wig & Basic MakeupAbaddonSupernatural
D.Va OVERWATCH Cosplay Makeup TutorialD.VaOverwatch
Dio Brando Cosplay Makeup TutorialDio BrandoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Easy Harley Quinn Make Up TutorialHarley QuinnDC Comics
Easy Touka Kirishima makeup Tutorial for beginnersTouka KirishimaTokyo Ghoul
Erza Scarlet Makeup TutorialErza ScarletFairy Tail
Fairy Make-Up Tutorial
Frisk Undertale Cosplay Transformation | Max OliverFriskUndertale
Gasai Yuno Cosplay Makeup TutorialGasai YunoFuture Diary
GoGo Makeup TutorialGoGo TomagoBig Hero 6
Harley Quinn Makeup & Hair Diy CostumeHarley QuinnBatman Arkham Knight
Himiko Toga Cosplay Makeup Tutorial My Hero Academia Himiko TogaBoku No Hero
How to makeup 'Haruka Nanami - uta no prine sama' by SEIKIHaruka Nanamiuta no prine sama
Italy [APH] cosplay makeup tutorialItalyAxis Powers Hetalia
Izuku Midoriya Makeup TutorialIzuku MidoriyaMy Hero Academia
Jinx Makeup TutoriaJinxLeague of Legends (LoL)
JoJos Bizarre Adventure Jonathan Joestar makeup tutorialJonathan JoestarJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Jolyne Kujo Cosplay Makeup TutorialJolyne KujoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Kirishima Touka | Tutorial : Anime Eye Makeup 152Kirishima ToukaTokyo Ghoul
Kiryuin Satsuki MakeupKiryuin SatsukiKill la Kill
Lady Link (Legend of Zelda) Makeup Tutorial!LinkLegend of Zelda
Lady Tsunade (Naruto) Make up TsunadeNaruto
Levi Cosplay Makeup LeviAttack on Titan
Lightning Cosplay Makeup - ?????????????LightningFinal Fantasy XIII
Lightning Returns Makeup TutorialLightningLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Mabel Pines Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial - Gravity FallsMabel PinesGravity Falls
Make up tutorial - Okumura Rin (Ao no Exorcist)Rin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Makeup Cosplay Tutorial: Athena - Saint SeiyaAthenaSaint Seiya
Makeup Tutorial - Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) - Shiro CosplaySebastian MichaelisBlack Butler
Makeup Tutorial 2# [Yuno Gasai makeup]Gasai YunoFuture Diary
Makeup Tutorial Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)Rin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Mercy Overwatch Makeup Tutorial/CosplayMercyOverwatch
Mirai Kuriyama From Kyoukai No Kanata / Beyond The Boundary Cosplay Makeup TutorialMirai KuriyamaKyoukai No Kanata
Naruto Cosplay Makeup TutorialNarutoNaruto
Naruto Cosplay Transformation Tutorial (make up + hairstyle)NarutoNaruto
Naruto MakeUp TutorialNarutoNaruto
Nico di Angelo Cosplay Makeup | Percy Jackson and the OlympiansNico Di AngeloPercy Jackson and the Olympians
NOCTIS FFXV Makeup tutorial by MischAxelNoctisFinal Fantasy XV
Noctis Lucis Caelum - Tutorial Makeup CosplayNoctis Lucis CaelumFinal Fantasy XV
Ochako Uraraka makeup and cosplay! Boku no hero academia ~ My hero academia / Aras CosplayUraraka OchakoBoku No Hero
One Piece Nico Robin Cosplay TutorialNico RobinOne Piece
Orochimaru (Naruto) | Makeup TutorialOrochimaruNaruto
Orochimaru Eyes Naruto Cosplay Makeup TutorialOrochimaruNaruto
Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Ram Makeup TutorialRamRe:Zero
Rin Matsuoka TutorialRin MatsuokaFree!
Rin Okumura - Blue exorcist Make up tutorialRin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler, ???, Kuroshitsuji) Make-upSebastian MichaelisBlack Butler / Kuroshitsuji
SeeU Make-up TutorialSeeUVocaloid
Signless/Sufferer Cosplay Tutorial
Sosuke Yamazaki MakeupSosuke Yamazaki Free!
Steven Universe - Pearl Cosplay MakeupPearlSteven Universe
Super Sonico Makeup TutorialSuper Sonico
Supernatural: Abaddon Makeup TutorialAbaddonSupernatural
Tutorial : Anime Eye Makeup 176 • Natsu DragneelNatsu DragneelFairy Tail
Uraraka Ochako Cosplay Makeup TutorialOchako UrarakaMy Hero Academia
Vctor Nikiforov - Yuri on ice Makeup Tutorial cosplayVctor NikiforovYuri On Ice!!!
Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! On Ice) ~ Makeup TutorialViktor NikiforovYuri!!! On Ice
Weather Report Cosplay Makeup TutorialJolyne KujoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Weiss Schnee - RWBY Cosplay MakeupWeiss SchneeRWBY
Wendy Gravity Falls Cosplay Makeup TutorialWendyGravity Falls
Widow Maker Overwatch Makeup/Cosplay TutorialWidow MakerOverwatch
Winged Eyeshadow
World of Warcraft Blood Elf Cosplay TutorialBlood ElfWorld of Warcraft
Xena Warrior Princess Make-UpXenaXena Warrior Princess
Yukio Okumura Makeup - Ao No ExorcistYukio OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Yuno Gasai (Future Diary/Mirai Nikki) Makeup TutorialYuno GasaiFuture Diary / Mirai Nikki
Yuri Plietsky Makeup TutorialYuri PlietskyYuri on Ice
Yuri Plisetsky Makeup Cosplay Tutorial Yuri on Ice ???!!! on ICE Yuri PlisetskyYuri on Ice
Yuri Plisetsky | Yuri!!! on Ice [Make up]Yuri PlisetskyYuri On Ice
Zarya Overwatch Makeup TutorialZaryaOverwatch
ZORO Roronoa - One Piece - Makeup TutorialZoro RoronoaOne Piece
[cosplay] Mikasa Ackerman Makeup Tutorial - Attack On TitanMikasa AckermanAttack on Titan
[Hetalia] America Cosplay MakeupAmericaAxis Powers Hetalia
[Makeup Tutorial] Yuri On Ice!!! ~ Viktor NikiforovViktor NikiforovYuri On Ice!!!
~Yuno Gasai Makeup Tutorial~Yuno GasaiFuture Diary

Eyebrow Shaping
Title Character Series
Intro to Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Colouring
Title Character Series
Coloring Your Eyebrows
Eyebrow coloring tutorial
How to Color Eyebrows
How to Colour Eyebrows
Paint Eyebrows (glue+paint method)
Temporarliy colouring dark eyebrows (glue+paint method)

Eyebrow Covering
Title Character Series
Brow Coverage 101
Concealing Brows using Glue Stick
Concealing Thick Unruly Brows And Beard
Covering Eye Brows (2 ways!)
Eyebrow Covering and Drawing Tutorial
Eyebrow Covering Tutorial
How To Conceal Your Eyebrows!
Tutorial: Covering Eyebrows

Drawing Eyebrows
Title Character Series
Eyebrow Tutorial
How to: Fake an Arched eyebrow Tutorial
Paint Eyebrows (glue+paint method)How to: Arched Eyebrow Tutorial
Perfect Arches! Eyebrow tutorial

Title Character Series
8 Cosplay Makeup Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! | Face Taping, Brow Concealing, Anime Lips
Beautiful Skin Tips
Best Way to Hide and Conceal Pimples and Acne
Cosplay Make Up Tutorial For Female Characters
Cosplay Tutorial - Make up for Cosplay
Cover Any Tattoo With Airbrush
Covering Sideburns
Cream makeup vs Cake
Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
Enlarging the Eyes
Eye-makeup Tutorial - Pretty Boy
Getting Started: Cosmetic Makeup
How To Apply Fake EyeLashes
How to Apply Fake Nails
How to Apply False Eyelashes
How to Apply False Lashes
How To Cover Pimples and Scars with a Combination of Concealers
How to Cover up a Pimple With Makeup
How To Do Fake Freckles
Lengthening the Eyes
Making your lips look bigger
Sailor Venus Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Tutorial: Cosplay Makeup
Tutorial: Cosplay Makeup
U for Uruha. Makeup Tutoria

Makeup - SFX

Facial Hair
Title Character Series
Creating a Stubble Beard with Makeup
Drag Facial Hair 101
Gelatin Blood Tutorial

Character Makeup
Title Character Series
Ahri [League of Legends] MakeupAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Aradia Megido Makeup TutorialAradia MegidoHomestuck
Avatar Inspired Makeup TutorialAvatar (Movie)
Baby Doll Makeup TutorialBaby DollSuckerpunch
Bayonetta Makeup TutorialBayonettaBayonetta
Betty Boop TutorialBetty BoopBetty Boop
Blood moon Akali MakeupAkaliLeague of Legends (LoL)
Britnet and Whitney Biskit EyesBritney and Whitney BiskitLittlest Petshop
Cell-Shading Makeup TutorialLilithBorderlands 2
Corpse Bride Makeup TutorialEmilyCorpse Bride
Dabi Cosplay | My Hero AcademiaDabiBoku No Hero
Destiny Awoken Makeup TutorialAwoken WarlockDestiny
Dramatic L makeupLDeathnote
Edward Scissorhands Make-Up TutorialEdward ScissorhandsEdward Scissorhands
Emporio Ivankov - Final Cosplay Make UpEmporio IvankovOne Piece
Grell Sutcliff Makeup TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji
HalloweenTown Sora Make-up tutorialSoraKingdom Hearts
Hiro Hamada Makeup TutorialHiro HamadaBig Hero 6
How I do my Obito make-upObito UchihaNaruto
Human version Pinkie pie makeup tutorialPinkie PieMy Little Pony : Friendship is Magic
Mettaton Ex Makeup TutorialMettaton ExUndertale
Misa (Death Note)-inspired makeupMisaDeath Note
Monster Musume - Suu Make-Up TutorialSuuMonster Musume
Nana Make-Up TutorialNanaNana
Naruto Cosplay Makeup
Papyrus Makeup Cosplay TutorialPapyrusUndertale
Pink Diamond Cosplay Makeup Tutorial | Steven UniversePink DiamondSteven Universe
Sailor Moon TransformationUsagiSailor Moon
Sebastian from kuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Stocking Cosplay Makeup TutorialStockingPanty and Stocking
Tim Burton's Queen of HeartsQueen of HeartsAlice in Wonderland
Undertale Mettaton Makeup Tutorial For CosplayMettatonUndertale
Vampire Halloween Tutorial
Vampire Knight's Kaname KuranKaname KuranVampire Knight
Wig Styling and Cel-Shading: Lilith from Borderlands 2LilithBorderlands 2
?Makeup?Dabi - My Hero Academia?Cosplay Tutorial?DabiBoku No Hero

Title Character Series
All About Edges (Prosthetics)
Applying Latex Elf/Faerie Ears
Avatar Makeup Na'Vi Halloween Prosthetics
Castor Sealer for Latex Prosthetics
Dimensional Fabric Paint Prosthetic Tutorial
Easy way to make a latex prosthetic / appliance
Foam Latex Prosthetic Application
Foam Latex Prosthetics: Make-up Application Guide
Foam Latex Step-by-Step (Casting a Nose)
Francoeur Mandible TutorialFrancoeurA Monster in Paris
Halloween Makeup Tutorial 10: Hot Wax
How to Apply a Prosthetic
How to make a Latex Prosthetic
How to paint foam latex appliances
Instruction Manual for Foam Latex Prosthetics
latex foam mask tutorial
Make Your Own Latex Elf Ears
Making a Nose
Making Gelatin Ears and Other Prosthetics
Painting Elf Ears Tutorial
Tips for Latex Prosthetic Pieces

Injuries and Scars
Title Character Series
Basic Gash
Black Rock Shooter Scar TutorialBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Cuts and Bruises: 5 Open & Sewn Cuts
Easy Halloween Prosthetics
Fake Wounds
Flesh and Metal Cyborg Battle Scars
Freddie Cuts Tutorial
Gouged Eye MakeupNishizono ShinjiMPD Psycho
Halloween FX tutorial - old scar's
How To Make A Fake Wound
How to make a Latex ProstheticRotting Wound Makeup Tutorial
How to Make Fake Wounds For Cosplay
How To: Joker's ScarsJokerDC
Realistic Wound FX
Small and thin scar tut
Special FX Wound Tutorial
Theater Effects: Lacerations
Tutorial: Bloody Scar
Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Zombies Halloween How-to Make-Up : BFX

Title Character Series
Burnt & Bloody SFX Makeup Liquid Latex
Mello Scar Makeup TutorialMelloDeathnote
Zuko's burn mark-scar tutorial

Title Character Series
Blood Tests on Fabric Swatches + Washing Out
DIY Blood, Sweat and Tears
Edible Fake Blood
Fake Blood Recipe Human and Zombie
Fake Blood Recipes
Fake Blood Reviews
No-Cook Edible Fake Blood

Face Painting
Title Character Series
Attack on Titan Halloween Makeup (Colossal Titan)Colossal TitanAttack on Titan
Choosing, Using and Applying Body Paints
Cosplay Body Paint Tutorial
Drow Makeup Tutorial
Kitty cat! (halloween makeup)
Midna makeup tutorial
oshiroi / shiro-nuri (geisha makeup)
PAX body paint overview and review
Pinhead Halloween Makeup
She Devil Halloween Makeup
Skull Mask Makeup
Splatoon Inkling - Makeup WalkthroughInklingSplatoon
Star Wars: Darth Talon Body Paint Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)Darth TalonStar Wars
Using Liquid Latex to Create a Scaly Effect
Witch Face Painting
Wolf Tutorial

Bald Caps
Title Character Series
10 Tips For Applying a Bald Cap
Apply a Bald Cap
Bald Cap
Bald Cap (For Long Hair)
Bald Cap Guide
Bald Cap Kit Instructions
Bald Cap Makeup Tutorial
Bald Cap Tute [Making a Bald Cap]
Bald Caps, DIY Tutorial : Backyard FX
Half-Bald Cap Using Liquid Latex
How to Apply and Paint a Plastic Bald Cap
How to Apply One Punch Man Saitama Bald Cap for CosplaySaitamaOne Punch Man
How to Get Best Bald Cap Tutorial for One Punch Man Saitama CosplaySaitamaOne Punch Man
How to Make a Bald Cap - SFX Theatrical
Make a Bald Cap
so you WANNA BE A CHERUBCalliopeHomestuck
Tips for applying a bald cap
[Cosplay Makeup Tutorial] Saitama One Punch ManSaitamaOne Punch Man

