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Title Character Series
How to Cut Plexiglass
How To Oven Form Acrylic
HOW TO: Hand Cut Acrylic
Oven Forming Sheet Acrylic.

Armor Strapping
Title Character Series
Adding Straps to Worbla Armor Tutorial
Armor Strapping
Armor Strapping & Buckling Tutorial
Attaching Armor by Using Magnets (and Velcro)
Buttoning Basics
Foam Armor Strapping
Hidden Snap SystemStormtrooperStar Wars
How to Make the Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 3: Straps and FurSkyrim
How to Strap EVA Foam Armor
HOW TO: Assemble and Strap Arm Armor StormtrooperStar Wars
Stealth Iron Man Cosplay w/ Motorized FaceplateIron ManMarvel
Strapping Warrior Armor

Title Character Series
Vinyl over foam tutorial - Edward Elric automail
Automail From ClothEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
automail on the cheapEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1Edward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
DIY Cosplay: MGSV Venom Snake's Bionic Arm! In-depth TutorialVenom SnakeMGSV / Metal Gear Solid V
Edward Elric Automail ArmEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Edward Elric Automail WalkthroughEdward ElricFullmetal Alchemist
Foam Cyborg Arm TutorialVriskaHomestuck
How to Make One Punch Man Genos Arm For CosplayGenosOne Punch Man
Making a Foam Arm [Junkrat from Overwatch]JunkratOverwatch
McCree Arm TutorialMcCreeOverwatch
Riverboat/Gambler McCree Robotic Arm TutorialMcCreeOverwatch
Robot Arm TutorialGaigeBorderlands
Tutorial - Bucky's ArmBuckyMarvel Comics
Winter Soldier Arm Tutorial - By Sketch McDrawBucky Barnes / Winter SoldierMarvel Comics
Winter Soldier's metal armWinter SoldierMarvel
Worbla Automail ArmEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist

Title Character Series
Fiberglass & Bondo Guide
H4 Hayabusa Helmet Part 1
Halo 4 Tutorial - Bondo to PerfectionHalo
IRONMAN 2 suit (mark 4 & 6)IronmanMarvel
Lady Vader Cosplay TutorialDarth VaderStar Wars
Scratch Build Helmet - Start to Finish by Ori CaburStar Wars

Title Character Series
300 Spartan Greaves (Leg-guards) out of Cardboard and Paper Mache
Armor making the Kaaskop Way
Armour That Grows On Trees
Cardboard Armor (Breastplate)
Cardboard Gundam TutorialGundam
Cardboard Samurai Armor That Looks Authentic
How to Make a Helmet out of Cardboard and Masking TapeTitanium RangerPower Rangers
How to Make Armor (Cardboard and Expanding Foam Method)
Iron Helmet and Sword cosplay tutorialSkyrim

Casting and Molding
Title Character Series
Constructing a Simple Mold Box
Creating a Body Cast
Front Face Lifecast
How to: Take a Face Cast
Latex Mask Tutorial - Batman The Dark Knight MaskBatmanDC
Lifecasting Tutorial: Making a Mold of Your Face with Reinforced Alginate
Lifecasting Tutorial:Body Double Silicone
Lifecasting: How to make a Lifecast of your face
Make a lifecast
Mold of Your Face with Alginate
Plaster Life Cast
rubber mold making
Sculpting A Helmet – The Master Chief ProjectMaster ChiefHalo
Sculpting and Casting
Silicone Hand: Mold Making and Casting
Skyrim Female Ancient Nord HelmetSkyrim
Working in Plaster

Title Character Series
Captain America Scales Tutorial
Chain Maille Cheats & Shortcuts
Faking Chainmail Techniques
Faux Leather Scale Mail
How to Make Chain Mail Armor from Start to Finish (4 in 1 weave)
How to Make Chainmail Armor
Lazy-Man's Chainmail-Shirt
Pop/Beer Can Tab Armor
PVC Chainmail
Scales tutorial
Various Chain Maille Tutorials

Title Character Series
Build Halo ArmorHalo
Fiberglass Armor
Foam / Fiberglass Armor
How to build Halo armor Part 4: FiberglassHalo
How to: Make a helm from fiberglass
Pepakura Fiberglass and Smoothing Tutorial
Resin and Pepakura : A simple guide to the safe use of fiberglass resin
So You Want To Work With Fiberglass
Using Paper, Resin, and Fiberglass to Be the Master Chief!Master Chief!Halo

