Dyeing & Painting


Title Character Series
Basic Fabric Dying
Coloring Acrylic and Modacrylic based fur
Double Rainbow Dazzle Top
Dye Using the Wax-Less Batik Technique
Dyeing Suede & Nubuck
Dyeing Suede with Excellent Results
Dying Basics
Gradient Dyeing Tutorial
How to Alcohol Dye
How to Batik Dye
How to gradient dye tutorial
How to Silk Paint and Gradient DyeAyaneNinja Gaiden Sigma 2
How-To Ombre Dye Technique with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye
Impatient Plaid Tie Dye Tee
Ombre Dye Tutorial
Ombre Tie Dye Technique
Rit Colour Recipes
Silk Painting and Gradient DyingAyaneNinja Gaidin
Swirl Tie Dye Technique
Tutorial: How to use RIT Dye
Tutorial: RIT-Dye Color Chart
When all else fails, buy white (A fabric dying tutorial)

Title Character Series
Blood Spatter and Cell Shading
Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial
Creating a Convincing Metal Surface
Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial
How To Airbrush
How to Distress Clothes - Little Sister : Bioshock2Little SisterBioshock
How to Get a Shiny Metallic Finish
How To Spray Paint Helmet Snakeskin Camo
How to Stain or "Wood-Grain" PVC Pipe
How to: Paint Stripes on a ShirtSunnyMetal Gear Rising
I've figured out the best way to stencil EVER. A must read. (tutorial and pics)
Jack Frost Hoodie PaintingJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Jack Frost Hoodie PaintingJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Make PVC Look Like Wood
Making of man chest - for crossplay
Paint cotton into leather
Paint Stripes on Socks - DIY TightsMinene UryuuFuture Diary
Painting a 3D Printed Mass Effect PistolMass Effect
Painting a Breastplate
Painting EVA Foam
Painting your pieces (for foam latex!)Queen of Blades Sarah KerriganStarcraft
Plaid Fabric Tutorial
Print your own fabric
Prop Painting Tutorial
Prop Painting Tutorial
spraypainting tutorial
Stencil Painting with Contact Paper
Trim Detailing Tutorial

Title Character Series
Ageing, Distressing and Dying Techniques
Cosplay 101: Weathering and Distressing FabricViolaEternal Sonata
Distressing a CostumeMad Max
Distressing and Weathering
Distressing Fabric
Easy Weathering Tutorial for Cosplay weapons and armor
EVA foam armor Weathering
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - Battle Damaging ArmorHawkgirlDC Comics
How to Make Clothes Look Vintage and Worn
Paint Armor Antique Gold
Torn Fabric Tutorial
Weathered Metal Effect Tutorial
Weathering Armor
Weathering LeatherYgritteGame of Thrones

Title Character Series
Cheap screen printing tutorial
Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial
Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts
Screen Printing Demo

Title Character Series
Controlled Bleaching with Discharge Paste
FAQs about Foiling
How to Spot-Bleach Clothes

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