Teeth and Fangs
Title Character Series
Cosplay Tutorial - Fake fang/teeth
Cosplay Tutorial: How to make Pointy TeethSoul EvansSoul Eater
Fang Tutorial
Grell Sutcliff's Sharp Teeth TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji Black Butler
Halloween Exposed Teeth Makeup Tutorial
How to make false teeth
How to make Sharp Cosplay Teeth for $10Soul EvansSoul Eater
How to make Sharp Teeth Cosplay DIY!RinFree Iwatobi swim club
How to: Grell-'Shark' TeethGrellKuroshitsuji Black Butler
Small Shark Teeth TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji
Teeth Prosthetics
Teeth Tutorial of Love

Title Character Series
Cosplay Tattoo tutorial
DIY how to make a temporary tattoo
Fake Tattoo Sleeve Tutorial
Tattoos for Cosplay Tutorial
temporarily cover a tattoo
temporarily cover a tattooBlack Butler Sebastian Contract Tutorial

Title Character Series
A Beginner's Guide to Using Liquid Latex
Airbrushing Makeup: Part 1
Airbrushing Makeup: Part 2
An Introduction to Basic Concepts of Prosthetic Makeup
Archer Face/Body Paint TutorialArcherArcher
Archer Makeup TutorialArcherArcher
Bleeding Skin Wounds
Getting Started: Adhesives and Removers
Getting Started: Theatrical Makeup
Glitter Fantasy Cirque du Soleil Makeup for Halloween
How to make a Latex Forehead
How to Make An Asari Latex HeadpieceDr. Liara T’SoniMass Effect
how to make fake talons
Make Your Own Nose Putty
Rigid Collodion Scar TutorialRobert E. O. SpeedwagonJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Seeing Double | Makeup Tutorial :) (Double Eyes)Steven Universe
Shingeki No Kyojin - The Female titan [Anime version] inspi make upThe Female titanAttack on Titan
Simple Make-up Application Tips
Zombie Costume


Title Character Series
Foam Latex Appliance
Halloween Style Mask Making
Latex Mask Tutorial
Pouring Latex into a Plaster Mold (For Masks)
Run Foam Latex Tutorial

Title Character Series
Leather Mask Tutorial
Leather Mask Tutorial
Volcano Girl's Leather MaskVolcano Girl

Title Character Series
ACB: Hellequin MaskHellequinAssassin's Creed Brotherhood
DC Butterfly MaskSheryl NomeMacross Frontier
DIY Masquerade Mask: Ice Queen
Make a Masquerade Mask

Title Character Series
Mask Tutorial

Hollow and Arrancar
Title Character Series
Grimmjow Jaggerjacks's MaskGrimmjow JaggerjackBleach
half face ichigo hollow maskichigo kurosakiBleach
hiyori bleach maskHiyoriBleach
Tutorial: Hollow Masks
Ulquiorra's Mask GuideUlquiorraBleach

Title Character Series
Jake English Gas MaskJake EnglishHomestuck
Scarecrow Mask TutorialScarecrowDC

Ninja Mask
Title Character Series
ANBU Mask Tutorial
Kakashi's Formfitting MaskKakashiNaruto
Kakashi's Mask Tutorial

Super Hero Mask
Title Character Series
Arrow (CW) Mask Tutorial Seasons (2,3,4)ArrowDC Comics
Do-It-Yourself: Superhero Mask
Fabric Superhero Masks
Fitted Mask Tutorial
How to make a Superhero Mask
How to Make An Eye Mask - Process Video
Leather Hero MaskRobinBatman
Make a Superhero Mask
Making a Jason Todd MaskJason ToddDC
Worbla Super Hero Mask

Surgical Mask
Title Character Series
Doctor/nurse/mad Scientist Face Mask
Face Mask
Face Mask Sewing Pattern
Kandi Surgical Mask
Medical Mask Mayham
Surgical / Face Mask Tutorial
Surgical Mask Tutorial
Totoro Mask

Sculpting and Casting
Title Character Series
Full face Prosthetic Mask
Make a Latex Monster Mask
Mobile Suit Gundam: Mr. Bushido's MasksMr. BushidoMobile Suit Gundam

Paper Mache
Title Character Series
ANBU Mask TutorialNaruto
Being Faceless: A TutorialSplicer RabbitBioshock
Majora's Mask TutorialSkull KidLegend of Zelda
Mask Tutorial
Paper Mache Mask TutorialHappy Mask SalesmanLegend of Zelda
Paper Mask Making Tutorial
San Mask TutorialSanPrincess mononoke

Title Character Series
Being Faceless: A TutorialThe QuestionDC
Borderlands 2 Psycho Costume - Mask Tutorial
Cosplay Tutorial: Kaneki Ken's MaskKaneki KenTokyo Ghoul
Deadpool Cosplay/ Faceshell TutorialDeadpool Marvel Comics
Deadpool Mask TutorialDeadpoolMarvel
Deadpool Mask TutorialDeadpoolMarvel
Deadpool Mask Tutorial (Fiberglass)DeadpoolMarvel
Deku Hero MaskDeku / Midoriya IzukuMy Hero Academia
EVA Foam Mask TutorialRichardHotline Miami
Godot's Visor: How ToGodotPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Hamon Mask (Spanish)HamonJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
How to Make a Tobi Mask (Naruto)TobiNaruto
How to Make Majoras MaskSkull KidLegend of Zelda
How To Make Roadhog Mask And Hook: Overwatch CosplayRoadhogOverwatch
Inaccurate Psycho MaskTiny TinaBorderlands
LoZ Twilight Princess: Zant Mask GiftZantLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
lucha libre mask
Make your own Arkham Batman CowlBatmanDC Comics
Making a Tobi War Mask (Advanced Tutorial!)TobiNaruto
Making the Ultimate Tobi MaskTobiNaruto
Marth's Mask Tutorial: Fire Emblem: AwakeningLucinaFire Emblem Awakening
Minecraft MaskMinecraft
Obito War MaskObito UchihaNaruto
Orochimaru/Shinigami Mask Tutorial!OrochimaruNaruto
Psycho Mask TutorialPsychoBorderlands
Reaper Cosplay Mask Tutorial - Overwatch Costume SculptReaperOverwatch
Reaper Mask Build - OverwatchReaperOverwatch
Reaper Mask, from OverwatchReaperOverwatch
Red X Mask Tutorial
Rick Sanchez Mask from Rick and Morty - Print Everything!Rick SanchezRick and Morty
Roadhog Mask SculptRoadhogOverwatch
Sans Mask TutorialSansUndertale
SH Nurse Mask TutorialBubblehead NurseSilent Hill
Sogeking Mask TutorialSogekingOne Piece
Soldier: 76 Light Up MaskSoldier: 76Overwatch
Tiny Tina Backpack, Mr Fluffy-Snugglebutt and Bandit Mask (Supanova)tiny tinaborderlands
tiny tina's mask part onetiny tinaborderlands
Tobi Mask TutorialTobiNaruto
Touka Kirishima Mask | Cosplay TutorialTouka KirishimaTokyo Ghoul
Tutorial: easy mask (Sheryl - Diamond Crevasse)Sheryl NomeMacross Frontier
Undertale Sans Mask TutorialSansUndertale
UNDERTALE: Papyrus Cosplay Tutorial *old*PapyrusUndertale

Material Guides

Title Character Series
Angelina Techniques: The Basics & More

Title Character Series
Bending PVC pipe - Just because you can
How Cut and Glue PVC Pipe
How to bend PVC Pipe
How to Bend PVC Pipe
How to sew pvc fabric
Painting PVC Pipe
Working with PVC Pipe

Title Character Series
Working with Clay for Jewelry
Working with polymer clay

Title Character Series

Title Character Series
12 Tips for Sewing With Fleece
9 Tips for Working With Sequin Fabric
A Beginner's Guide to Sewing With Knits
A Field Guide to Cottons
Beginner's Guide to Sewing Difficult Fabric (Episode 11)
Conquering Knits: A Self-Help Guide
Cutting and Sewing with Striped Fabrics
Everything You Need to Know about Fabric
Fabric Basics Part 1 - Fibers
Heavyweight Fabrics
How to Cut & Sew Faux Fur
How To Sew Vinyl/faux Leather With Minimal Crying
Introduction to Fabrics
Lightweight Fabrics
Mediumweight Fabrics
Mini Tutorial: Steaming vinyl
Sewing Clothing with Quilting Cotton
Sewing Lycra / Spandex / Elastane
Sewing Lycra Blends
Sewing Neoprene
Sewing Spandex Tips
Sewing with PVC (Vinyl)
Sewing with Silk
So You Want to Sew Some Fur
Tips for Stretch Fabrics
Velvet Sewing, Construction, Nap and Pressing Tips
Working with Embellished Fabrics
Working with Napped Fabrics
Working with Rayon and Linen
Working with Slippery Fabrics
Working with Stretchy Fabrics

Insulation Foam
Title Character Series

Title Character Series
Latex for Cosplay FAQ
The Difference Between: Latex, PVC and Stretch PVC
Working with Latex

Title Character Series
All About Worbla
Cosplay 101: Worbla, the Wonder Thermoplastic FAQ
How to Worbla: An Introduction
How to work with Worbla's Finest Art
Super Awesome Worbla Tutorial
Worbla: smooth surface magic
Working with Worbla! Part On

Title Character Series


Title Character Series
Bag Bear Plush
DIY: Adventure Time Finn Backpack Tutorial
Zelda shield backpack tutorial

Title Character Series
Cake the Cat PatternFionnaAdventure Time
Color Fleece Eyes
DIY Kawaii Bear Plushie Tutorial !
How to Plush your Dragon
Kagura's plushieKaguraFruits Basket
Kuriboh Plush PatternKuribohYugioh
League of Legends Tibbers PlushTibbersLeague of Legends
Misha BunnyPita Ten
Paopu FruitKingdom Hearts
Poring Plushie TutorialRagnarok Online
So You Want To Make Plushies?
Sock Monkey
Terry Cat
Timcanpy plushieD.Grey-Man
White Tiny Totoro PlushMy Neighbour Totoro

Title Character Series
Making a Purse out of a Stuffed Animal

Posing & Photography

Title Character Series
A N00b's Guide To Posing For Cameras
Cosplay Photography Tutorial I
Cosplay Posing: Crossplay / Male Posing
Cosplayers Photography Tutorial - Modeling
Cosplayers: How to Help Photographers Get the Best Pics of You
Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners
How to Pose Like a Model
Posing 101
Posing in Cosplay: How to get photos that don't suck
Power Posing Part I: The Components
Tux Team Guide to Posing and Convention Etiquette

Title Character Series
Cosplay Photography Etiquette
Cosplay Photography Tutorial 2
Fixing Dark Photos
How To Give Your Photos a Dark Processed Lomo Effect
How to Look Great in Cosplay Photos


Title Character Series
Guilty Gear Anchor TutorialMayGuilty Gear
Ixion Ring Blade TiraSoul Calibur
Yamamoto's Sword TutorialYamamotoReborn!

Title Character Series
Attaching Additional Arms to The Body
How to Create Fake ArmsUsuiDRAMAtical Murder
Need a Hand? Or Four?SardonyxSteven Universe
Sardonyx Posable Arm TutorialSardonyxSteven Universe
Six-armed Goddess Kali Costume

Title Character Series
Bookbinding Tutorial
Bookbinding Tutorial - Part 1
Bookbinding Tutorial - Part 2
Clow book tutorial
Elizabeth's CompendiumElizabethPersona 3
Gravity Falls Journal tutorialGravity Falls
Light Tome Process/TutorialMicaiahFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Bow and Arrows
Title Character Series
Archer Bow Tutorial ((and arrows))
Ashe Bow Tutorial (cheap&easyAsheLeague of Legends
Ashe's Ice Bow TutorialAsheLeague of Legends
BotW Link Cosplay: The BowLinkThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Bow TutorialYgritteGame of Thrones
Bow, Arrows and QuiverKagome HigurashiInuyasha
Cosplay Foam and Worbla Bow Tutorial
Cosplay Tutorial - Making of Ashe's bow (League of Legends) [English subs]AsheLeague of Legends
Cosplay Tutorial: Hawkeye’s Bow & ArrowsHawkeyeMarvel Comics
Costume Arrow Tutorial
Heartseeker Ashe Bow Tutorial 1 League of LegendsHeartseeker AsheLeague of Legends
Heartseeker Ashe Bow Tutorial 2 League of LegendsHeartseeker AsheLeague of Legends
How I Made My Violet Link Bow From Four Swords AdventureLinkThe Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure
How to Make a Bow and Arrow
Make a Daedric Bow and Arrow from SkyrimSkyrim
Quiver and ArrowsYgritteGame of Thrones
Simple Pistol Crossbow Tutorial
The making of Ashe’s ice bowAsheLeague of Legends
Tomb Raider Bow and ArrowTomb Raider

Title Character Series
Ciel's Cane pt.1Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane pt.2Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane pt.3Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
Ciel's Cane TutorialCiel PhantomhiveKuroshitsuji
How To Make A Riddler Question Mark CaneRiddlerDC Comics
Making a Riddler CaneRiddlerDC Comics
Terezi Dragon Cane Head TutorialTereziHomestuck
Terezi's cane tutorialTereziHomestuck
Terezi’s Walking Cane TutorialTereziHomestuck

Title Character Series
Axel's ChakramsAxelKingdom Hearts
Make Xena's ChakramsXenaXena Warrior Princess
Shooting StarRinoa HeartillyFinal Fantasy VIII

Title Character Series
Left 4 Dead Witch ClawsWitchLeft 4 Dead
Retractable Wolverine / X-23 ClawsX-23Marvel
Wolverine ClawsWolverineMarvel
Wolverine Claws (X-Men Origins)WolverineMarvel
Wolverine Claws Hand Prop TutorialWolverineMarvel
X-23/Wolverine ClawsWolverineMarvel
X-23/Wolverine Claws (Cardboard)X-23Marvel

Title Character Series
Fabric Folding Fan TutorialCarianMagna Carta
Tutorial - Temari FanTemariNaruto