Craft Foam
Title Character Series
The Cosplay manufacture process
AKAME GA KILL - Cosplay Bracer TutoriaAkameAkame Ga Kill
Aqua Armor TutorialAquaKingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep
Aquaman Breastplate (Genderswap)AquamanDC Comics
Arm Guards / Gauntlets
Armor out of Craft Foam - PauldronsZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Batman Arkham City Shin GuardsBatmanDC Comics
Boot ArmorLightningFinal Fantasy
Boot Caps
Bullet's Gauntlets
Camilla Fire Emblem Fates TutorialCamillaFire Emblem Fates
Coat Foam With Latex
COSPLAY 101: Craft Foam Props - Bendable Backing!
Cosplay Progress - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Armour 0.4LightningFinal Fantasy XIII-2
COSPLAY TUTORIAL- Erza Scarlet Heart Kreuz Armor 2.0 - ENG SUBSErza ScarletFairy Tail
Craft Foam Armor Bracers
Craft Foam Armor for Women
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Craft foam tutorial
Craft Foam Tutorial
Craft foam tutorial
Craftfoam Breastplate Tutorial
Custom colored foamboard
Ember Celica RWBY prop cosplay tutorialEmber CelicaRWBY
Fate/Zero Fate/Grand Order Berserk's armorBerserkFate/Zero
Fem!Thor's BreastplateThorMarvel
Foam 101 How To Cut, Shape, and Glue EVA Foam
Foam Armor Painting Tutorial
How to make Armor with Foam Sheets and Fabric
How to Make Cloud Strife Armor–Final Fantasy VII RemakeCloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII Remake
How to make Finger Armor with Foam Sheets
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : BeltPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : CrownPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How To Make Princess Zelda Armor : PauldronsPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
How to make Props with Plastidip and Foam Sheets
Knight Captain Cullen BootsKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Marth's ChestplateMarthFire Emblem
Meredith hip armourKnight Commander MeredithDragon Age 2.
Mitridate – Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Neptune Vasilias Leg Armor Write-UpNeptune VasiliasRWBY
Peridot’s arm and leg armorPeridotSteven Universe
Quick n' Easy Iron Man GLOVES TutorialIron ManMarvel Comics
Sauron GlovesSauronLegend of Zelda
Shining Wind kiriya ArmorKiriya KiteShining Wind
Shoulder Pad TutorialCloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
Steampunk Banshee Armor
Terra Tutorial: ArmorTerraKingdom hearts : Birth By Sleep
The Many Wonders Of Craft Foam
Tooling Foam Details
Tutorial: TP GauntletKiriya KiteLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Vinyl and Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
Working with Craft Foam
Zelda Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
zelda armor tutorialPrincess ZeldaLegend of Zelda
Zelda's ArmorZeldaLegend of Zelda

Insulation Foam
Title Character Series
Big Daddy (Bioshock) Costume BuildBig DaddyBioshock
KOS-MOS TutorialKOS-MOSxenosaga
Pink Foam Insulation - A Guide
Shoulder Armor tutorial Part:1Priest Tier 10 Sanctified Crimson Acolyte’s RegaliaWorld of Warcraft

