Sewing - Basics

Last Update: June 14th, 2020

Learn to Sew
Title Character Series
Buying Your First Sewing Machine
Essential Sewing Toolkit
How to Choose a Sewing Machine
How to Sew a Straight Line
How To Sew with a Sewing Machine
How to take your body measurements accurately
How to Use a Seam Ripper
How to Use a Sewing Machine
How to Use Pins the Right Way
How-to make a Body Form
Learn to Sew
Learn to Sew Series-How to Buy Fabric
Meet Your Sewing Machine
Scalloped Hem Skirt
Sew Knits Without A Serger
Sewing 101
Sewing Basics Resource Guide
Sewing for Beginners
Sewing for Beginners
Sewing Tutorial
Sewing TutorialHow to Read patterns and cut fabrics for cosplay costumes
two ways to add pockets to a skirt
Velcro Tutorial

Applique and Patches
Title Character Series
Akatsuki Cloud TutorialNaruto
Applique - Turned Edge Prep
Applique on Velvet TutorialZeldaLegend of Zelda
Applique Trim TutorialKataraAvatar The Last Airbender
Applique Tutorial
Applique Tutorial
Applique Video: Glue Basting Your Block
Attack on Titan: Home Made Patches TutorialAttack on Titan
Back Basting Tutorial For Hand Applique
cosplay tutorial: applique
Costuming: Stretch Applique Tutorial
Creating Patches with Your Embroidery Machine
diy applique tutorial.
Emblem Tutorial - Survey CorpsAttack on Titan
Embroidery The Super Hero WayMiss MarvelMarvel Comics
Hero Symbol AppliqueSpider-WomanMarvel
How to Applique
How To Appliqué
How to Applique with Fusible Web
How to hand applique tutorial
How to make an embroidered patch without an embroidery machine
How to Make Machine Embroidered Patches without an Embroidery MachineBLUE Sniper Team Fortress 2
Latex Application Tutorial
Machine Applique Tutorial
Needleturn Applique Stitching Tutorial
Reverse Applique
Starch Applique Tutorial
Starship Ranger Patch Tutorial
Summer Sewing ~ Simple Machine Appliqué
The Quick Applique Tutorial
Turned Edge Applique Tutorial
Tutorial - Appliques
Tutorial Logo Seras VictoriaSeras VictoriaHellsing
Tutorial: Applique / Team Fortress patches
Tutorial: Fusible Applique on Vinyl,

Bias Tape
Title Character Series
bias tape guide
bias tape guide Continuous Bias Tape Tutorial
Bias Tape Q&A - What Is, How to Sew and When to Use Bias Tape
How to Make and Apply Bias Binding
How To Make Bias Tape
How to Stitch on Double Fold Bias Tape
outer corner bias tape tutorial
Technique: Understanding Bias and making Bias Tape
Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape

Title Character Series
Bound Buttonholes
Button Loops
How to Sew a Button
How to Sew Buttonholes with a Regular Foot
How To Sew on a Flat Button
Sewing Basics: How to Sew a Shank Button

Choosing Fabrics
Title Character Series
Choosing Fabric for Clothes
Choosing Fabric: Weight vs Drape
Choosing Fabrics for Cosplay
Dress fabrics defined
Fabric 101
Fabric Choice in Cosplay
Fabric Dictionary
Fabric Guide
Fabrics: A Simple In-depth Guide For Cosplayers
How to Choose and Buy Fabric
How to Choose Fabric
Sewing 101 - Fabric Uses
Types of Fabrics
Wedding Gown Fabrics
What Fabric to Use

Cutting Fabric
Title Character Series
Cut Fabric With Rotary Cutter and Mat
Fabric Cutting

Title Character Series
Add Side Dart To Fix Gaping Armhole
How to press darts
How to Sew Darts
Sewing Basics: How to Make a Dart
Stitching Darts
Trace and Sew Darts