Title Character Series
Building Demyx's SitarDemyxKingdom Hearts
Cardboard Gibson Les PaulYui HirasawaK-ON!
How to make GuitarHarukoFooly Cooly
Marceline's GuitarMarcelineAdventure Time
Sheik's LyreSheikLegend of Zelda
Sheryl Nome Mic TutorialSheryl NomeMacross Frontier
Sheryl's MikeSheryl NomeMacross Frontier
Sheryl's Mike - Part 2Sheryl NomeMacross Frontier

Guns and Cannons
Title Character Series
AEP7 Laser PistolFallout
Blacklace TutorialPantyPanty and Stocking
BRS CannonBlack Rock Shooter
Building A Warhammer 40K Bolter/Boltgun PropWarhammer 40K
Cannon WalkthroughBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
CerberusVincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
CerberusVincent Valentine Final Fantasy VII
Cheap Portal gunChellPortal
Combat ShotgunFallout
Cosplay GunsTomb Raider
D.Va Pistol BuildD.Va (DVA)Overwatch
D.Va Pistol BuildD.VaOverwatch
DIY Chainsaw Machine Gun (Gears of War ) - DIY Prop ShopGears of War
Diy Cosplay Sniper RifleFallout 4
DIY Portal GunChellPortal
Do-It-Yourself: Steampunk Weapon
DOMINATOR Cosplay Prop with LEDsPsycho Pass
Dominator TutorialPsycho Pass
EvokerPersona 3
Fishbone tutorialJinxLeague of Legends
Foam Prop M-358 Talon From Mass Effect Mass Effect
Gatling Gun Arm Costume
GunbladeSquallFinal Fantasy VIII
Gunner Dressphere GunFinal Fantasy X-2
HadesTrain HeartnetBlack Cat
Hades GunTrain HeartnetBlack Cat
Halconnen/Harkonnen Cannon TutorialSeras VictoriaHellsing
Half Life 2: Gravity GunHalf Life 2
How to make prop weapons
Ink Shot TutorialSplatoon
Jinx's Fishbone TutorialJinxLeague of Legends
Laser Cut MDF Cosplay PistolsDanteDevil May Cry
M8 Avenger Assault RifleMass Effect
Making Realistic Gun Props
Mami Tomoe's Gun Mami TomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Mami's Long GunTomoe MamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Miss Fortune Cosplay GunMiss FortuneLeague of Legends
Okita Sougo's GunOkita SougoGintama
Pop GunHarley QuinnDC
Portal GunChellPortal
Rocket Raccoon Gun Tutorial Part 1 - Cosplay PropRocket RaccoonGuardians of the Galaxy
Safety Considerations for Prop Guns
Sintra Prop Gun
Sniper Tutorial Yoko RitonaTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Star Wars the Force Awakens: Rey’s “LPA NN-14” BlasterReyStar Wars the Force Awakens
Ultramarines Bolt Pistol - Warhammer 40kWarhammer 40k
Valiant (Irvine's riffle) Irvine KinneasFinal Fantasy VIII
[OVERWATCH] Tracer's Guns TutorialTracerOverwatch

Title Character Series
Harley Quinn HammerHarley QuinnDC Comics
Harley Quinn Hammer on the CheapHarley QuinnDC Comics
How to make a Giant Hammer
How to make a Zillyhoo hammer for Godtier JohnGodtier JohnHomestuck
How to make Hammer
King/Masked Dedede and Functional Jet Hammer BuildDeDeDeKirby
Lavi Hammer tutorialLaviD.Gray-man
Lavi Hammer tutorialLaviD.Gray-man
MalletHarley QuinnDC
Mjolnir TutorialThorMarvel
Mjolnir with MDFThorMarvel
Ramona Flowers Hammer TutorialRamona FlowersScott Pilgrim vs The World
Sardonyx's WarhammerSardonyxSteven Universe
Thor's Hammer - FoamThorMarvel
Warhammer of ZillyhooHomestuck
Zillyhoo TutorialHomestuck

Title Character Series
How to build Vi handsViLeague of Legends (LoL)

Title Character Series
CCS Wands and KeysSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Guilty Gear: ParacelsusAbaGuilty Gear

Title Character Series
Keyblade (Kingdom Key)Kingdom Hearts
Brightcrest KeybladeKingdom Hearts
Fantastic KeybladesKingdom Hearts
Foamboard KeybladesKingdom Hearts
Kairi KeybladeKairiKingdom Hearts
keybladeKingdom Hearts
KeybladeKingdom Hearts
Kingdom KeyKingdom Hearts
Kingdom Key and OathkeeperKingdom Hearts
OathkeeperKingdom Hearts
Oblivion KeybladeKingdom Hearts

Title Character Series
Kunai Resin Casting
Make Cosplay Kunai In 10 Steps
Naruto Kunai KnifeNarutoNaruto

Title Character Series
Fang's LanceOerba Yun FangFinal Fantasy XIII
How to make Gun lance
Valkyria Chronicles LanceValkyria Chronicles
Xaldin's LanceXaldinKingdom Hearts

Title Character Series
Giant Lollipop Tutorial

Title Character Series
Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutesStar Wars
Star Wars Lightsaber - DIY PROP SHOPStar Wars

Millennium Items
Title Character Series

Title Character Series
Tira's Ring BladeTiraSoul Calibur

Title Character Series
Artemis ScytheYuki CrossVampire Knight
B-rabbit Scythe TutorialPandora Hearts
Dead Master scytheDead MasterBlack Rock Shooter
How to make big Scythe
Insulation Foam Scythe
Making Ruby's Scythe (RWBY)RubyRWBY
ScytheWilliam T.SpearsKuroshitsuji
Soul EaterMakaSoul Eater

Title Character Series
BoromirBoromirLord of the Rings
Captain America Shield from Used Satellite DishCaptain AmericaMarvel
Captain America Shield: DIY TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel Comics
Captain America's Shield : DIYCaptain AmericaMarvel Comics
Captain America: Shield TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
cosplay n00b made a Hylian shieldLinkLegend of Zelda
DIY: Steven Universe/ Rose Quartz Shield TutorialRose QuartzSteven Universe
Homura Akemi Time ShieldAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
How to Make a Spartan 300 Hoplite ShieldSpartan300
How to make your own shield
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Hylian ShieldLinkLegend of Zelda
Hylian Shield (Wood)LinkLegend of Zelda
Make the Captain America ShieldCaptain AmericaMarvel Comics
Metal Movie Cap ShieldCaptain AmericaMarvel
Nemea ShieldCassandraSoul Calibur
Rikku ShieldRikkuFinal Fantasy X
Solaire cosplay: shield part 1SolaireDark Souls
The Avengers How-to: Cardboard Captain America ShieldCaptain AmericaMarvel Comics
Wonderflex ShieldKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Wood Sword + Foam ShieldLeonaLeague of Legends (LoL)
Zelda Mirror Shield and Hero's Shield BuildLinkThe Legend of Zelda

Title Character Series
Final Fantasy VII - Yuffie's Star YuffieFinal Fantasy VII
How to make a Shuriken

Title Character Series
How to make Pearl's SpearPearlSteven Universe
Spear Head Out of Foam Board
Translucent Pearl Spear WriteupPearlSteven Universe

Title Character Series
Basic Cosplay Staff Tutorial (Ft. Sailor Pluto’s Time Key)Sailor PlutoSailor Moon
Building Mercy's Caduseus staff (Overwatch cosplay)MercyOverwatch
Clow StaffSakuraCardcaptor Sakura
Constructing my Sailor Pluto Garnet RodSailor PlutoSailor Moon
Dark Magician Girl StaffDark Magician GirlYugioh
Divine Soraka Staff TutorialSorakaLeague of Legends
Enchanter’s Staff Tier 7Dragon Age
Fai Cosplay StaffFai D. FlowrightTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Fai's StaffFai D. FlowrightTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Foam and PVC StaffAthenaSaint Seiya
Golden Staff of the Sin'doreiWorld of Warcraft
How to Make a Loki Costume Staff that Actually GlowsLokiMarvel Comics
Jack Frost Staff TutorialJack FrostRise of the Guardians
League of Legends Cosplay Prop: Soraka StaffSorakaLeague of Legends
Light Staff - Cast and WoodFinal Fantasy XI
Loki Scepter with WorblaLokiMarvel
Loki Staff – How to Make a Loki Costume Staff that Actually GlowsLokiMarvel Comics
Making Loki's Chitauri ScepterLokiMarvel Comics
Making Loki's Sceptor / Staff From the AvengersLokiMarvel Comics
My Hero Academia: Fantasy!Ockako Staff TutorialUraraka OchakoBoku No Hero
Nirvana StaffYunaFinal Fantasy IV
Project Build: King Loki StaffLokiMarvel Comics
Sailor Cosmos StaffSailor CosmosSailor Moon
Sailor Pluto’s “Time Key” Staff CosplaySailor PlutoSailor Moon
Separating Staff for Jack FrostJack FrostRise of the Guardians
skull staff with LED glowing eyesYorick
Star Wars Rey Costume Part 4 – Build Rey’s StaffReyStar Wars
Synchronicity Hatsune Miku Staff. . .Sort ofHatsune MikuVocaloid
Time StaffSailor PlutoSailor Moon
TridentMukuro RokudoKatekyo Hitman Reborn!
Trident PropMukuro RokudoKatekyo Hitman Reborn!
Tsubasa Staff tutorialSakuraTsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Tutorial: Loki's Scepter part 1LokiMarvel Comics
Tutorial: Sailor Moon's WandSailor MoonSailor Moon
Tutorial: Soraka's Staff (League of Legends)SorakaLeague of Legends
Wood Jack Frost StaffJack FrostThe Guardians
Yuna's StaffYunaFinal Fantasy X

Swords and Knives
Title Character Series
AEON's ClockswordAeonCastlevania
Asato - Lamento
Asuma Chakra Baldes
Basic Craft Foam Attack on Titan 3DMG Blade TutorialAttack on Titan
Basic Wooden Sword Tutorial
Budget Cosplay SwordLinkLegend of Zelda
Buster SwordCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Buster sword TutorialCloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
Cardboard Katana - Samurai Sword
Clare's Sword, ClaymoreClareClaymore
Cloud's Advent Children SwordCloudFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Cosplay Props Casting: Skyrim DaggerSkyrim
Cosplay SwordShikigami SuzakuYami no Matsuei
Cosplay Tutorial: Ryuko's Scissor Blade (Kill La Kill)RyukoKill La Kill
Creating a Dagger with Eva Foam and Worbla
Dave's SORDDaveHomestuck
Destiny Hunter Knife Foam Prop BuildDestiny
Dragon Priest DaggerElder Scrolls
easy guide on How to make a Kuriyama Mirai SwordKuriyama Mirai
Erza Scarlet: Sword-TutorialErza ScarletFairy Tail
ExcaliburTomb Raider Legend
Falchion build tutorialFire Emblem
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Blade
First Blade TutorialSupernatural
Foam Board Weapon Tutorial
Foam Sword Props
Genesis' RapierGenesis RhapsodosFinal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Great KnifePyramid HeadSilent Hill
Great Knife TutorialPyramid HeadSilent Hill
Hakuouki: Nagumo Kaoru's Katana TutorialNagumo KaoruHakuouki
Hikaru's swordHikaruMagic Knight Rayearth
Hobo Guide to Making the Vorpal BladeAliceAmerican McGee's Alice in Wonderland
How to make a Cosplay Sword 1LinkLegend of Zelda
How to Make Cosplay Melee Weapons
How to make FrostMourne from World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft
How to make ZabimaruRenjiBleach
How To: Build a Daedric DaggerSkyrim
Ichigo's Zanpakutou TutorialIchigoBleach
Insulation Foam Cloud Buster Sword Tutoria
Insulation Foam Cloud Buster Sword Tutorial (With Pics)CloudFinal Fantasy VII
Katana Handle Wrapping
Katana Handle Wrapping
Katarina Sword MakingKatarinaLeague of Legends (LoL)
Keith's Bayard (Voltron)KeithVoltron
Kill the Kill Ryuko's Scissor BladeMatoi RyukoKill la Kill
Kirito Great Sword Tutorial
Kirito's dual blades making processKiritosword art online
Knight Captain Cullen Sword
Lightning FFXIII Sword TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy XIII
Lightweight Sword
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master SwordLinkThe Legend of Zelda
Link's Master Sword Tutorial LinkThe Legend of Zelda
Making a Prop Sword from WoodSaberFate/Stay Night
Making Hei’s Daggers from SkyrimHeiSkyrim
Making of Noctis' SwordNoctisFinal Fantasy XIII
Making the First BladeSupernatural
Medieval Sword Scabbard
Mirai Kuriyama Blood Sword TutorialMirai KuriyamaKyoukai no Kanata
Myrtenaster: The Multi Action Dust RapierWeiss SchneeRWBY
Noctis Final Fantasy Xv Cosplay Sword TutorialNoctisFinal Fantasy XV
Nygen's Scabbard Tutorial
Paine Sword TutorialPaineFinal Fantasy X-2
Polystyrene Sword
Prop Sword Tutorial
Ryuko Scissor Blade (Foam)Ryuko MatoiKill la Kill
Ryuuko Matoi Scissor Blade TutorialRyuko MatoiKill la Kill
Sasuke's Sword, KUSANAGISasukeNaruto Shippuden
Shinken (X Sword) TutorialShinken: X/1999
Skyrim Daedric Sword Build Part 1Skyrim
Soldier SwordFinal Fantasy VII
Sword Scabbard
Sword with Insulation Foam
Swordmaking Tutorial - Katana
Syaoran SwordSyaoranTsubasa Resevoir Chronicle
Tessaiga 2.0 TutorialInuyashaInuyasha
The Ultimate ''How to Make a Paper Sword'' Tutorial
The Wooden Swordmaking Tutorial - Katanas
Transistor: Making your own giant glowing swordRedTransistor
Transistor: Making your own giant glowing swordTransistor
Tutorial Mirai Sword ENMiraiKyoukai no Kanata
Tutorial Mirai Sword ENMiraiKyoukai no Kanata
WIP - Ryuko Scissor Blade (Tutorial)RyukoKill la Kill
Wooden Scissor BladeRyuko MatoiKill la Kill
Zabuza Giant Sword TutorialZabuzaNaruto
Zabuza Sword TutorialZabuzaNaruto

