Makeup - Basics


Learning the Basics
Title Character Series
6 secrets I learned at makeup artist school
Basic Full-Face Makeup Application
Beauty Cheat Sheet: Keep a Zit Covered for Hours
Cosplay Makeup Tutorial
Cosplayer's Guide to Flawless Skin With Make Up
Everyday Makeup Look
Foundation and Concealer Tutorial
Guide to using a multi-tone correction concealer
How to Apply Blush
How to Apply Eyeliner
How to apply fake/false eye lashes tutorial *the easy way*
How to Apply Foundation Makeup on Men
How to Apply Liquid Foundation
How to Hide a Pimple with Makeup

Airbrush Makeup
Title Character Series
Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush Makeup Tips

Title Character Series
Basic Contouring Tutorial
Cosmetics : Narrow the Nose With Makeup
Face Contouring 101
How to Apply Contour Makeup
How to Contour Your Pretty Little Face
How to Use Contour and Highlight to Sculpt the Face
Nose Contouring
Nose Contouring: Makeup Tips for Your Nose Shape
Stage Makeup - Contouring

Character Makeup
Title Character Series
Abaddon from Supernatural Inspired Make Up TutorialAbaddonSupernatural
Anime Eye MakeupKirigiri KyoukoDangan Ronpa
Annie MakeupAnnieLeague of Legends (LoL)
APH England makeup tutorialEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
Asuna Makeup TutorialAsunaSword Art Online
Cosplay makeup tutorial for anime characters
Dio Brando Cosplay Makeup TutorialDio BrandoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Easy Harley Quinn Make Up TutorialHarley QuinnDC Comics
Fairy Make-Up Tutorial
GoGo Makeup TutorialGoGo TomagoBig Hero 6
Harley Quinn Makeup & Hair Diy CostumeHarley QuinnBatman Arkham Knight
Izuku Midoriya Makeup TutorialIzuku MidoriyaMy Hero Academia
Jinx Makeup TutoriaJinxLeague of Legends (LoL)
Jolyne Kujo Cosplay Makeup TutorialJolyne KujoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Kiryuin Satsuki MakeupKiryuin SatsukiKill la Kill
Lady Tsunade (Naruto) Make up TsunadeNaruto
Levi Cosplay Makeup LeviAttack on Titan
Lightning Cosplay Makeup - ?????????????LightningFinal Fantasy XIII
Make up tutorial - Okumura Rin (Ao no Exorcist)Rin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Makeup Tutorial Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)Rin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Mercy Overwatch Makeup Tutorial/CosplayMercyOverwatch
Naruto Cosplay Makeup TutorialNarutoNaruto
One Piece Nico Robin Cosplay TutorialNico RobinOne Piece
Orochimaru (Naruto) | Makeup TutorialOrochimaruNaruto
Rin Matsuoka TutorialRin MatsuokaFree!
Rin Okumura - Blue exorcist Make up tutorialRin OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler, ???, Kuroshitsuji) Make-upSebastian MichaelisBlack Butler / Kuroshitsuji
SeeU Make-up TutorialSeeUVocaloid
Sosuke Yamazaki MakeupSosuke Yamazaki Free!
Steven Universe - Pearl Cosplay MakeupPearlSteven Universe
Super Sonico Makeup TutorialSuper Sonico
Tutorial : Anime Eye Makeup 176 Natsu DragneelNatsu DragneelFairy Tail
Uraraka Ochako Cosplay Makeup TutorialOchako UrarakaMy Hero Academia
Weather Report Cosplay Makeup TutorialJolyne KujoJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Wendy Gravity Falls Cosplay Makeup TutorialWendyGravity Falls
Winged Eyeshadow
Yukio Okumura Makeup - Ao No ExorcistYukio OkumuraAo no Exorcist
Yuno Gasai (Future Diary/Mirai Nikki) Makeup TutorialYuno GasaiFuture Diary / Mirai Nikki
Yuri Plietsky Makeup TutorialYuri PlietskyYuri on Ice
Yuri Plisetsky Makeup Cosplay Tutorial Yuri on Ice ???!!! on ICE Yuri PlisetskyYuri on Ice
Yuri Plisetsky | Yuri!!! on Ice [Make up]Yuri PlisetskyYuri On Ice
ZORO Roronoa - One Piece - Makeup TutorialZoro RoronoaOne Piece

Eyebrow Shaping
Title Character Series
Intro to Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Colouring
Title Character Series
Coloring Your Eyebrows
Eyebrow coloring tutorial
How to Color Eyebrows
How to Colour Eyebrows
Paint Eyebrows (glue+paint method)
Temporarliy colouring dark eyebrows (glue+paint method)

Eyebrow Covering
Title Character Series
Brow Coverage 101
Concealing Brows using Glue Stick
Concealing Thick Unruly Brows And Beard
Covering Eye Brows (2 ways!)
Eyebrow Covering and Drawing Tutorial
Eyebrow Covering Tutorial
Tutorial: Covering Eyebrows

Drawing Eyebrows
Title Character Series
Eyebrow Tutorial
How to: Fake an Arched eyebrow Tutorial
Paint Eyebrows (glue+paint method)How to: Arched Eyebrow Tutorial
Perfect Arches! Eyebrow tutorial

Title Character Series
An Introduction to Makeup From a Cosplay Perspective
Beautiful Skin Tips
Best Way to Hide and Conceal Pimples and Acne
Convention Make-Up: A Resource List
Cosplay Tutorial - Make up for Cosplay
Cover Any Tattoo With Airbrush
Covering Sideburns
Cream makeup vs Cake
Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial
Eye-makeup Tutorial - Pretty Boy
How To Apply Fake EyeLashes
How to Apply Fake Nails
How to Apply False Eyelashes
How to Apply False Lashes
How To Cover Pimples and Scars with a Combination of Concealers
How to Cover up a Pimple With Makeup
How To Do Fake Freckles
Making your lips look bigger
Sailor Venus Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Tutorial: Cosplay Makeup
U for Uruha. Makeup Tutoria

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