Expanding Foam
Title Character Series
Shiva TutorialShivaFinal Fantasy VIII

EVA Foam
Title Character Series
a VOLTRON Paladin torso armor patternVoltron
Add Detail Lines to EVA Foam
Armor Build Photo Progression: Fierce Deity Link ArmorFierce Deity Link
Artorias Build LogKnight ArtoriasDark Souls
Batman Arkham Knight Armor How to DiY Costume Cosplay Part 1BatmanBatman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Origins Gauntlets Build TutorialBatman DC Comics
Bending, Shaping and Strengthening Foam Armor
Black Rock Shooter breast plateBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Bracer and cuffsSaarebasDragon Age 2
Captain America Gauntlets Build TutorialCaptain AmericaMarvel
Constructing EVA Foam Armor For the Novice Crafter
Cosplay Tutorial: Borderlands Athena BreastplateAthenaBorderlands
Cosplay Tutorial: Borderlands Athena Calf Guard ArmorAthenaBorderlands
Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam
Dark Knight Gauntlets Build Tutoria
Dark Soul Artorias of the Abyss - Armour Build!Knight Artorias Dark Souls
EVA Foam Armor
EVA foam armor: The Basics
EVA Foam Breastplate Tutorial
EVA Foam Costume
EVA Foam Crafting
Eva Foam Gauntlets
EVA Foam Skull AdornmentsSylvanas WindrunnerWorld of Warcraft
Foam Boot CoversAsuna YuukiSword Art Online
Foam Buying Guide for Cosplay Armor
Foam Dremelling Basics for Building Cosplay Armour
How to build a Gogo Tomago CostumeGogo TomagoBig Hero 6
How to make armor by Maguma
How to make clean straight detail lines in EVA foam cosplay armor
How To Make Cosplay Armor (Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender)ShiroVoltron Legendary Defender
How to Make Foam ArmorMaster ChiefHalo
How to Make Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 1: Foam FabricationSkyrim
How to Seal and Paint Foam Armor
I am Garnet and so can you: how I made my gauntletsGarnetSteven Universe
Introduction to EVA Foam Armor Crafting
Lightning XIII-2 Breastplate TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy
Making Mass Effect Armor Out of FoamMass Effect
Mass Effect Cosplay ArmorMass Effect
Mass Effect N7 Armor BuildMass Effect
Mass Effect N7 Armour shoulder piecesMass Effect
N7 Armor & DragonCon 2010 Recap Mass Effect
New 52 Batman Gauntlets Build TutorialBatman DC Comics
PARAGON FX N7 Armor part 1Mass Effect
Peridot Boots and GauntletsPeridotSteven Universe
Pilot's Vinyl Over Foam Tut
Print Transfers onto EVA Foam
Sculpting EVA Foam Wings - BracersGriffithBerserk
Shaping Foam Armor
Shockblade Zed Cosplay ArmorShockblade ZedLeague of Legend
Stretch Vinyl and EVA Foam Armor
Testing Gap fillers for EVA Foam
Tips on Making Foam Armor [Building T-60 Power Armor]T-60 Power Armor]Fallout
Tutorial: Armored Cups
Tutorial: Wonder Woman Cosplay CostumeHow to make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor - Wonder Woman BreastplateWonder WomanDC Comics
Using EVA Foam for Costume Accessories
Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial Part 1: Materials and Pattern Making Voltron
Voltron: Legendary Defender Paladin BuildVoltron: Legendary Defender
Working with EVA Foam for Beginners

Title Character Series
Basic Leather Carving
Basic Leather Working
How To Hand Tool Leather
Introduction to Leatherworking
Leather Armor Tutorial
Leather Carving for Beginners: Draw and Transfer Designs
Leather Cosplay Tutorial
Leather Pauldrons TutorialKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Leather Straps and Edge Binding
Leather working tools for making armour - Presented by The Black Raven
Leathercraft mini lesson: dyes & highlightsEnchantressMarvel
Leina's Breast PlateLeinaQueen's Blade
Make Leather Armor
Making Period Leather Armour
The saddle stitch - Introduction and Safety Tips
Wet Molding Leather
Working With LeatherMiss FortuneLeague of Legends

Title Character Series
TUTORIAL: Adding Mirror and Color Tint to your Helmet Visor
3D Printable Dragon HelmRyu HayabusaNinja Gaiden
Angewomon Foam Helmet (Part1)AngewomonDigimon
Angewomon Foam Helmet (Part2)AngewomonDigimon
base helmet for kamen rider and super sentaiKamen Rider
Berserker helmet - BerserkBerserk
Build Pyramid Head from Silent Hill for cosplayPyramid HeadSilent Hill
Cosplay Armor and Helmet
Cosplay tutorial - Helmet of WowWorld of Warcraft
Costume Helmet - WorblaBig BardaDC Comics
Craft Foam HelmetShredderTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Daft Punk HelmetGuy ManuelDaft Punk
Destiny Titan Helmet BuildTitanDestiny “Mr. Destructoid” helmet
EVA Foam Armor - Helm
EVA Foam Armor Helmet
Fiberglass HelmetNovaMarvel
Fran HelmetFranFinal Fantasy XII
HALO 2 Master Chief Armor
Hela Thor Ragnarok Cosplay Headdress Tutorial: HelmetHelaMarvel Comics
Helmet Tutorial (Celty Sturluson)CeltyDurarara
How I made my Hawkgirl HelmetHawkgirlDC Comics
How to Build a Foam Cosplay Helmet! (For Honor game)
How To Build Pyramid HeadPyramid HeadSilent Hill
How To Make a Foam Helmet,Tutorial Part 1
How to make a Halo 3 Master Chief Motorcycle HelmetMaster ChiefHalo 3
How to Make a Helmet Pattern – Prop: Shop
How to make a Metroid Power Suit HelmetSamusMetroid
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 1Knight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 2Knight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make Artorias helmet. Dark Souls tutorial. Part 3 - PaintingKnight Artorias Dark Souls
How to make helm(with templates)Faraam SetDARK SOULS II
How to Make the Horned Steel Helm for your Skyrim Costume – Prop: ShopSkyrim
jason Todd's red hood HelmetJason Todd / Red HoodDC
Lady Loki HornsLady LokiMarvel
Loki Helmet - Working with WorblaLokiMarvel
Loki Helmet TutorialLokiMarvel
Lord Of The Rings: Helm Of The WitchkingWitchkingLord of the Rings
Master Chief HelmetMaster ChiefHalo
Medieval Helmet with Cardboard
Midna HelmMidnaLegend of Zelda
Midna Helmet TutorialMidnaLegend of Zelda
Overwatch Genji's HelmetGenjiOverwatch
Pattern 1038 - Thor's HelmetThorMarvel Comics
Pink Power Ranger HelmetPink Power RangerPower Rangers
Power ranger / Super Sentai, Helmet making tutorial
Power Rangers HelmetWhite RangerPower Rangers
Pyramid Head Helmet TutorialPyramid HeadSilent Hill
quick Ni Knight Helm
Rocketeer Helmet Sculpt and CastThe RocketeerThe Rocketeer
Scratchman's Helmet TutorialScratchmanHomestuck
Star Lord Helmet Build: Part 1Star LordMarvel
Tali Z'orah Mass Effect 2 Cosplay - HelmetTali Z'orahMass Effect
The basics of cardboard helmets (tutorial)
Toku Cosplay Tutorial 101~Basic Type Helmet Pattern
Visor Installation Tutorial
WoL Helm TutorialWarrior of LightFinal Fantasy
Zaku Mecha Helmet Tutorial
Zed HelmetZedLeague of Legends (LoL)