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear
Title Character Series
3-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
3D Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
3d maneuver gearAttack on Titan
3d maneuver gear (Rittai kidou souti)Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan - Eren Jaeger / Christa LenzAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver gear Part 1: Cutting and Initial AssemblyAttack on Titan
Attack On Titan 3d Maneuver Gear TutorialAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan 3D Manuever Gear Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan Cosplay Prop 3D Maneuver Gear Anime Version with TutorialAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan, 3DMG, TutorialAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan/ SnK 3d maneuver gear 3DMGAttack on Titan
Build Your Own “Attack On Titan” 3D Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Create Your Own 3DMGAttack on Titan
Easy, Cheap 3d Maneuver Gear TutorialAttack on Titan
How to make "3d maneuver gear"(Rittai kidou souti) (with templates) Comic versionAttack on Titan
How to make 3 Dimensional Maneuver gear - [Part 1]Attack on Titan
Three Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Three-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Three-Dimensional Maneuver GearAttack on Titan
Tutorial: Making Attack on Titan 3d Maneuver GearAttack on Titan

Title Character Series
Amethyst's WhipAmethystSteven Universe
How to Make a Whip SwordSevenFinal Fantasy Type-0
Thorny Whip

Title Character Series
Alien Face Hugger Adjustable Prop and DecorationAlien
Alien Franfran makes Sogeking's Kabuto!Sogeking
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - GameboyArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
arry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue Harry Potter
Baby Darius Axe TutorialLeague of Legends (LoL)
Bakugou Katsuki Prop Tutorial!Katsuki BakugouMy Hero Academia
Batarang from "Arkham Asylum" GameBatmanArkham Asylum DC Comics
Big Sister ADAM SyringeBig SisterBioshock
Bioshock Adam Syringe BuildLittle SisterBioshock
Bowser Shell TutorialBowserNintendo
Cellphone PropYuno GasaiFuture Diary / Mirai Nikki
Cheap and Easy Lara Croft PickaxeLara CroftTomb Raider
Cosmic Cube/TesseractMarvel
Costume and Prop Building Basics
Crafting Lara Croft's Climbing Axe!Lara CroftTomb Raider
Death Note HandcuffsDeath Note
Deidara's bird TutorialDeidaraNaruto
DIY ZOOTOPIA JUDY'S CARROT PEN (It writes!!) Polymer Clay Tutorial Judy HoppsZootopia
Dosu Kinuta's Sound AmplifierDosu KinutaNaruto
Drinkable Glowing Lyrium TutorialDragon Age
Easy Foam Chain
Edible Gummy (Horse) HeartDaenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones
Electricity-Ball Tutorial
Electrobinoculars TutorialStar Wars
Fake Chain (EVA Foam)
Fake Cigarette
Flail (Selphie's Nunchaku) SelphieFinal Fantasy VIII
Foam Chain TutorialSaarebasDragon Age 2
Foam Pipboy 3000 (from Fallout) TutorialFallout
Foam Prop Fabrication Basics
Functional Terezi's Dragon CaneTereziHomestuck
Ghostbusters Proton PackGhostbusters
Giant ArmAllen WalkerD.Grey-Man
Grell's ChainsawGrellKuroshitsuji
Grief Seed TutorialPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Hawkgirl Mace – DIY Cheap and EasyHawkgirlDC Comics
How to build a Portal Personality SpherePortal
How to made a replica of Tomb Raider Reborn (2013) Ice AxeLara CroftTomb Raider
How to Make a Machine Gun LegCherry DarlingGrindhouse
How to make a Wayfinder part 1/2
How to make Kurapika chains PART 1HunterXhunter
How to make MINECRAFT Diamond Sword and Diamond PickaxeMinecraft
How to make Ninja's Chain-sickle (with templates)
how to make pokeballs tutorialPokemon
How to make Rikku's Weapons RikkuFinal Fantasy X
Jiraiya's Scroll TutorialJiraiyaNaruto
Kikyo's Soul Ball
Kingdom Hearts 2 Portions for CosplayKingdom Hearts
Lara Croft Ice Axe Tutorial (WIP)Lara CroftTomb Raider
Lara Croft Ice Pick Axe Tutorial From Wood (Or At Least How I Did It)Lara CroftTomb Raider
Lara Croft’s Ice Axe tutorial from the rebooted Tomb Raider gameLara CroftTomb Raider
Light-Up Harry Potter WandHarry Potter
Little Sister ADAM SyringeLittle SisterBioshock
Mad Max's Leg BraceMad MaxMad Max 2 / The Road Warrior
Magic Power Prop Tutorial
Making Blue Prints
Making Body Parts and Monsters out of Fiberglass
Making Junkrat's RIP-Tire [Overwatch]JunkratOverwatch
Making Wara Ningyo
Miraculous Ladybug Prop - Yo-yoMiraculous Ladybug
My Wara Ningyo Tutorial
N's Void CubeNPokemon
Naruto Ninja ScrollNaruto
Naruto Sage Scroll TutorialNarutoNaruto
Negan's Bat - The Walking DeadNeganThe Walking Dead
Odin Makes: Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 4Fallout 4
Ovan's Casket Arm worklogOvan.hack
Persona Tarot Cards Tutorial
Pirate Coin
Pokeball TutorialPokemon
Portal Cake TutorialPortal
Prop Making 101: Cosplay Prop Making for Beginners
Prop Tutorial: Sheath and Sword
Psypher How-ToVelvet ValentineOdin Sphere
Reno EMR TutorialRenoFinal Fantasy VII
Resident Evil T-Virus CannisterResident Evil
Riding Crop TutorialIrene AdlerSherlock
Russia's Pipe TutorialRussiaAxis Powers Hetalia
RWBY Cosplay Prop Build Kit (Updated)RWBY
Sailor Moon's WandSailor MoonSailor Moon
Scrolls out of wood and paper
Seven Deadly Sins Tutorial: King's PillowKingSeven Deadly Sins
Soi Fon's BankaiSoi FonBleach
Soul GemPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Soul Gem TutorialPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Splatoon 2 costume / Making the Ink TankInklingSplatoon
Splatoon Ink Tank TutorialInklingSplatoon
Steampunk Bullets
Steel AxeSkyrim
T Virus Prop Tutorial for Resident Evil Cosplay – DIY Umbrella Corporation T-Virus Vial ReplicaResident Evil
The Abhorsen's BellsOld Kingdom / Abhorsen
The Making of Gaara's GourdGaaraNaruto
Toga Himiko Quirk/Prop Cosplay TutorialHimiko TogaBoku No Hero
Tomb Raider (2013) Ice Axe Build LogLara CroftTomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2013 Climbing AxeLara CroftTomb Raider
Touching Up Your Con Damaged Props
Tutorial: Fake Fire
Undertaker Pink Ballpoint PenUndertakerKuroshitsuji
Working Sonic ScrewdriverDoctor Who
WRTC Method: Stitching a Leather Knife Sheath
XRobots - How To plastic coat foam & expanded polystyrene prop and costume cosplay pieces
Zenyatta's Orbs - Overwatch - AWEme Artist SeriesZenyattaOverwatch

Sewing Basics

Learn to Sew
Title Character Series
Buying Your First Sewing Machine
Essential Sewing Toolkit
How to Choose a Sewing Machine
How to Sew a Straight Line
How To Sew with a Sewing Machine
How to take your body measurements accurately
How to Use a Seam Ripper
How to Use a Sewing Machine
How to Use Pins the Right Way
How-to make a Body Form
Learn to Sew
Learn to Sew Series-How to Buy Fabric
Meet Your Sewing Machine
Scalloped Hem Skirt
Sew Knits Without A Serger
Sewing 101
Sewing Basics Resource Guide
Sewing for Beginners
Sewing for Beginners
Sewing Tutorial
Sewing TutorialHow to Read patterns and cut fabrics for cosplay costumes
two ways to add pockets to a skirt
Velcro Tutorial

Applique and Patches
Title Character Series
Akatsuki Cloud TutorialNaruto
Applique - Turned Edge Prep
Applique on Velvet TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda
Applique Trim TutorialKataraAvatar The Last Airbender
Applique Tutorial
Applique Tutorial
Applique Video: Glue Basting Your Block
Attack on Titan: Home Made Patches TutorialAttack on Titan
Back Basting Tutorial For Hand Applique
cosplay tutorial: applique
Costuming: Stretch Applique Tutorial
Creating Patches with Your Embroidery Machine
diy applique tutorial.
Emblem Tutorial - Survey CorpsAttack on Titan
Embroidery The Super Hero WayMiss MarvelMarvel Comics
Hero Symbol AppliqueSpider-WomanMarvel
How to Applique
How To Appliqué
How to Applique with Fusible Web
How to hand applique tutorial
How to make an embroidered patch without an embroidery machine
How to Make Machine Embroidered Patches without an Embroidery MachineBLUE Sniper Team Fortress 2
Latex Application Tutorial
Machine Applique Tutorial
Needleturn Applique Stitching Tutorial
Reverse Applique
Starch Applique Tutorial
Starship Ranger Patch Tutorial
Summer Sewing ~ Simple Machine Appliqué
The Quick Applique Tutorial
Turned Edge Applique Tutorial
Tutorial - Appliques
Tutorial Logo Seras VictoriaSeras VictoriaHellsing
Tutorial: Applique / Team Fortress patches
Tutorial: Fusible Applique on Vinyl,

Bias Tape
Title Character Series
bias tape guide
bias tape guide Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial
Bias Tape Q&A - What Is, How to Sew and When to Use Bias Tape
How to Make and Apply Bias Binding
How To Make Bias Tape
How to Stitch on Double Fold Bias Tape
outer corner bias tape tutorial
Technique: Understanding Bias and making Bias Tape
Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape

Title Character Series
Bound Buttonholes
Button Loops
How to Sew a Button
How to Sew Buttonholes with a Regular Foot
How To Sew on a Flat Button
Sewing Basics: How to Sew a Shank Button

Choosing Fabrics
Title Character Series
Choosing Fabric for Clothes
Choosing Fabric: Weight vs Drape
Choosing Fabrics for Cosplay
Dress fabrics defined
Fabric 101
Fabric Choice in Cosplay
Fabric Dictionary
Fabric Guide
Fabrics: A Simple In-depth Guide For Cosplayers
How to Choose and Buy Fabric
How to Choose Fabric
Sewing 101 - Fabric Uses
Types of Fabrics
Wedding Gown Fabrics
What Fabric to Use

Cutting Fabric
Title Character Series
Cut Fabric With Rotary Cutter and Mat
Fabric Cutting

Title Character Series
Add Side Dart To Fix Gaping Armhole
How to press darts
How to Sew Darts
Sewing Basics: How to Make a Dart
Stitching Darts
Trace and Sew Darts

Title Character Series
A beginner's guide to interfacing
Bias tape neckline facing – a sewing tutorial
How to sew a simple neckline facing
Interfacing Tutorial
Sewing 101 - Facings
Sewing the Neckline Facing
Simple lining and facings
Tutorial: Bias Facings And Bindings

Title Character Series
Basic Hem Tutorial
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 14): Alterations Part 1 (Darning and Shortening Pant Hems)
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 15): Alterations Part 2 Lengthen a Hem
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 6): Hems
Easily Hem Sheer Fabrics
Hand Sewn Hems
Hemming a Curved Edge by Machine
How to Hem a Sleeve
How to Hem Dress Pants Like a Pro
How to Hem Pants - What You'll Need
how to sew a rolled hem
How to Sew and Serge a Blind Hem
How to Tailor a Hem
Make an Easy Scalloped Hem
Scallop Edge/Hem Skirt
Scallop Hem
The Scalloped Hem
Tips and Techniques for Hems
Tips for Scallops
Tutorial: Hemming A Curved Edge By Machine

Title Character Series
A better way to sew linings and facings
A Shortcut to Great Linings
Add Lining to a Skirt With a Waistband
All About Lining a Garment
Bagging a Lining
Drafting a Jacket Lining
Flat Lining Tutorial
How to Clean Finish a Lined Armhole
How to Fully Line a Bodice
How to Sew a Lined Slit
How to Sew a Skirt Lining
How to sew flat lining
How to Sew Lining in a Bodice
How to Sew Your Skirt Lining to Your Zipper
Jacket Lining Pattern
Lining a Sleeveless Dress Bodice
Lining Techniques… Jacket and Coat Linings Made Easy
Lining Your Costumes, Why do it?
Sewing 101: How to Line a Top
Sewing a lining into a sleeveless dress
The BEST way to attach lining fabric to knitting
Tips and Tricks for Simple Skirt Linings
Underlining: The Why and How
Understanding Lining Fabrics and Resources
Understitching a Facing, Neckline or Lining
Why Bother Lining Garments?

Pattern Drafting
Title Character Series
Basic Pattern Altering
Basics of Drafting Tutorial
Create Clothing Patterns with Great Fit and Unique Style
Create Patterns From Existing Clothes - Simple Woven Skirts
DIY Pattern Drafting
Dolorosa Mantle PatterningDolorosaHomestuck
Draft a Basic Bodice Block
Draft a Basic Bodice Pattern
Draft a Front Bodice Sloper
Drafting - An Epilogue
Drafting a Front Bodice Block
Drafting Patterns For Hood
Drafting Patterns With Illustrator
Drafting the Back Sloper
Draping to Make Your Own Pattern
Easy Pattern Drafting for Absolute Beginners
Flat Pattern Drafting, How to Take Measurements
Free Pattern Drafting Calculator for Your Measurements
Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Pattern Notches
How to Copy a Garment that Fits Perfectly Without Taking it Apart
How to Create Clothes that Fit You Perfectly
How to Create Patterns from Existing Clothing
How to Draft a Basic Bodice: Tutorial
How to Modify Patterns for Cosplay
How To True A Sloper
Learn About Draping
Make Your Own Sewing Pattern
Pattern Drafting (T-shirt Method)
Patternmaking 101 A-line Skirt
Saran wrap pattern making method #1
sewing pattern from a packing tape mould
Sloper Measurements
Sloper Patterns (Princess Seams)
Toiles, Muslins, & Mockups, Oh My!
Using Adobe Illustrator for flat pattern drafting
Women's Pants

Make a Dressform
Title Character Series
Do-it-yourself Packing Tape Body Molds And Casts
How to make your own dress form
Making a Leg Double for Painting Tights+Painting
MTT Cosplay - Duct Tape DummyMettaton ExUndertale
Paper-Tape Dress Form
The Best Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial
Tutorial for Paper Tape Dress Form

Preserving Patterns
Title Character Series
Choose the Correct Pattern Size
Cutting Out Patterns
How to Use Patterns
Lesson 5 - Purchasing a Pattern
Make a Pattern Larger or Smaller
Patterns… Demystified!
Saving Patterns with Fabric

Using Patterns
Title Character Series
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 3): Introduction to Patterns, Fabric & Notions
How to Enlarge a Pattern
What Is A Sewing Pattern?