Title Character Series
A beginner's guide to interfacing
Bias tape neckline facing – a sewing tutorial
How to sew a simple neckline facing
Interfacing Tutorial
Sewing 101 - Facings
Sewing the Neckline Facing
Simple lining and facings
Tutorial: Bias Facings And Bindings

Title Character Series
Basic Hem Tutorial
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 14): Alterations Part 1 (Darning and Shortening Pant Hems)
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 15): Alterations Part 2 Lengthen a Hem
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 6): Hems
Easily Hem Sheer Fabrics
Hand Sewn Hems
Hemming a Curved Edge by Machine
How to Hem a Sleeve
How to Hem Dress Pants Like a Pro
How to Hem Pants - What You'll Need
how to sew a rolled hem
How to Sew and Serge a Blind Hem
How to Tailor a Hem
Make an Easy Scalloped Hem
Scallop Edge/Hem Skirt
Scallop Hem
The Scalloped Hem
Tips and Techniques for Hems
Tips for Scallops
Tutorial: Hemming A Curved Edge By Machine

Title Character Series
A better way to sew linings and facings
A Shortcut to Great Linings
Add Lining to a Skirt With a Waistband
All About Lining a Garment
Bagging a Lining
Drafting a Jacket Lining
Flat Lining Tutorial
How to Clean Finish a Lined Armhole
How to Fully Line a Bodice
How to Sew a Lined Slit
How to Sew a Skirt Lining
How to sew flat lining
How to Sew Lining in a Bodice
How to Sew Your Skirt Lining to Your Zipper
Jacket Lining Pattern
Lining a Sleeveless Dress Bodice
Lining Techniques… Jacket and Coat Linings Made Easy
Lining Your Costumes, Why do it?
Sewing 101: How to Line a Top
Sewing a lining into a sleeveless dress
The BEST way to attach lining fabric to knitting
Tips and Tricks for Simple Skirt Linings
Underlining: The Why and How
Understanding Lining Fabrics and Resources
Understitching a Facing, Neckline or Lining
Why Bother Lining Garments?

Pattern Drafting
Title Character Series
Basic Pattern Altering
Basics of Drafting Tutorial
Create Clothing Patterns with Great Fit and Unique Style
Create Patterns From Existing Clothes - Simple Woven Skirts
DIY Pattern Drafting
Dolorosa Mantle PatterningDolorosaHomestuck
Draft a Basic Bodice Block
Draft a Basic Bodice Pattern
Draft a Front Bodice Sloper
Drafting - An Epilogue
Drafting a Front Bodice Block
Drafting Patterns For Hood
Drafting Patterns With Illustrator
Drafting the Back Sloper
Draping to Make Your Own Pattern
Easy Pattern Drafting for Absolute Beginners
Flat Pattern Drafting, How to Take Measurements
Free Pattern Drafting Calculator for Your Measurements
Fundamentals of Pattern Making: Pattern Notches
How to Copy a Garment that Fits Perfectly Without Taking it Apart
How to Create Clothes that Fit You Perfectly
How to Create Patterns from Existing Clothing
How to Draft a Basic Bodice: Tutorial
How to Modify Patterns for Cosplay
How To True A Sloper
Learn About Draping
Make Your Own Sewing Pattern
Pattern Drafting (T-shirt Method)
Patternmaking 101 A-line Skirt
Saran wrap pattern making method #1
sewing pattern from a packing tape mould
Sloper Measurements
Sloper Patterns (Princess Seams)
Toiles, Muslins, & Mockups, Oh My!
Using Adobe Illustrator for flat pattern drafting
Women's Pants

Make a Dressform
Title Character Series
Do-it-yourself Packing Tape Body Molds And Casts
How to make your own dress form
Making a Leg Double for Painting Tights+Painting
MTT Cosplay - Duct Tape DummyMettaton ExUndertale
Paper-Tape Dress Form
The Best Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial
Tutorial for Paper Tape Dress Form

Preserving Patterns
Title Character Series
Choose the Correct Pattern Size
Cutting Out Patterns
How to Use Patterns
Lesson 5 - Purchasing a Pattern
Make a Pattern Larger or Smaller
Patterns… Demystified!
Saving Patterns with Fabric

Using Patterns
Title Character Series
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 3): Introduction to Patterns, Fabric & Notions
How to Enlarge a Pattern
What Is A Sewing Pattern?