Model Magic Clay
Title Character Series
Armor using Crayola Model Magic
Cloud Shoulder Armour Tutorial

Paperclay and Paper Mache
Title Character Series
Berserker Rikku Shoulder ArmorBerserker RikkuFinal Fantasy X
How to apply a Paper Mache Coat
How to Make 300 Spartan Vambraces/Armguards300
Make costume claws
Paper Mache Basics
Paper Mache Clay
Ronnie Burkett's Papier Mache Recipes
Shoulder Armor TutorialLightningFinal Fantasy XIII

Papercrafting and Pepakura
Title Character Series
A Beginner's Guide to Pepakura
Deathwing Jaw Armor TutorialDeathwingWorld of Warcraft
How to Adjust Scale on a Pepakura Model
How To Make Incredible Cosplay Armor
Iron Man Helmet BuildIron ManMarvel
IRONMAN 2 suit (mark 4 & 6)IronmanMarvel
Paper Mockups
Papercraft Models
Pepakura 101: Costume Armor & Props
Pepakura Alien QueenAlien
Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)
Prop Building 101 Part 1: Building a Helmet from PepakuraTerminatorWarhammer 40,000

Title Character Series
Dark Souls: Forging the Dragon Slayer Ornstein CosplayDragon Slayer OrnsteinDark Souls
Guts' Berserker armorGutsBerserk
PVC Armor TutorialTryndamereLeague of Legends (LoL)
Sesshoumaru armor tutorial
Sintra for Cosplay: What is it and What Do You Need to Use It
Sintra for Cosplay: What is it and what do you need to use it
Sintra Pegasus ArmorPegasus SeiyaSaint Seiya
Sintra Tutorial
Working with Sintra for Armor

Title Character Series
FemShep N7 Armor, Valkyrie Rifle, + Omniblade (Mass Effect 3)FemShepMass Effect
Shoulder Armor (I believe this is styrene)
Styrene Armor
Vacuum forming tutorial

Transpa Art
Title Character Series
TranspArt and Glue
Worbla TranspaArt vs Finest Art
Worbla's Transpa Art
Worblas Transpa Art - How to use

Vacuum Forming
Title Character Series
Budget Build Mini Vacuum-Former
Melting Plastic and Applying Pressue

Title Character Series
Creating Costume Armor with Wonderflex
GauntletsKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
How I Made Miaka's Anklet
Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit Isaac ClarkeDead Space
Knight Captain Cullen BreastplateKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Wonderflex Chest Armor