Title Character Series
Baby Doll's Sucker Punch Box Pleat Skirt With YokeBaby DollSuckerpunch
How To Make A Box Pleat Or Inverted Box Pleat
How to make latex pleats
Make Box and Inverted Box Pleats!
Pleats TutorialMadam RedKuroshitsuji
Sewing Pleats
The Inverted Pleat Tutorial

Title Character Series
Add In-Seam Pockets to a Dress
Add pockets to a dress
Adding Hidden Side Pockets to Anything
Adding pockets to a skirt or dress
adding pockets to any skirt pattern
Classic Coat: How to sew a Patch Pocket
Classic Patch Pockets
Gathered Patch Pockets
Hidden Pockets
How to Sew Single Welt Pockets
Inseam Pockets
Inset Pockets Tutorial
Inset Pockets- Double Seam
Inset Pockets- Single Seam
Lined Patch Pocket
Lined Patch Pockets
Patch Pockets For Bags
Patch Pockets With Flaps
Patch Pockets With Yokes - Gathered
Piped Lined Faux Flap Pocket
Piped Welt Pockets
Self-Binding Pocket Tutorial
side pocket with topstitching
Simpled Curved Patch Pocket
Single Welt Pockets
Welt Pocket Tutorial
Welt Pockets
Welt Pockets With Flap/ Stand
Zippered Welt Pocket

Title Character Series
Horse Hair Braid Hem RufflesEternal Sailor MoonSailor Moon
How to make latex ruffles
How to make ruffles
Tutorial-Putting in Horse Hair Braid/CLAMP Ruffles

Title Character Series

Bishop Sleeves
Title Character Series
Drafting - Adapting a Basic Sleeve for Other Styles
Sleeve Tutorial

Mutton Sleeves
Title Character Series
Puffy Sleeves

Title Character Series
Create a Custom Sleeve Pattern
How To Draft A Sleeve Sloper
How to Insert a Sleeve
Introduction to Sleeves
Making an Asuna Yuuki Cosplay: The SleevesAsuna Yuuki Sword Art Online
Pleat a Sleeve Cap
Sailor Moon Arm Roll Tutorial Sailor Moon
Setting a Sleeve in to an Armhole
Sewing Perfect Cuffs
Simple Sleeve Tutorial
Tutorial: Bishop Sleeve

Title Character Series
Smocked Dress Tutorial

Title Character Series
10 Ways to Finish Your Seams
A guide to seam finishes
Basic Seam Tutorial
French Seam Tutorial
French seam tutorial
How to create a french seam
How to press seams flat
How to Sew French Seams
Invisible Closing Seam
Seam Allowance Tutorial
Seam Finishing

Title Character Series
6 Helpful Stitches - Hand Sewing
basic Hand Sewing Stitches
Basic Hand Stitches
Basic Hand Stitching for Cosplay
Basic Sewing Machine Stitches
Four hand stitches you need to know
Hand Sewing Stitches (VERY pic-heavy)
Hand Sewing: The Basic Stitches
Hand Stitches Guide
How To Do Blanket Stitch
How to Stitch 2: curves, straight lines, corners
How to Stitch: Basics
How to Unpick Overlocker/Serger Stitches
How to use the overcasting stitches
Invisible Seams, The Hidden Stitch
ladder Stitch
Ladder Stitch for Closing Dolls & Plushies
Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Most Popular -
Making Machine Stitches Work for You
Practice Your Stitches
Quick guide to Under Stitching
Satin Stitch
Serger Stitches Cheat Sheats
Serger Stitches Cheat Sheet
Sew a Satin Stitch
Singer Stitch Reference
SINGER® Basic Stitches Tutorial
SINGER® Basic Stitches Tutorial
Tips for Better Topstitching
Top 10 Must-Know Hand Embroidery Stitches
What is Stay Stitching and Why do we need it?

Title Character Series
10 Easy Steps for Sewing Professional Invisible Zippers
An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 12): Zippers and Buttons
Centered Zipper Application
Centered zipper construction
DIY Metal Zips
giant zipper splicing
Guide to Setting a Zipper
How to glue a zipper into a latex garment
How To Sew A Zipper In A Skirt
How to Sew an Invisible Zipper
How to shorten a zipper to adjust zipper length
Insert Zipper to Lined Dress
Installing an Invisible Zipper
Introduction to Zippers (v1) Visible Zippers
Invisible Zip with Lining.
Sewing In a Zipper
Sewing Invisible Zipper
shorten a zipper
Side Invisible Zipper Tutorial
Tutorial: Centered zippers
working with the giant zippers

Colour Blocking
Title Character Series
Angela Wolf Shows How To Make her Signature Color Block Top on It's Sew Easy (401-1)
color blocking 101
Color Blocking for Beginners
Design Your Own: How to Make Color-Blocking Patterns
DIY colour block dress pattern
How to Color Block
How to Color Block a T-Shirt Sewing Project
How to Make Color-Blocking Patterns
How to Refashion with Color-Blocking
The Colorblock Dress

Title Character Series
How to Take Measurements
Measure Your Bra Size
Sewing Measurements
Waist, Front/Back Waist

Title Character Series
Add Bias Tape To Tulle
An easier way to sew elastic casings
Beginner Sewing Machine Buying Guide
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 1): Understanding Your Machine
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 2): All About Tools of The Trade
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 4): Sewing Your First Project
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 7): Elastic
Bias Cut: Lifesaver, Quick & Practical Trick
Binding Basics: Hand-Stitching the Binding to the Back
Bust Adjustment
Dragonscale Smocking
Fabric Shopping Online: Hints and Tips
Faking Ribbed Knit Fabric
Finishing Seams: Zigzag Stitch
Get Started with Stitch in the Ditch Quilting
Getting Started: Beginner Tools
Getting Started: Expensive Tools
Getting Started: Intermediate Tools
Getting Started: Threading Your Machine
Guide to Hand Needles
Hand-sewing two leather pieces with a cross stitch pattern
How to Chenille
How to Choose a Good Pair of Sewing Scissors
How To Choose a Sewing Machine
How to Make a Thread Chain
How To Make Cording
How to Make Piping
How to Make the Waistband Larger on a Pair of Jeans
How to Put Side Slits in a Skirt
How to Ruche a Sleeve
How To Set Up Your Sewing Machine
How To Sew In Piping
How to Sew Opposing Curves
How to Sew Piping Into a Seam
How to Shorten a Skirt
How to Take In a Dress
How to Thread Your Sewing Machine
How to Use a Sewing Machine: Getting Comfortable
How-to Mend a Ripped Seam
Installing Horsehair in Mami’s SkirtMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Learn How To Sew Loop Velcro on Anything with this DIY Tutorial
Marking and Cutting Fabric
Multi-Color Paneled Garments Tutorial
Needle Felting Without Wool
Purchasing A Sewing Machine
Raising a Neckline
Ruffled Trim
Scissors Tutorial
seamless trim
Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Thread a Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Needle Guide
Sewing Plaids
Sewing Velcro
Stay Stitching
Super Simple Sewing Machine Tutorial
Super Simple Sewing Machine Tutorial
The Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 16) Letting Out and Taking In Side Seams
The Beginner's Guide to Sewing Alterations (Episode 17): Taking In a Side Seam
The Magic of Horsehair Braid
Understanding Your Serger's Features
Using PDF Sewing Patterns
Using Piping to Finish Raw Edges
When, Why and How to Make a Muslin (Mockup)
Wide Braid Tutorial

Sewing Clothing

Title Character Series
a tutorial on bloomers
How to Make Bloomers
I got'cher bloomers right here.
Undertaker-- A Basic GuideUndertakerKuroshitsuji

Title Character Series
Boned Bodice With Plastic Boning

Title Character Series
Huge Bow Tutorial
Sailor Moon style bow tutorialSailor Moon
Sailor Moon style bow tutorialSailor Moon

Title Character Series
Aquaman Cosplay Progress Pt. 1AquamanDC Comics
CosThrough: Junko Part 4: BraJunko EnoshimaDanganronpa
Deadpool Girl Cosplay Bra DIY Tutorial - NerdcraftDeadpoolMarvel Comics
Diy Bras
Making a Foam Cup Bra
Seashell Bra / Bra CupsTakaneIdolmaster One for All
Sew a Built-in Bra with Cups
Sewing a Built-In Bra with Cups
Zafina's bra Tutorial

Title Character Series
Bunny Girl Bodysuit Tutorial and Pattern

Cloaks and Capes
Title Character Series
Cape Channeling How-To (For Rods)BatmanDC Comics
Circle Cloak
Cloak Making The Elandria Way
Cute little capelet
Cute little capelet (pics and tute included!)
Making a Cape
Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

Title Character Series
Aoba Jacket TutorialAobaDramatical Murder
Aoba Seragaki Jacket and Shoe CosplayAoba SeragakiDRAMAtical Murder
Attack on Titan jacketAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan Jacket and ShirtAttack on Titan
Easy Tail Coat tutorial
Edward Elric CoatEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
How to make a Naruto Shippuden Cosplay JacketNarutoNaruto Shippuden
How to Make Naruto's Jacket for CheapNarutoNaruto
How to Sew a Notched Jacket Lapel
Little Black Jacket Pattern
Loki Costume Coat and CapeLokiMarvel
Pea Coat Sew-along: Fabric Files.
Pointy Shoulder Jacket
Seven Deadly Sins - King Coat ConstructionSeven Deadly Sins
Sew a Dr. Horrible Jacket/Dr. HorribleDr. Horrible
Vash CoatVashTrigun

Title Character Series
Boy's Button-Up Shirt Collar Tutorial
Detachable Collar
Detachable Collars
DIY Peter Pan Collar
DIY Peter Pan Collar Pattern
Elizabethan wired ruff collar tutorialEstherTrinity Blood
Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar
How to Drape a Collar
How to sew a collar on a garment
How To Sew A Dress Shirt Collar
Peter Pan Collar Tutorial
Turian Collar

Title Character Series
Corset and tute!
Corset Drafting and Sewing
Corset Making: A Resource Guide
Corset Pattern Drafting Tutorial
Custom Corset Pattern Generator
Elsa BodiceElsaFrozen
Foam Corset TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
How to make a mesh corset
Make a Corset Top (No Boning)
Recycled Denim Corset
Reversible Corset Tutorial
Simple Corset Tutorial
Tutorial: Tipping Corset Bones
Woven Corset Bodice Tutorial

Title Character Series
American McGee's Alice 2 DressAliceAmerican McGee's Alice
Ariel's Blue Sight Seeing DressArielThe Little Mermaid
Asuka Maid Dress Cosplay (Tutorial)AsukaEvengelion
Basic A-Line Dress Tutorial
Belle's Gold Ball GownBelleDisney's Beauty and the Beast
Bustle pad tutorial
Construction of Cinderella's Ball GownCinderellaDisney
COSPLAY Guide: Tohru's MAID DRESS Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidTohruMaid Dress
CosThrough: Maid Futaba Tutorial Part 1: DressFutabaPersona 5
Disney Cinderella Dress Skirt TutorialCinderellaCinderella
Doctor Who TARDIS dressTARDISDoctor Who
Dress TutorialGuinevereKing Arthur
Elsa Construction NotesElsaFrozen
Elsa DressElsaFrozen
Halloween DIY Maid Costume – Simple Tutorial
Hemless a-line skirt
How to make a French Maid Outfit for Magenta’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume!MagentaRocky Horror Picture Show
How To Make A Wedding Dress
How to Sew an A- Line Dress
Ichigo - Tokyo Mew Mew Cosplay Pattern DraftIchigoTokyo Mew Mew
Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial
Love Live Cyber Dress TutorialCyber NicoLove Live!
Madoka Kaname ~Magical Dress~ Cosplay Design DraftMadoka KanamePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Maid Outfit Cosplay Tutorial!!
Make an A-line dress {Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial}
Merida From Brave - Blue Formal DressMeridaBrave
Open Front Dress Tutorial
Padme Amidala DressPadme AmidalaStar Wars
Red: Making the dress from Transistor
Regency Gown Pattern Instructions
Sakura's dress - tutorialSakuraNaruto
Shae/Handmaid Game of Thrones cosplay tutorialShaeGame of Thrones
Shirred-Back Dress
Silent Hill Nurse DressBubblehead NurseSilent Hill
Star Wars Rey Costume Part 1 – Wrap DressReyStar Wars
Tatsumaki Dress Tutorial Part 1: Patterning And StuffTatsumakiOne Punch Man
Tatsumaki Dress Tutorial Part 2: Putting The Thing TogetherTatsumakiOne Punch Man

Fingerless Gloves
Title Character Series

Title Character Series
Easy Glove Tutorial
Fingerless Gloves & Net Shirts
Glove and sleeve roll TutorialSailor Moon
Gloves Tutorial
Gloves Tutorial: Part I, Making a Pattern
Hatake Kakashi gloves tutorialHatake KakashiNaruto
How to make a Plugsuit Side tutorial- Skin tight glovesEvangelion
How to make easy gloves
How to Make Freddie Krueger GlovesFreddie KruegerA Nightmare on Elm Street
How to make gloves
How to Make Gloves
How to Make Sasuke's GlovesSasuke UchihaNaruto Shippuden
How to make Tifa Gloves Tifa LockheartFinal Fantasy VII
Irken 3-Finger Glove Tutorial by Nym-AkumaIrkenInvader Zim
Lycra Glove Sewing Tutorial
Mei How-to #2 – GlovesMeiOverwatch
Sailor Senshi GlovesSailor Moon
Street Fighter GlovesSakuraStreet Fighter
Stretch Glove Pattern Making Tutorial
The Glove Website: How to make gloves
Tutorial: Link's GlovesLinkLegend of Zelda

Hoodies and Sweaters
Title Character Series
DIY Mabel Star Sweater from Gravity FallsMabelGravity Falls
DIY Undertale Frisk cosplay (without knitting)FriskUndertale
September Hoodie
Super Sonico HoodieSuper Sonico

Hoopskirts and Petticoats
Title Character Series
Basic Hoop Skirt
Hoopskirt Tutorial
How to Make a Hoop Skirt
How to Make a Hoopskirt for Under $40
How to Make a Petticoat
Lolita Petticoat Tutorial
Lolita petticoat tutorial
Madoka Petticoat TutorialMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Making a Simple Petticoat
Multi Layer Tulle petticoat
Petticoat in GosuRori #7
Petticoats Please
Two Tier Petticoat Tutorial

