Binding Warning: Binding too tightly or for long periods of time can restrict your breathing, cause dizzyness, pain or discomfort. In serious cases the restriction can cause a rib to crack. So practice safe binding! Don't bind with ace bandages or tape, do bind with a chest binder. Listen to your body, take the binder off if you experience pain and discomfort. Learn more about binding safety here, here and here.
Title Character Series
Binding Methods
Binding your chest for cosplay
Binding: Creating a Male-Looking Chest
Breast Binding Safety
Chest Binding 101
Cosplay Tutorial: Binding I by Abessinier
Crossplay - Binding
For Women: Binding Methods
Home Made Binding Tutorial
Homemade Chest Binder Tutorial
Livx's Closed Shirt Binding Tutorial

Male to Female
Title Character Series
Crossplay Makeup Basics (Male to Female)
Facial Hair Removal
Fake Breasts For Cosplay (Visible Breasts)
For Men: How to tuck.
Help with Breast Forms (making or buying)
How to Cover Beard Shadow
HOW TO: Cover 5 O clock shadow
Making Fake Boobs
Male to Female makeup tutorial.
So, you wanna be a crossplayer

Female to Male
Title Character Series
Beard Stubble - crepe wool method
Cosplayer's Guide to Basic Male Make Up
Crossplay Makeup TutorialKurose RikuTen Count
Crossplaying Overview
Female to Male Crossplay
Female to Male Crossplay Makeup
Female to Male Makeup
Female-to-male (Drag King) Makeup
For F-M Crossplayers: Stubble effects
For Women: Less Hips and Butt...
How to Apply Stage Facial Hair
Make a Fake Mustache
Manly Makeup tutorial

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