Title Character Series
Baby Doll's Sucker Punch Box Pleat Skirt With YokeBaby DollSuckerpunch
How To Make A Box Pleat Or Inverted Box Pleat
How to make latex pleats
Make Box and Inverted Box Pleats!
Pleats TutorialMadam RedKuroshitsuji
Sewing Pleats
The Inverted Pleat Tutorial

Title Character Series
Add In-Seam Pockets to a Dress
Add pockets to a dress
Adding Hidden Side Pockets to Anything
Adding pockets to a skirt or dress
adding pockets to any skirt pattern
Classic Coat: How to sew a Patch Pocket
Classic Patch Pockets
Gathered Patch Pockets
Hidden Pockets
How to Sew Single Welt Pockets
Inseam Pockets
Inset Pockets Tutorial
Inset Pockets- Double Seam
Inset Pockets- Single Seam
Lined Patch Pocket
Lined Patch Pockets
Patch Pockets For Bags
Patch Pockets With Flaps
Patch Pockets With Yokes - Gathered
Piped Lined Faux Flap Pocket
Piped Welt Pockets
Self-Binding Pocket Tutorial
side pocket with topstitching
Simpled Curved Patch Pocket
Single Welt Pockets
Welt Pocket Tutorial
Welt Pockets
Welt Pockets With Flap/ Stand
Zippered Welt Pocket

Title Character Series
Horse Hair Braid Hem RufflesEternal Sailor MoonSailor Moon
How to make latex ruffles
How to make ruffles
Tutorial-Putting in Horse Hair Braid/CLAMP Ruffles

Title Character Series

Bishop Sleeves
Title Character Series
Drafting - Adapting a Basic Sleeve for Other Styles
Sleeve Tutorial

Mutton Sleeves
Title Character Series
Puffy Sleeves

Title Character Series
Create a Custom Sleeve Pattern
How To Draft A Sleeve Sloper
How to Insert a Sleeve
Introduction to Sleeves
Making an Asuna Yuuki Cosplay: The SleevesAsuna Yuuki Sword Art Online
Pleat a Sleeve Cap
Sailor Moon Arm Roll Tutorial Sailor Moon
Setting a Sleeve in to an Armhole
Sewing Perfect Cuffs
Simple Sleeve Tutorial
Tutorial: Bishop Sleeve

Title Character Series
Smocked Dress Tutorial

Title Character Series
10 Ways to Finish Your Seams
A guide to seam finishes
Basic Seam Tutorial
French Seam Tutorial
French seam tutorial
How to create a french seam
How to press seams flat
How to Sew French Seams
Invisible Closing Seam
Seam Allowance Tutorial
Seam Finishing

Title Character Series
6 Helpful Stitches - Hand Sewing
basic Hand Sewing Stitches
Basic Hand Stitches
Basic Hand Stitching for Cosplay
Basic Sewing Machine Stitches
Four hand stitches you need to know
Hand Sewing Stitches (VERY pic-heavy)
Hand Sewing: The Basic Stitches
Hand Stitches Guide
How To Do Blanket Stitch
How to Stitch 2: curves, straight lines, corners
How to Stitch: Basics
How to Unpick Overlocker/Serger Stitches
How to use the overcasting stitches
Invisible Seams, The Hidden Stitch
ladder Stitch
Ladder Stitch for Closing Dolls & Plushies
Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Most Popular -
Making Machine Stitches Work for You
Practice Your Stitches
Quick guide to Under Stitching
Satin Stitch
Serger Stitches Cheat Sheats
Serger Stitches Cheat Sheet
Sew a Satin Stitch
Singer Stitch Reference
SINGER® Basic Stitches Tutorial
SINGER® Basic Stitches Tutorial
Tips for Better Topstitching
Top 10 Must-Know Hand Embroidery Stitches
What is Stay Stitching and Why do we need it?