Leg Warmers and Leggings
Title Character Series
Drafting and Sewing Leggings
How to make your own latex leggings
Puffy Leg Warmers- A Tutorial
Stockings That Won't Fall Down
Tutorial : Simple Leg Warmers
Vanellope Von Schweetz tights tutorial part one: preparation!Vanellope Von SchweetzWreck it Ralph

Mermaid Tail
Title Character Series
How to make a Mermaid Tail
How-to: Swimmable mermaid tail
my tail tutorial
Silicone Mermaid Tail
Spandex Mermaid Tail Tutorial
Swimming with a Mermaid Tail

Title Character Series
Attack On Titan Waist Skirt TutorialAttack on Titan
Stationary Troops Patch LineArt (Attack on Titan)Attack on Titan
Ahri Cosplay Outfit TutorialAhriLeague of Legends
An easy cheats guide to making Victorian dress
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - Pink CincherArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay tutorial - white topArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Attack on Titan: Home Made Patches TutorialAttack on Titan
Basic Oven Mitt
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 9): Easy Elastic Waistband Skirt
Bleach shinigami outfitBleach
Bolero Tutorial
Ciel Half-Cage Tutorial .En.CielKuroshitsuji
Cosplay DIY: Fallout Vault Suit - Part 1: Base SuitFallout
Cosplay Tutorial|Homura: pt.1 Undershirt/collarHomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Creating a Toga
Cropped Jacket
Cyber Kotori Skirt and Bow TutorialCyber KotoriLove Live!
DIY Cheap and Easy Star Trek Costumes (TOS)
DIY Modesty Panel
Fullmetal Alchemist Military Uniform Pattern
Holo's Pink Top TutorialHoloSpice & Wolf
How I Made Floaty HipsSylveonPokemon
How to Knit Your Own UT SweaterCharaUndertale
How to Make a Jedi RobeStar Wars
How to Make Neko Maid Cafe Costume/outfits
How to Make Shoulder Pads for a Jacket
How to Tie a Toga
Kirito Trench PatternKiritoSword Art Online
Len/Rin Arm Warmer Tutorial
Lilith Borderlands 2 - making the outfitLilithBorderlands 2
Love Live Uniform TutorialLove Live!
Make oven Mitts
Making a Grey Taffeta Kirtle
Military Police Patch LineArt (Attack on Titan)Attack on Titan
Modesty Tshirt Panel
Neku Sakuraba Shirt For CosplayNeku SakurabaThe World Ends With You
Ribbon Socks
Rock Lee Arm WrapsRock LeeNaruto
Sailor Moon Fuku (Outfit) TutorialSailor MoonSailor Moon
Sailor Moon fuku tutorial time!Sailor PlutoSailor Moon
Scouting Legion Patch LineArt (Attack on Titan)Attack on Titan
Tidus Overalls Tutorial - Pt 1TidusFinal Fantasy X
Trainees Squad LineArt (Attack on Titan)Attack on Titan
Tsunade - Kimono 2nd - Cosplay WorklogTsunadeNaruto
Tutorial, How to: Link's shirtLinkLegend of Zelda
TWEWY Neku Sakuraba : Shirt Tutorial
Veeery short Kigurumi Tutorial by
Wii U Link Cosplay: Tunic Mock-upLinkLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
» RWBY Yang thigh high tutorial!YangRWBY

Title Character Series
Black Latex Pants Tutorial
Boku No Hero Academia Gym Uniform Cosplay Tutorial Part 1: PantsBoku No Hero
BotW Link Cosplay: The PantsLinkLegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Cosplay Tutorial/Walkthrough: Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Armourless ArmourErza ScarletFairy Tail
Jack Frost Pants TutorialJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Matt's PantsMattDeathnote
Skirt to shorts
Star Wars Rey Costume Part 3 – Rey’s Pants & BootsReyStar Wars

Title Character Series
How to tie Sasuke ropeSasukeNaruto
Orochimaru RopeOrochimaruNaruto
Sasuke Purple Rope TutorialSasukeNaruto
Sasuke Rope tutorialSasukeNaruto
Sasuke's rope tutorialSasukeNaruto

School Uniforms
Title Character Series
DIY: Cosplay Sweater Vest Uniform TutorialSpace Patrol Luluco
How to Sew a Sailor Collar
How to Sew a Sailor Collar
Inuyasha Kagome Cosplay CostumeKagomeInuyasha
Lucky Star School UniformLucky Star
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Uniform Jacket tutorial PT 1 Sayaka MikiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Make A Sailor Fuku (School Uniform)
Make A Suzumiya Haruhi Skirt!Haruhi SuzumiyaThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Making a Sailor Collar
Mako School UniformMako MankanshokuKill la Kill
Sailor collar tutorial
Sailor Senshi Detachable Collar - Part 1Sailor Moon
Sailor Senshi Detachable Collar - Part 2Sailor Moon
Schoolgirl UniformKagome HigurashiInuyasha

Skirts - Circle
Title Character Series
Brown half circle skirt
Circle skirt calculator – for the drafting of full, half and 3/4 skirts
Convert A-Line Skirt to Circle Skirt
DIY Circle Skirt
Draft your own skirt
flamenco skirt (tutorial)
Layered Circle Skirt
Make a Circle Skirt
Making a circle skirt
Sew a Circle Skirt
Tutorial: Circle Skirts

Skirts - Lolita
Title Character Series

Skirts - Flared
Title Character Series
flared skirt

Skirts - Bubble
Title Character Series
A Bubble Skirt Tutorial
bubble hem with pick-up skirt
Bubble Skirt
Bubble Skirt Tutorial
How to make a bubble skirt
How to make a bubble skirt
How to Make a Bubble Skirt

Skirts - Pencil
Title Character Series
Knit Pencil Skirt: A Tutorial
Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirt Sew Along: Drafting a Skirt Sloper
Psychobilly Pencil Skirt
The Easiest Pencil Skirt You'll Ever Make

Skirts - Rectangle
Title Character Series

Skirts - Pleated
Title Character Series
Full Pleated Skirt
How To Cosplay: Make A Pleated Skirt!
Junko Part 2: SkirtJunkoDangan Ronpa
Making a Simple Pleated Tartan Skirt
pleated kitty skirt
Pleated School Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt
pleated skirt
Pleated skirt (with instructions)
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt TutorialKagome HigurashiInuyasha
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt With Suspenders And Vintage Trim Tutorial
Skirt with contrast inverted Box Pleats (tutorial)
The Pleated Plaid Skirt

Skirts - Kilt
Title Character Series
How To Make Kilt Pleats Pattern
Kilt for the Scottish Highland Games
Making a kilt

Skirts - High Waist
Title Character Series
High Waist/Corsetted Skirt
High-Waist Skirt Tutorial

Skirts - Other
Title Character Series
Battle Skirt TutoriakDragon Age 2
Bustle + Ruffle SkirtRoyal Milk TeaTea Time Artbook
Draft and Sew a Skirt
Half-Elastic Waistband Tutorial
How To Craft – Sew an A-line Skirt (in 1 Afternoon!)
How to Draft a Skirt Pattern
How to Sew a Skirt
Panel Skirt
Simple Skirt Tutorial
Steampunk Bustle Skirt

Title Character Series
custom thigh-highsMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Thigh High Trick Tutorial
Tutorial - Asuna sotckingsAsuna YuukiSword Art Online

Title Character Series
Cute Off The Shoulder Top
Frisk Shirt TutorialFriskUndertale
Goten's shirtGotenDragon Ball Z
How to cut an over the shoulder t-shirt

Tube Top
Title Character Series
polka-dot tube top
Shirred tube top

Title Character Series
Basic Female Link Cosplay - TunicLinkLegend of Zelda
Link tunic tutorial - Ocarina of TimeLinkLegend of Zelda
Link tunic tutorial - Ocarina of TimeLinkLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Making a Tunic (Fierce Deity Link)Fierce Deity LinkLegend of Zelda
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction
The Bocksten tunic: Going beyond the T-tunic

Title Character Series
How To Make A Tutu
How To Make A Tutu

Title Character Series
About Sniper’s VestSniperTeam Fortress
Anbu Vest TutorialNaruto
ANBU vest tutorialNaruto
Anbu Vest TutorialNaruto
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - The vestArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Arya Vest - Fabric StripsArya StarkGame of Thrones
Brocade Half-Vest Thingy
FLARP Terezi Vest PatternTereziHomestuck
Han Solo Cosplay Tutorial: Han’s VestHan SoloStar Wars
How to Make a Simple Vest
How to Sew a Men’s Vest
Judy Hopps vest tutorialJudy HoppsZootopia
Quilted Wool Vest
Team Fortress 2 Sniper VestTeam Fortress 2
Tutorial: Judy Hopps vest (Zootopia)Judy HoppsZootopia
Xylophone Vest Tutorial

