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Last Update: June 14th, 2020

Title Character Series
Angelina Techniques: The Basics & More

Title Character Series
Bending PVC pipe - Just because you can
How Cut and Glue PVC Pipe
How to bend PVC Pipe
How to Bend PVC Pipe
How to sew pvc fabric
Painting PVC Pipe
Working with PVC Pipe

Title Character Series
Working with Clay for Jewelry
Working with polymer clay

Title Character Series

Title Character Series
12 Tips for Sewing With Fleece
9 Tips for Working With Sequin Fabric
A Beginner's Guide to Sewing With Knits
A Field Guide to Cottons
Beginner's Guide to Sewing Difficult Fabric (Episode 11)
Conquering Knits: A Self-Help Guide
Cutting and Sewing with Striped Fabrics
Everything You Need to Know about Fabric
Fabric Basics Part 1 - Fibers
Heavyweight Fabrics
How to Cut & Sew Faux Fur
How To Sew Vinyl/faux Leather With Minimal Crying
Introduction to Fabrics
Lightweight Fabrics
Mediumweight Fabrics
Mini Tutorial: Steaming vinyl
Sewing Clothing with Quilting Cotton
Sewing Lycra / Spandex / Elastane
Sewing Lycra Blends
Sewing Neoprene
Sewing Spandex Tips
Sewing with PVC (Vinyl)
Sewing with Silk
So You Want to Sew Some Fur
Tips for Stretch Fabrics
Velvet Sewing, Construction, Nap and Pressing Tips
Working with Embellished Fabrics
Working with Napped Fabrics
Working with Rayon and Linen
Working with Slippery Fabrics
Working with Stretchy Fabrics

Insulation Foam
Title Character Series

Title Character Series
Latex for Cosplay FAQ
The Difference Between: Latex, PVC and Stretch PVC
Working with Latex

Title Character Series
All About Worbla
Cosplay 101: Worbla, the Wonder Thermoplastic FAQ
How to Worbla: An Introduction
How to work with Worbla's Finest Art
Super Awesome Worbla Tutorial
Worbla: smooth surface magic
Working with Worbla! Part On

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