Title Character Series
10 Easy Steps for Sewing Professional Invisible Zippers
An Easy, Flat Fly-Front Zipper
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 12): Zippers and Buttons
Centered Zipper Application
Centered zipper construction
DIY Metal Zips
giant zipper splicing
Guide to Setting a Zipper
How to glue a zipper into a latex garment
How To Sew A Zipper In A Skirt
How to Sew an Invisible Zipper
How to shorten a zipper to adjust zipper length
Insert Zipper to Lined Dress
Installing an Invisible Zipper
Introduction to Zippers (v1) Visible Zippers
Invisible Zip with Lining.
Sewing In a Zipper
Sewing Invisible Zipper
shorten a zipper
Side Invisible Zipper Tutorial
Tutorial: Centered zippers
working with the giant zippers

Colour Blocking
Title Character Series
Angela Wolf Shows How To Make her Signature Color Block Top on It's Sew Easy (401-1)
color blocking 101
Color Blocking for Beginners
Design Your Own: How to Make Color-Blocking Patterns
DIY colour block dress pattern
How to Color Block
How to Color Block a T-Shirt Sewing Project
How to Make Color-Blocking Patterns
How to Refashion with Color-Blocking
The Colorblock Dress

Title Character Series
How to Take Measurements
Measure Your Bra Size
Sewing Measurements
Waist, Front/Back Waist

Title Character Series
Add Bias Tape To Tulle
An easier way to sew elastic casings
Beginner Sewing Machine Buying Guide
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 1): Understanding Your Machine
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 2): All About Tools of The Trade
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 4): Sewing Your First Project
Beginner's Guide To Sewing (Episode 7): Elastic
Bias Cut: Lifesaver, Quick & Practical Trick
Binding Basics: Hand-Stitching the Binding to the Back
Bust Adjustment
Dragonscale Smocking
Fabric Shopping Online: Hints and Tips
Faking Ribbed Knit Fabric
Finishing Seams: Zigzag Stitch
Get Started with Stitch in the Ditch Quilting
Getting Started: Beginner Tools
Getting Started: Expensive Tools
Getting Started: Intermediate Tools
Getting Started: Threading Your Machine
Guide to Hand Needles
Hand-sewing two leather pieces with a cross stitch pattern
How to Chenille
How to Choose a Good Pair of Sewing Scissors
How To Choose a Sewing Machine
How to Make a Thread Chain
How To Make Cording
How to Make Piping
How to Make the Waistband Larger on a Pair of Jeans
How to Put Side Slits in a Skirt
How to Ruche a Sleeve
How To Set Up Your Sewing Machine
How To Sew In Piping
How to Sew Opposing Curves
How to Sew Piping Into a Seam
How to Shorten a Skirt
How to Take In a Dress
How to Thread Your Sewing Machine
How to Use a Sewing Machine: Getting Comfortable
How-to Mend a Ripped Seam
Installing Horsehair in Mami’s SkirtMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Learn How To Sew Loop Velcro on Anything with this DIY Tutorial
Marking and Cutting Fabric
Multi-Color Paneled Garments Tutorial
Needle Felting Without Wool
Purchasing A Sewing Machine
Raising a Neckline
Ruffled Trim
Scissors Tutorial
seamless trim
Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Thread a Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine Needle Guide
Sewing Plaids
Sewing Velcro
Stay Stitching
Super Simple Sewing Machine Tutorial
Super Simple Sewing Machine Tutorial
The Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 16) Letting Out and Taking In Side Seams
The Beginner's Guide to Sewing Alterations (Episode 17): Taking In a Side Seam
The Magic of Horsehair Braid
Understanding Your Serger's Features
Using PDF Sewing Patterns
Using Piping to Finish Raw Edges
When, Why and How to Make a Muslin (Mockup)
Wide Braid Tutorial

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