Character Guides
Title Character Series
Queen Amidala "Sabe" Black Invasion Gown Queen AmidalaStar Wars
A Guide to Making Your Own Tauriel CostumeTaurielThe Hobbit
Aang CosplayAangAvatar The Last Airbender
Aang Cosplay GuideAangAvatar The Last Airbender
Ace (Royal Flush Gang) JLU/BatmanAceDC Comics
Ahri Cosplay Walk Through - League of LegendsAhriLeague of Legends
Ahri League of Legends Tutorial/TipsAhriLeague of Legends
Ahri Shirt Pattern and GuideAhriLeague of Legends
Akemi Homura CosplayAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Alanna the Lioness Cosplay TutorialAlanna the Lioness
Alistair Cosplay TutorialAlistairDragon Age
Alphonse Elric Cosplay Tutorial (Full Metal Alchemist)Alphonse ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric Costume From Fullmetal AlchemistAlphonse ElricFullmetal Alchemist
Amadala's Parade GownQueen AmidalaStar Wars
Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay Tutorial for Any Skill LevelWonder WomanDC Comics
Anime California 2015 - Joseph Joestar Cosplay Tutorial | Pre-con Vlog-tasticJoseph JoestarJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Annie CosplayAnnieLeague of Legends (LoL)
APH: Russia Cosplay Tutorial [Part 1]RussiaAxis Powers Hetalia
Aranea Highwind Cosplay Tutorial - Part 1Aranea HighwindFinal Fantasy XV
Arrow Black Canary Costume TutorialBlack CanaryArrow
Artorias Build LogArtorias Dark Souls
Ashe LoL cosplay part 1AsheLeague of Legends
Assassin's Creed RogueShay Patrick CormacAssassin's Creed
Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online TutorialAsuna YuukiSword Art Online
Auriel from Diablo III Costume Break Down!AurielDiablo III
Azura from Fire Emblem - Cosplay Progress (Somewhat of Tutorial??)AzuraFire Emblem
Back To The Future Marty Mcfly Cosplay TutorialMarty McFlyBack to the Future
Bae the Bloodless Cosplay Tutorial
Basic Rapunzel Cosplay BreakdownRapunzelTangled
Batman Suit ( The Dark Knight Version)Elseworld BatmanDC Comics
Big Ol Mami WriteupMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Biker ScoutBiker ScoutStar Wars
Black Widow Cosplay: Suit How ToBlack WidowMarvel Comics
Bombshell Wonder WomanWonder WomanDC Comics
Bombshell Wonder Woman Cosplay TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Booker Dewitt & ElizabethBooker Dewitt & ElizabethBioshock
Booker DeWitt Cosplay NotesBooker DeWittBioshock:Infinite
Building Mercy's costume (Overwatch)MercyOverwatch
Caine Wise Cosplay: Clothing tutorialCaine Wise
Camilla Fire Emblem Fates TutorialCamillaFire Emblem Fates
Cammy White - Street Fighter 5Cammy WhiteStreet Fighter 5
Cassandra Cain Batgirl Cosplay Tutorial MasterpostCassandra Cain / BatgirlDC
Castor Costume GuideCastorTron Legacy
Catwoman Costume Making ArticleCat WomanDC Comics
Cheap Attack On Titan Costume | Tutorial
Christmas Isabelle [Animal Crossing] Cosplay Tutorial #1: DressIsabelleAnimal Crossing
Chun-Li, Street FighterChun-LiStreet Fighter
Cinnamon – Nekopara BreakdownCinnamonNekopara
Constructing My Original Utena Cosplay!UtenaRevolutionary Girl Utena
Construction of Padme Amidala's Rainbow Dress (Lake Dress)Padme AmidalaStar Wars
Cool Cosplay Special: Building AquamanAquamanDC Comics
Cosplay Log: Zoro Roronoa's Haramaki and BandanaZoro RoronoaOne Piece
Cosplay Pan TutorialPanDragon Ball GT
Cosplay Tutorial! FE Echoes Genny Part 1!AzuraFire Emblem Echoes
Cosplay: Weiss Schnee (RWBY)Weiss SchneeRWBY
CosThrough: Just Be Friends Luka [FULL]
Costume Walkthrough - AirbenderAirbenderAvatar the Last Airbender
Crafting the MecromancerGaigeBorderlands 2
Creating a Borderlands PsychoPsychoBorderlands
Crest of Love: Sora the Digidestend CosplaySoraDigimon
Cursed MidnaMidnaTwilight Princess
Cyber Maki MasterpostCyber MakiLove Live!
Dark Souls Knight Artorias Cosplay CreationKnight Artorias Dark Souls
Dark Souls: Elite Knight CosplayElite KnightDark Souls
Dawn from Pokemon PlatinumDawnPokemon Platinum
Dead Master Cosplay CostumeDead MasterBlack Rock Shooter
Death the Kid: Budget CosplayDeath the KidSoul Eater
Demon Hunter Cosplay from Diablo 3Demon HunterDiablo 3
Diablo III -- WizardWizardDiablo III
Diane, Seven Deadly Sins, Sin of Envy CosplayDianeSeven Deadly Sins
Disney Tangled Rapunzel CostumeRapunzelTangled
Diy - Sonic (One Punch Man) Cosplay TutorialSonicOne Punch Man
DIY Claymore CosplayClaymore
DIY Genji - Overwatch Foam Cosplay full armor BuildGenjiOverwatch
Diy Halloween Costume: Princess MononokeSanPrincess Mononoke
Diy Han Solo Costume: Smuggle Candy In StyleHan SoloStar Wars
DIY make the cosplay of Rem / Ram RE:ZERO TutorialRem / RamRE:ZERO
DIY Rocket Racoon TutorialRocket RacoonGuardians of the Galaxy
DIY Wonder Woman CostumeWonder WomanDC Comics
Diy Xena Warrior Princess CostumeXenaXena Warrior Princess
DIY: Raven Teen Titans CosplayRavenTeen Titans
Ekalys Cosplay’s Uravity Cosplay TutorialUraraka OchakoMy Hero Academia
Elektra - DIY COSPLAY SHOPElektraMarvel Comics
Elektra CostumeElektraMarvel Comics
Elsa Coronation Gown TutorialElsaFrozen
Elseworld WWII Batman "The Bat" CostumeElseworld BatmanDC Comics
England and America Revolutionary cosplay breakdownEngland and AmericaAxis Powers Hetalia
England Cosplay – How to Make the Best Hetalia England CostumeEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
Female Commander Shepard Build ResourcesCommander ShepardMass Effect
Female Hanzo +Battlebots CosplayHanzoOverwatch
Fionna & Cake Costume and Plush DIYFionna & CakeAdventure Time
Fionna the Human Adventure Time Cosplay TutorialFionna the HumanAdventure Time
Fire Emblem AvatarRobinFire Emblem:Awakening
Fire Emblem: Awakening – Gaius CosplayGaiusFire Emblem: Awakening
Flash Cosplay Tutorial Part 1 | Design and PlanningFlashDC Comics
Full Cosplay Progress Log: Princess PeachPrincess PeachSuper Smash Bros
Gamora Costume tutorialGamoraGuardians of the Galaxy
Genji Cosplay From Overwatch How And When To Use Cardboard For CosplayGenjiOverwatch
Genji Overwatch Cosplay Costume Tutorial part 2 foam ArmorOverwatch
GRAVITY FALLS Dipper and Mabel Cosplay Tutorial!Dipper and MabelGravity Falls
Happy Synthesizer Hatsune Miku CosplayHatsune MikuVocaloid
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - IntroHawkgirlDC Comics
Hetalia ChibitaliaChibitaliaHetalia
Himiko Toga – Cosplay TutorialHimiko TogaMy Hero Academia
How I Did Kuriyama Mirai (Kyoukai No Kanata)'s Idol CostumeKuriyama MiraiKyoukai No Kanata
How I did my Elektra cosplayElektraMarvel Comics
How I made my Akemi Homura CostumeAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
How I made my Papyrus cosplay!?!PapyrusUndertale
how i made my rose cosplay~Rose QuartzStephen Universe
How I Made my Sans (Undertale) CosplaySansUndertale
How to build homemade Dark Knight Bat suit armor from scratch - Wellington BatmanBatmanDC Comics
How to Make a Batman CostumeBatmanDC Comics
How to Make a DC's "Hawkgirl" CostumeHawkgirlDC Comics
How to Make a Guardian’s of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon CostumeRocket RaccoonGuardians of the Galaxy
How to Make a Jem CostumeJemJem and the Holograms
How To Make A Lightning Farron Cosplay From Final Fantasy XIIILightning FarronFinal Fantasy XIII
How to make a loki costume- tutorial round up!LokiMarvel Comics
How To Make A Luna Lovegood Costume! Harry Potter Cosplay!Luna LovegoodHarry Potter
How to Make A Robin CostumeRobinBatman
How to Make a Saber Lily costumeSaber LilyFate/Unlimited Codes
How to Make an Inkling Cosplay [Splatoon]InklingSplatoon
How to make Crazy Diamond - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure [Cosplay prop tutorial]Crazy DiamondJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
How to Make Marvel's Doctor Doom CostumeDoctor DoomMarvel Comics
How to Make Yona’s Outfit From Akatsuki no YonaYonaAkatsuki no Yona
How to Make You an Outstanding Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplayer?Chun LiStreet Fighter
How to Solaire Cosplay (Part 1)SolaireDark Souls
How to: Abaddon Cosplay!AbaddonSupernatural
How To: Make a Simple Minecraft Steve Costume for HalloweenMinecraft
How we make cosplays - Sweetheart Annie and TibbersSweetheart Annie and TibbersLeague of Legends
Injustice Flash CostumeFlashDC Comics
Injustice Harley Quinn Cosplay TutorialHarley QuinnInjustice
Jack Frost Costume/CosplayJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Jack/Jackie Frost CosplayJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Jayce Costume Breakdown!JayceLeague of Legends
Jecht cosplay WIP/Tutorial AlbumJechtFinal Fantasy X
Judy Hopps from Zootopia CosplayJudy HoppsZootopia
Kasumi Goto Build Write UpKasumiMass Effect
Korra’s season 4 cosplay tutorial -> PART 2!KorraLegend of Korra
Kuriyama Mirai (Kyoukai No Kanata)'s Idol CostumeKuriyama MiraiKyoukai No Kanata
Kuro Cosplay Tips [Alois Trancy]Alois TrancyBlack Butler
Lady Sif TutorialLady SifMarvel Comics
Lady Urbosa Cosplay TurorialLady Urbosalegend of Zelda
Leblanc Cosplay (League of Legends)LeblancLea
Leeloo (Fifth Element) Makeup / Hair / Costume - Cosplay TutorialLeelooFifth Element
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess LinkLinkLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil: Damnation) cosplay tutorialLeon S. KennedyResident Evil: Damnation
Light-Up Enderman CostuneEndermanMinecraft
Lightning FF13 Costume Guide - Cosplay TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy XIII
Link Cosplay Costume (Legend of Zelda) – Step by StepLinkLegend of Zelda
Link Costume (Legend of Zelda) - Step by StepLinkLegend of Zelda
Lion Cosplay: Making a giant fluffy maneLionSteven Universe
Love Live! Cyber Cosplay: fabrics, patterns, and details!Love Live!
Lucina Fire EmblemLucinaFire Emblem
Lucoa Cosplay BreakdownLucoaMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Madoka DressMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Magnet Mikuo CosplayMagnet MikuoVocaloid
Make Your Own Batman Mecha Armor Suit! - Homemade How-to!BatmanDC Comics
Make Your Own Deadpool Costume! - Homemade How-to!DeadpoolMarvel Comics
Make Your Own Legend of Zelda Link CostumeLinkLegend of Zelda
Make Your Own: Tracer from OverwatchTracerOverwatch
Making a Padme Costume in One WeekPadmeStar Wars
Making My Akame Ga Kill! CosplayAkame Ga Kill!
Making My Blake Belladonna CosplayBlake BelladonnaRWBY
Making my Sakura from Fire Emblem Fates Cosplay!SakuraFire Emblem Fates
Making my Symmetra Cosplay - Overwatch (EGX 2016)SymmetraOverwatch
Making of: Symmetra Cosplay - OverwatchSymmetraOverwatch
Making the Princess Mononoke Cosplay Outfit: Part 1SanPrincess Mononoke
MakingOf - Lady Galadriel HobbitLady GaladrielThe Hobbit
Malthael – Sleep is overrated!MalthaelDiablo – Reapers of Souls
Marvels Avengers - Loki CostumeLokiMarvel
Metal Gear Solid 3 Naked Snake Costume Tutorial - 99% COMPLETENaked SnakeMetal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Naked Snake Big Boss Cosplay GuideSnakeMetal Gear Solid 3
Midna Twilight PrincessMidnaLegend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
Miraculous Ladybug • Cosplay Tutorial • Part IMarinette / Miraculous LadybugMiraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
Mirai Kuriyama Blood Sword CosplayMirai KuriyamaBlood Sword
Mr FreezeMr FreezeDC Comics
MTT Cosplay: Mettaton's ClothesMettaton ExUndertale
My first cosplay. Genji from OverwatchGenjiOverwatch
My Gambit Costume TutorialGambitMarvel
My Hawkgirl Cosplay TutorialHawkgirlDC Comics
Mystic Lord Orlouge TutorialMystic Lord OrlougeSaGa Frontier
Naked Snake/Big Boss Cosplay : A How ToNaked SnakeMetal Gear Solid
Naruto Cosplay TutorialNarutoNaruto
Nate's Batman Costume How-ToBatmanDC Comics
Natsu Dragneel (from Fairy Tail) Cosplay processNatsu DragneelFairy Tail
No Sew Cosplay: Nico Yazawa from Love Live!Nico YazawaLove Live!
Nora Valkyrie Cosplay BuildNora ValkyrieRWBY
NuiNuiKill la Kill
Nui Pattern TutorialNuiKill La Kill
Ochaco Uraraka Cosplay TutorialUraraka OchakoBoku No Hero
Oogie Boogie Tutorial (Spanish)Oogie BoogieA Nightmare Before Christmas
Overwatch Genji Costume BuildGenjiOverwatch
Overwatch Reaper Costume BuildReaperOverwatch
Overwatch Symmetra Cosplay - Making OfSymmetraOverwatch
Overwatch- McCreeMcCreeOverwatch
Past Projects: 300 Spartan CostumeSpartan300
Pink Diamond Cosplay Break-Down with Queen TuesdayPink DiamondSteven Universe
Pluto’s Post-mortemSailor PlutoSailor Moon
Pokémon Go Cosplay TutorialPokemon
Princess Ariel: Making of the Blue DressPrincess ArielDisney
Princess Garnet Til Alexandros Xvii TutorialPrincess Garnet Til Alexandros XviiFinal Fantasy IX
Princess Mononoke CostumePrincess MononokePrincess Mononoke
Queen Amidala (Red Invasion Gown)Queen AmidalaStar Wars
Queen Amidala – Red Invasion / Theed Throne Room Robe – AnalysisQueen AmidalaStar Wars
Queen Ashe Costume TutorialQueen AsheLeague of Legends
Queen Ashe Costume TutorialQueen AsheLeague of Legends
Raiden (Cyborg Ninja) w/ Motorized Face ShieldRaidenMetal Gear
Redglare Vest PatternNeophyteHomestuck
Rem CostumeRemDeathnote
Resident Evil Vector Costume GuideVectorResident Evil
Rey Cosplay TutorialReyStar Wars: The Force Awakens
Rikku TopRikkuFinal Fantasy X
Sailor Moon Cosplay 101Sailor Moon
Samus (Metroid Prime) CostumeSamusMetroid Prime
Samus' Varia Suit Progress LogSamusMetroid
Satsuki Kiryuin CostumeSatsuki KiryuinKill La Kill
She-Ra Costume buildShe-RaShe-Ra: Princess of Power
Shockblade Zed Cosplay Costume by Cosplay1Shockblade ZedLeague of Legend
Snow White Guide
Star Guardian Lux From League Of LegendsStar Guardian LuxLeague Of Legends
Sunburst UnderskirtKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Sword Art Online Silica Cosplay ProgressSilica Sword Art Online
Symmetra (Overwatch) Cosplay Progress Pictures by LUNAR CROWSymmetraOverwatch
Symmetra – Commisioned by Blizzard, yeah!SymmetraOverwatch
Talon Widowmaker Cosplay In-Depth WalkthroughWidowmakerOverwatch
Tharja Cosplay TutorialTharjaFire Emblem Awakening
The blueprint of... Lulu - FFX 10LuluFinal Fantasy X
The Elegant Princess Peach - Costume Journal and TipsPrincess PeachNintendo
The Making of a Merida cosplayMeridaBrave
The Making of Lady Three (Drakengard 3)Lady ThreeDrakengard 3
The Making of Nora Valkyrie - The CorsetNora ValkyrieRWBY
The Making of Solaire, Part 1SolaireDark Souls
The Making of Solaire, Part 1SolaireDark Souls
Thief Rikku TutorialRikkuFinal Fantasy X-2
Thief Rikku's CostumeRikkuFinal Fantasy X
Thranduil Cosplay TutorialThranduilThe Hobbit
Thranduil Costume GuideThranduilThe Hobbit
TMG - Predator Costume Homemade "Tutorial"PredatorPredator
Toon Link Mr T! ~ How to make your own Link (Zelda) costumeLinkLegend of Zelda
Torbjorn Cosplay - OverwatchTorbjornOverwatch
TORIEL COSPLAY - Full Tutorial - UNDERTALETorielUndertale
Tutorial | How To Make The Green Arrow's CostumeGreen ArrowDC Comics
Tutorial: Adventure Time Fionna CosplayFionnaAdventure Time
Tutorial: How to Make MorgianaMorgianaMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Tutorial: Link CosplayLinkLegend of Zelda
Tutorial: Wonder Woman Cosplay CostumeWonder WomanDC Comics
Two Faced Harvey Make Up And CostumeHarvey DentDC Comics
Ultimate MadokaMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Vanye - League of Legends - Cosplay by GermiaVayneLeague of Legends
Venom Snake Cosplay Bionic Arm Commission/Tutorial Photos (Metal Gear Solid V)Venom SnakeMetal Gear Solid V
Vice Admiral Holdo Cosplay TutorialVice Admiral HoldoStar Wars
Videl Cosplay TutorialVidelDragon Ball Z
Voltron CostumeVoltronVoltron
Weeping Angel CostumeWeeping AngelDoctor Who
Weeping Angel TutorialWeeping AngelDoctor Who
Weeping Angels Cosplaylated-wings-part-1Weeping AngelsDoctor Who
Widowmaker Noir (Overwatch) WIPWidowmakerOverwatch
World of Warcraft - Paladin Judgement Armor BuildWorld of Warcraft
Yatsuhashi Cosplay TutorialYatuhashiRWBY
Zootopia Gazelle and Tiger Dancers - Cosplay TutorialGazelle and Tiger DancersZootopia
Zuko's costume_Step 1 PATTERNZukoAvatar The Last Airbender
[Cosplay DIY] Yona - Akatsuki no Yona {ENG SUBS}YonaAkatsuki no Yona
{cosplay Profile} Princess Anna’s Frozen Fever OutfitPrincess AnnaFrozen Fever


Title Character Series
AhogeAmericaAxs Powers Hetalia
Ahoge (Antenna) TutorialKonata IzumiLucky Star
Ahoge Tutorial (Quick and Permanent)
Ahoge/Cowlick for Cosplays
Austria AhogeAustriaAxis Powers Hetalia
Cosplay Tutorial: Canada's curlCanadaAxis Powers Hetalia
Easy Ahoge
England (Hetalia) Makeup - Anime StyleEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
Hetalia Ahoge TutorialHetalia
How to Make an Ahoge [Hetalia]Axis Powers Hetalia

Title Character Series
Cutting and Styling Bangs
Cutting Bangs with a Hair Razor
Gravity Defying Bangs
How to cut bangs
How to Cut Bangs
How to Cut Bangs
How to Cut Simple Bangs
How to Cut Wig Bangs
Poofy / Fluffy Bangs
Poofy Anime Bangs and giving a Wig volu
Super Gravity Defying Bangs