Title Character Series
Ancient Nord ArmorAncient NordSkyrim
Armor Breastplates with Worbla
Basic Armor TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Cosplay Work - "How to make armor parts" - Worbla tutorial (part 1)
Craft Foam vs. Wonderflex vs. Worbla
Create a Female Breastplate with Worbla
Creating Armor with WorblaDemon HunterDiablo III
Edward Elric’s Northern Automail - Black WorblaEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - Worbla PaintingHawkgirlDC Comics
How to create Breastplates with Worbla
How to Work With Worbla
Introduction to Worbla
Lelianas Leg Armor: Working with WorblaLelianaDragon Age
Leo Armor ProgressLeoFire Emblem:Fates
Making Worbla Smooth
Melia’s Stella ArmorMeliaXenoblade
Moondragon's Headdress
Smooth Worbla/Wonderflex with Gesso
Smoothing Worbla
Starkiller Armor TutorialStarkillerStar Wars: Force Unleashed
Sumia Armors (Fire Emblem Awakening) WIPSumiaFire Emblem Awakening
Tips & Tricks! Vol. 1 - Worbla!
Tips and Tricks for Working with Wonderflex and Worbla
What is Worbla?
Worbla Armor Tutorial
Worbla Breastplate AngewomonAngewomonDigimon
Worbla Shoulder ArmorStarkillerStar Wars: Force Unleashed
Worbla Tutorial
Working with WorblaLich KingWorld of Warcraft
Working with Worbla
Working With Worbla: Caramon Majeres Solamnic ArmorCaramon MajereDragonlance
Working with Worbla: Cosplay Basics
Working with Worbla: King Loki Armor Build – SpauldersLokiMarvel Comics

Black Worbla
Title Character Series
Breastplate with Black Worbla

Title Character Series
Wood Armor Tutorial

Title Character Series
A Guide to Making Bartholomew's SCA Armor
ANBU Arm Guard TutorialNaruto
Armor Edging
Armor painting (AION chestplate) PART2/2 [FR/ENGLsub]AION
Armor Patterns
Armor Up, How to Plan, Buy and Build Your 501st Armor
Basic Armor Patterning
Berserk - Gut's Armor TutorialGutsBeserk
Breastplate Pattern MockupDaenerysGame of Thrones
Building c T-60 Power Armor, Part 0Fallout 4
Cheap and easy visor tutorial!PeridotSteven Universe
Cosplay How-To: Wonder Woman ArmorWonder WomanDC Comics
DIY : Wonder Woman bracersWonder WomanDC Comics
DIY Twilight Princess Zelda Cosplay: Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
DIY Wonder Woman Gladiator skirt. Wonder Woman Cosplay Part 1Wonder WomanDC Comics
DIY Wonder Woman TiaraWonder WomanDC Comics
Dragon Scale Effect on your Armour
Extracting 3d models for Templates - Heroes (Hots) editionheroes of the storm
Faiz Chest Armor making tutorialFaizKamen Rider
Fiber Reinforced Plastic Armor TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
Grey Warden Emblem TutorialDragon Age
How to Make a Wonder Woman Cosplay Breastplate using UreCoat Impact-Resistant CoatingWonder WomanDC Comics
How to Make Costume Armor
How to Make Female Cosplay Armor, Tutorial Part 1
How to make Mad Max's shoulder padMad MaxMad Max: Fury Road
How to make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor - Wonder Woman BreastplateWonder WomanDC Comics
How To Make Wonder Woman Cosplay Armor | Cosplay BasicsWonder WomanDC Comics
Ice Claw TutorialMizore ShirayukiRozario + Vampire
Kirito GGO cosplay - Armor breast plate complete / tutorialKiritoSword Art Online
Legacy Assembly Tutorial (Legacy Era Mandalorians)MandalorianStar Wars
Make & Paint Your Own See-through VisorMaster ChiefHalo
Making a Pattern for Armor
Making Your Pattern - Armor
Mettaton Chest Piece TutorialMettaton ExUndertale
Mounting World of Warcraft Cosplay ShouldersWorld of Warcraft
MTT Cosplay - Adding Fabric to the ChestpieceMettaton ExUndertale
MTT Cosplay - Patterning the ChestpieceMettaton ExUndertale
ODST cosplay tutorial
Plastic Visor TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Qartheen ArmorDaenerysGame of Thrones
Quick Tip: Pattern Making
Scale Armor ThorinThe Hobbit
Shoulder Pads are not the Enemy: A Tutorial
Sith Acolyte Armor Build
Skyrim armor: Nightingale set with Bow and SwordSkyrim
Tutorial: The WitchbladeWitchblade
Vinyl Over Foam Armor
Visor Tutorial
Wonder Woman / Justice League Cosplay Chest Plate TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman CosplayWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman Cosplay - How to make Wonder Woman Gladiator SkirtWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman Cosplay Bracers TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
Wonder Woman cosplay breastplate tutorial by GladzyWonder WomanDC Comics

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