First Aid

A lot of cosplayers mention bringing along a cosplay-fix-kit, which helps you fix your cosutme when something goes wrong, but you may also want to pack a basic first-aid kit in case something happens. Some basic first-aid items you might want to include are:

Band-Aids are sometimes carried by con staff and major first-aid items, such as gauze and splints, will be available at the first-aid station but medicine isn't something that is given out so it's best to pack your own. You don’t need much to take around a con, unless you plan to do something really extreme!


Red eyes, itchyness, runny nose, eczema, hives... allergies aren't fun! Cosplay and Congoing can introduce you to a lot of allergens so it's important to be aware so you can avoid those symptoms.

Cosmetic Allergies

The best thing you can do for yourself is to try your makeup out at least before the convention. One, you can perfect your look so you look even better in photos and Two, you can see if the makeup reacts negatively with your skin. Some makeups can cause you to break out, give you a rash, or give you an allergic reaction - ruining your awesome look.

So how do you test your makeup? You do a patch-test. A patch-test will let you know if your skin has a reaction to the makeup (contact dermatitis), usually indicated by swelling, itching or redness.

How To Patch Test: Any cosmetic product could cause a reaction, including shampoo, deoderant, perfume or moisturizer. If you experience a reaction and are unsure what caused it you can do a patch test with a variety of products to see which is the culprit.

Allergies at the Convention

Conventions have a lot of people and a lot of allergens! If you suffer from allergies, pack some allergy medication to counter any reactions you might have during the weekend. If you have a severe allergy you should also bring your Epi-Pen.

What are some allergens you might come across at a convention?

Do Your Part

While allergies can range in severity, some people can have a very strong reaction to allergens causing them to go into anaphylaxis. While people with allergies will usually take their own precautions, you can also take steps to avoid causing a reaction. These include:

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