Title Character Series
Beehive Wig TutorialMulanDisney (Doll Variant)

Building Shapes
Title Character Series
1770s High Wig Tutorial
Base Spike Shapes with FoamSon GokuDragon Ball
Building a Wig with FoamPhoenix WrightAce Attorney
Extreme Spike Over Foam (Japanese)AxelKingdom Hearts
Foam Inserts GazInvader Zim
Kaito Tenjo WigKaito TenjoYugioh Zexal
Orochi Wig TutorialOrochiFire Emblem Fates
Peridot WigPeridotSteven Universe
Phoenix Wright Wig TutorialPhoenix WrightAce Attorney
Shiki Anti-Gravity Wig TutorialSeishirou KirishikiShiki
Toph Wig Tutorial - FoamToph BeifongAvatar The Last Airbender
Wig Styling Tutorial - Foam Armatures
Wire FrameJessiePokemon
Yami Bakura Wig TutorialYami BakuraYugioh

Colouring Wigs - Ink
Title Character Series
Custom-Color Wig with Copic Marker
Dye a Lacefront WigPearlSteven Universe
Gradient Dye Wig Tutorial
How To Dye A Synthetic Wig - Sharpie
Questions about any tutorial we post or general cosplay construction are always welcome! Copic Marker Wig-Dying Tutorial and Tips
Sharpie Dye
Sharpie Dye an Epic Cosplay Wig
Sharpie Wig Dyeing Tutorial
The FW Homemade wig dye recipe
The Sharpie Dye FAQ Guide
Tutorial - Wig Dyeing
Wig Colouring with Sharpie Dye
Wig Dyeing for Dummies

Colouring Wigs - Paint
Title Character Series
Hair Painting TutorialIrabuTrapeze
How to Dye a Wig Using Acrylic Paint
Wig Dyeing
Wig Dyeing Tutorial - Human GildaGilda the Griffonmy Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic

Combining Wigs
Title Character Series
Combining and Wefting wigs
Combining Two Wigs Into One
Combining Wigs for Volume
How to Splice Two Wigs Togethe
How to thicken a wig by combining two wigs
Simple Wig Tricks: StackingMeridaBrave
Two Colour Wig - Split in the Middle

Title Character Series
Celestia Drill CurlsCelestia LudenbergDangan Ronpa
Celestia Ludenberg Drill Curl TutorialCelestia LudenbergDangan Ronpa
Curling Heat Resistant Fibers
Curling Iron Techniques on Cosplay Wigs
Curling with Hot Water
Do-It-Yourself: Merida Wig (from Brave)MeridaBrave
Drill Curl TutorialMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Drill Curl TutorialMami TomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Giant Drill Curls
Himegyaru Style
Hot Water Curling Guide
How to Curl a Wig
How to curl your straight cosplay wig
Spiral CurlsMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Spiral Curls
Victory RollsWandaFairly Odd Parents
Wig Tutorial - Hades Disney Female (Sakimichan Version)HadesDisney's Herculese

Title Character Series
Awesome Guy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Pt. 1
Awesome Guy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Pt. 2
Cosplay Lesson: Wigs - Cutting and Styling
How to cut bangs in a wig
How to Trim a Wig
How to: Cut Layers in Your Wig or Weave Tutorial
Layering a Wig
Natsu Dragneel Wig Cutting TutorialNatsu DragneelFairy Tail
Using a Hair Shaping Razor

Title Character Series
Detangle a Curly Wig
Detangle a Straight or Curly Wig
Detangling a Wig
detangling discovery: silicone spray lubricant
Homemade Wig Detangler
How to brush a curly wig/Styling hime lolita wig
How to Detangle a Long Wig Tutorial
How to Detangle a Wig
How to Detangle and Store Wigs
How to Restore a Messy Cosplay Wig
Salvaging a Wig
Tutorial: De-Frizzing Wigs for Dummies

Title Character Series
Easy Hairline: Glue MethodZack FairFinal Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
Equius Wig TutorialEquiusHomestuck
Glued Hairlines
Gluing a Fake Hairline For Your WigsSakuraGate 7
How to Ventilate a Wig
Making an Extreme Widow's Peak
Wig Tutorial: Widow's Peak
Wig Ventilating Tips and Tricks

How to Wear a Wig
Title Character Series
Buying and Working with Wigs
How to Put On a Wig
How To Wear a Cosplay Wig
How To Wear Wigs w Long Hair
Long Hair and Short Wigs: A Tutorial
Long Hair Under a Wig
Put On A Wigcap
Putting on a Wig

Lacefront Wigs
Title Character Series
Cutting the lace on a lacefront
How to Put on Lace Front Wig
How to wear a Lace Front Wig
Wig Ventilating Tutorial

Making a Wig
Title Character Series
Fur Wig Tutorial
Introduction to Wigmaking
Wig Making Step by Step

Title Character Series
How to Style a Vi WigViLeague of Legends (LoL)
Mohawk Hair Piece Tutorial

Odango and Buns
Title Character Series
Cinnamon Bun Tutorial
How to Make a Bun with Your Cosplay Wig
Odango / Sailor Moon WigUsagiSailor Moon
Odango Bun TutorialUsagiSailor Moon
Odango Tutorial
Pigtails + OdangoChibimoonSailor Moon
Tinkerbell WigTinkerbellPeter Pan

Title Character Series
Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina Sculpted Cosplay Wig TutorialTiny TinaBorderlands 2
Building a Wig - Process
Care for a Wig
Constructing a Wig Box
Cosplay 101: Basic Wig Guide
Fake Sideburns (Japanese)
Fiber Optic Wig Tutorial
Fitting a Wig: Making it Smaller
Frozen - Yarn Wig TutorialElsaFrozen
Getting Started: Wig Supplies
Guide to Buying a Good Cosplay/Lolita Wig
How To Cosplay: DIY a WigStand!
How to dreadlock a wig
How To Make A Dreadlock Wig
Inkling Tentacle WigInklingSplatoon
Instantly Add Volume
Make a Straight Wig Wavy
Make a Wig Cap
Make a Wig Cap From Pantyhose
Making of Ghost Trick Beauty’s Intense WigBeautyGhost Trick
Mohawk Wig with Bald Cap [Japanese]
Peridot Helmet tutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Purchasing Quality Wigs
Recommended Styling Tools for Wigs
Restyle a Skin Top Hair Part
Ryuko's Wig (Adding the Red)Ryuko MatoiKill la Kill
Securing Wigs with Toupee Clips!
Spruce Up a Wig
Styling with Heat - Hair parts (for skin top wigs)
Styling with heat - Taming a wig
Tutorial: Wig Clips
Using Clips to Attach Things to Wigs
Why Should You Wear a Wig?
Wig Cap Design Information
Wig Dying Guide
Wig Styling Walk-Through

Pigtails and Ponytails
Title Character Series
Adding Ponytail to Short Wig
Botan Wig Tutorial - High PonytailBotanYuYu Hakusho
BRSB – Styling the wigBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Cheaters Guide to PigtailsMakaSoul Eater
Clip-on High Ponytail WigYoko LittnerTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
High Ponytail
High Ponytail Tutorail
High Ponytail Wig (Japanese)
How to Make a Clip-on PonytailSamus AranMetroid
PigtailsUsagiSailor Moon
Pigtails on a Non-Parted Wig
Preparing Wigs for Ponytails and Up-dos
Stripped curly heavy high updo ponytailMadeline Hatter Legacy DayEver After High
Tsubaki ponytail tutorial TsubakiSoul Eater
Tutorial: Making a Clip-on Ponytail
Twintail wig tutorial (without cut)Karuta RoromiyaInu x Boku SS
Wig Tutorial: 1 high ponytail

Title Character Series
Josuke Pompadour WigJosuke HigashikataJoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Specific Styles
Title Character Series
Bayonetta wig tutorialBayonettaBayonetta
Beetlejuice Cosplay Wig TutorialBeetlejuice
Bellwether Wig TutorialBellwetherZootopia
Catherine Wig TutorialCatherineCatherine
Cloud Wig TutorialCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Deku Wig TutorialDeku / Midoriya IzukuMy Hero Academia
Envy Wig TutorialEnvyFull Metal Alchemist
FFX Shiva Wig TutorialShivaFinal Fantasy X
Half Wig (Covers Half the Head)
How to Style Josuke Higashikata WigJosuke HigashikataJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Japan's Wig Tutorial- Step 1 - Step 2 (part 1)JapanAxis Powers Hetalia
Katsura (Geisha wig)
Lady Gaga Hair Bow
Lady Tsunade (Naruto) Wig 1.0TsunadeNaruto
Light Up Ragyo WigRagyo KiryuinKill La Kill
Nurse Joy Cosplay Tutorial - WigNurse JoyPokemon
Nurse Joy cosplay tutorial - WigNurse JoyPokemon
Pearl WigPearlSteven Universe
Pearl Wig InstructionsPearlSteven Universe
Pearl Wig StylingPearlSteven Universe
Peridot Wig TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Rapunzel WigRapunzelTangled
Rapunzel WigRapunzelTangled
Rapunzel Wig - BraidedRapunzelTangled
Real Geisha Hair Tutorial
REVIEW & how to style: ZORO (one piece) - LUCAILLE wig by Misch.AxelZoroOne Piece
Sabatains wig from KuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Sabatains wig from KuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Saber Hair Styling Tutorial
Saber WigSaberFate Stay Night
Sebastian Wig TutorialSebastianKuroshitsuji
Sombra Wig Styling TutorialSombraOverwatch
Sona Cosplay Wig TutorialSonaLeague of Legends
Tianzi Wig TutorialEmpress TianziCode Geass
Wanda Wig (Fairly Odd Parents)WandaFairly Odd Parents
Wig StylingKatsuki Bakugou - My Hero Academia Speed StreamKatsuki BakugouMy Hero Academia
Wig Tutorial: Riko from Love Live SunshineRikoLove Live!
Yuna Hair Tail TutorialYunaFinal Fantasy X
Yuna's BraidYunaFinal Fantasy
Yuno Gasai Wig TutorialYuno GasaiMirai nikki

Title Character Series
Demyx Wig ProcessDemyxKingdom Hearts
Extreme Spike Over Paper
Hitachiin Twins Wig TutorialKaoru and HikaruOuran High School Host Club
Kingdom Hearts III Sora Wig Styling TutorialSoraKingdom Hearts 3
L Wig - SpikingLDeathnote
Larxene Wig LarxeneKingdom Hearts
Make an anime gravity defying spiked wig
Making of a Sora WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Roxas Wig tutorialRoxasKingdom Hearts
Roxas Wig WIPRoxasKingdom Hearts
Sasuke Hair TutorialSasuke UchihaNaruto
Spiking 101
Spiking a Cloud WigCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Spiking a WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Spiking a WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Spiking: Demyx hair tutorialDemyxKingdom Hearts
Styling a Spiked Wig [Junkrat from Overwatch]JunkratOverwatch
The accurate KH2 Sora wigSoraKingdom Hearts
Tutorial for Spiking a Roxas WigRoxasKingdom Hearts
Wig Spiking 101
Wig StylingSasuke UchihaNaruto
Yusei Wig TutorialYuseiYugioh 5D

Title Character Series
How to straighten a spiky wig
Straighten a Synthetic Wig with the Hot Water Method
Straighten a Wig Tutorial
Straightening a Heat Resistant Wig
Tutorial: How to straighten a synthetic wig

Title Character Series
Mercy Wig Tutorial: Adding a ponytailMercyOverwatch
Stubbing + OdangoUsagiSailor Moon
Stubbing for AddonsViolaEternal Sonata

Teasing a Wig
Title Character Series
Backcomb a Wig
Teasing a Hime Wig
Teasing a Wig

Title Character Series
Detangling + Washing
How to Wash
How to Wash a Cosplay Wig
How to Wash a Wig
How To Wash a Wig Tutorial (With pictures!)
Wash a Wig
Washing a Wig

Title Character Series
How to make hair wefts on your sewing machine
How to sew hair into a wig
How to Sew Loose Hair Into Wefts
Making Wefts 4 Wigs
Reuse Wig Fibers
Stitch Witchery Weft Tutorial
Thick Weft Tutorial
Wefts 101
Wig Tutorial- Wefting


Angel Wings
Title Character Series
Building Feathered Wings
Cosplay wing tutorial
Cosplay/Costume Wing Tutorial
Easy Angel Wings
Feather wings
Feathered Wing TutorialGilda the Griffonmy Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic
GLAMOROUS Fallen Angel Wings
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - Angel WingsHawkgirlDC Comics
Hawkgirl Wings TutorialHawkgirlDC Comics
How to make a pair of Angel Wings
How to Make Simple Angel Wings
Howl WingsHowlHowl's Moving Castle
Love Live White Day Kotori Minami Wings TutorialKotori MinamiLove Live!
Love live White day wing tutorialLove Live!
Making large angel wings
The Angel Wing Tutorial
Wings Tutorial - How to make Felt Wings (Part1) [ENG/GER]

Fairy Wings
Title Character Series
Bat Wing Tutorial
Cellophane Fairy Wings
Cellophane Fairy Wings in Under Two Hours
Cellophane Wing Tutorial
Cellophane Wings
DIY big Cellophane Fairy Wings for cosplay
EL Wire Fairy Wings and Wing Structure
Fabric Fairy Wings
Faerie Wings
Faery Wings
God Tier Aradia Wing TutorialAradiaHomestuck
God Tier Wings TutorialHomestuck
Light Up Fairy Wings
No-Sew EL Wings
Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings
RAINBOW WINGS with tutorial!
Tinkerbell Wings TutorialTinkerbellPeter Pan
ToS - Angel Wing Tutorial
Wing tutorial: Fairy wings
Wing tutorial: Fairy wings
yo vriska wing tutorial hereVriskaHomestuck

Title Character Series
DIY fabric feathers
DIY Paper Feathers
Fake Feathers, Can Be Realistic (Not Fast)
Feather Painting Tutorial
Feathers: Preparation And Tips
How to cut feathers for wings!
How to Make Decent Feathers from Craft Foam
Make Faux Feathers from Fabric and Wire
Making Big FeathersCaptain FortuneLeague of Legends
Making Quick Fake Feathers
{DIY} Paper Feather Tutorial

Title Character Series
Akuma Homura Wings TutorialHomura AkemiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Articulated Wing Framework
Athena Saint Seiya Wings TutorialAthenaSaint Seiya
attaching wings to a costume without cutting holes into the back of the outfit
Building Mercy's wings from OverwatchMercyOverwatch
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