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Tricon Hat
Title Character Series
How to make a Mini Pirate Hat or Mini Tricorn Hat
Newsboy HatNaoto ShiroganePersona 4
Tricorn Pirate Hat
Tricorn Pirate Hat

Bicorn Hat
Title Character Series
Bicorn Admiral Hat
Bicorn Pirate Hat
Napoleon Bicorn Hat

Top Hat
Title Character Series
Fosshape Hat
Fosshape Top Hat
Leather Top Hat
Mad Hatter HatMad HatterAlice in Wonderland
Mini Top Hat Tutorial
Mini Top Hats
Steampunk Leather Top Hat
Top Hat Tutorial
Top Top Hat Tutorial

Mop Cap
Title Character Series
Colonial Girl Hats
Mop Cap
Shabby Chic Mob Cab

Fleece Hats
Title Character Series
Adventure Time Finn's Hat Cosplay! DIY CostumeFinn the HumanAdventure Time
Adventure Time: Finn's Hat + PatternFinnAdventure Time
Fionna Hat TutorialFionnaAdventure Time
Fleece Hat Base
Pikachu HatPikachuPokemon
Sew a Where the Wild Things Are hat + pattern Where the Wild Things Are
Totoro HatTotoroMy Neighbor Totoro

Title Character Series
Beret out of an Old Shirt or Sweater
Gail Brown's Creative Kindness Beret
Tudor style berets
Woolen Beret

Title Character Series
Eruka Frog Witch HatEruka FrogSoul Eater
Giant Hats (Lulu)LuluLeague of Legends
Hat & Broom for the Eco-Friendly Witch
Vivi HatViviKingdom Hearts
Witch Hat Tutorial
Witch's Hat
Witch's Hat by Sewing

Title Character Series
Vintage Sunhat

Nurse Cap
Title Character Series
Create a Nurse's Cap

Sailor Hat
Title Character Series
Sailor Hat

Title Character Series
Hetalia Denmark's Hat TutorialEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
.hack hat tutorialAtoli.hack
A complete course in millinery; twenty-four practical lessons detailing the processes for mastering the art of millinery
Arcade Miss Fortune Cosplay Tutorial - HatArcade Miss FortuneLeague of Legends
Aviator Cap Tutorial
Big Hat Tutorial - Dark Magician Girl Knight HatDark Magician Girl KnightYugioh
COSPLAY: how to make a lekku!Twi'leks / TogrutasStar Wars
Diy Dipper Pines Hat From Gravity FallsDipper PinesGravity Falls
DIY How to make a Cosplay Hat Tutorial
Easy Mario HatMarioNintendo
Finland's HatFinlandScandinavia and the World
How to Make a Snapback Baseball Hat | ProperFit DIY
How to make Fascinators
HOW TO MAKE JOTARO’S STUPID HAT *general* TUTORIAL (Stardust Crusaders edition)JotaroJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
How to make Queen Amidala's head pieceQueen AmidalaStar Wars
How To Make Snapback Baseball Hat
How to make Star Wars Twi'lek Lekku in CosplayFlex (tutorial)Twi'lekStar Wars
How To Make Triangle Snapback Hat NEW!
How To Make Trucker Hat
Inkling - Tentacle Hats & Wigs - SplatoonInklingSplatoon
Inkling Boy Hat DIY TutorialInkling BoySplatoon
Inkling Girl Hat TutorialInklingSplatoon
Lekku Making GuideStar Wars
Link Hat TutorialLinkLegend of Zelda
Link's Hat TutorialLinkLegend of Zelda
Maid Headdress Tutorial
Making A Medieval Escoffin / Heart Shaped Headpiece
Making of, Amidala HeadpieceQueen AmidalaStar Wars
Maleficent headdressMaleficentMaleficent
Military Cap
Mini Hats on a Budget
Nagisa Momoe Hat (Madoka Magica Cosplay)Nagisa MomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Nonon Jakuzure Hat TutorialNonon JakuzureKill la Kill
Splatoon 1 Cosplay Tentacle tutorial!!InklingSplatoon
Splatoon Inkling Hat TutorialInklingSplatoon
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Hat + PatternLinkThe Legend of Zelda
What time is it? Adventure Time!Finn / FionnaAdventure Time

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