Sewing - Clothing


Title Character Series
a tutorial on bloomers
Bloomers Redo
How to Make Bloomers
I got'cher bloomers right here.
Undertaker-- A Basic GuideUndertakerKuroshitsuji

Title Character Series
Boned Bodice With Plastic Boning

Title Character Series
Huge Bow Tutorial
Sailor Moon style bow tutorialSailor Moon

Bunny Suit
Title Character Series
Bunny Girl Bodysuit Tutorial and Pattern by calgarycosplay
Bunny Suit Guide
Bunny Suit Pattern Tutorial
Bunny Suit Tutorial

Title Character Series
Diy Bras
Making a Foam Cup Bra
Seashell Bra / Bra CupsTakaneIdolmaster One for All
Sew a Built-in Bra with Cups
Sewing a Built-In Bra with Cups
Zafina's bra Tutorial

Cloaks and Capes
Title Character Series
Cape Channeling How-To (For Rods)BatmanDC Comics
Circle Cloak
Cloak Making The Elandria Way
Cute little capelet
Cute little capelet (pics and tute included!)
Making a Cape
Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

Title Character Series
Corset and tute!
Corset Drafting and Sewing
Corset Pattern Drafting Tutorial
Custom Corset Pattern Generator
Elsa BodiceElsaFrozen
Foam Corset TutorialWonder WomanDC Comics
How to make a mesh corset
Make a Corset Top (No Boning)
Recycled Denim Corset
Reversible Corset Tutorial
Simple Corset Tutorial
Tutorial: Tipping Corset Bones
Woven Corset Bodice Tutorial

Title Character Series
Aoba Jacket TutorialAobaDramatical Murder
Aoba Seragaki Jacket and Shoe CosplayAoba SeragakiDRAMAtical Murder
Attack on Titan jacketAttack on Titan
Attack on Titan Jacket and ShirtAttack on Titan
Edward Elric CoatEdward ElricFull Metal Alchemist
How to make a Naruto Shippuden Cosplay JacketNarutoNaruto Shippuden
How to Make Naruto's Jacket for CheapNarutoNaruto
How to Sew a Notched Jacket Lapel
Little Black Jacket Pattern
Loki Costume Coat and CapeLokiMarvel
Pointy Shoulder Jacket
Sew a Dr. Horrible Jacket/Dr. HorribleDr. Horrible
Vash CoatVashTrigun

Title Character Series
Boy's Button-Up Shirt Collar Tutorial
Detachable Collar
Detachable Collars
DIY Peter Pan Collar
DIY Peter Pan Collar Pattern
Elizabethan wired ruff collar tutorialEstherTrinity Blood
Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar
How to Drape a Collar
How to sew a collar on a garment
How To Sew A Dress Shirt Collar
Peter Pan Collar Tutorial
Turian Collar

Title Character Series
Easy Glove Tutorial
Fingerless Gloves & Net Shirts
Glove and sleeve roll TutorialSailor Moon
Gloves Tutorial
Gloves Tutorial: Part I, Making a Pattern
Hatake Kakashi gloves tutorialHatake KakashiNaruto
How to Make Freddie Krueger GlovesFreddie KruegerA Nightmare on Elm Street
How to make gloves
How to Make Gloves
How to Make Sasuke's GlovesSasuke UchihaNaruto Shippuden
How to make Tifa Gloves Tifa LockheartFinal Fantasy VII
Irken 3-Finger Glove Tutorial by Nym-AkumaIrkenInvader Zim
Lycra Glove Sewing Tutorial
Sailor Senshi GlovesSailor Moon
Street Fighter GlovesSakuraStreet Fighter
Stretch Glove Pattern Making Tutorial
The Glove Website: How to make gloves
Tutorial: Link's GlovesLinkLegend of Zelda

Fingerless Gloves
Title Character Series

Hoodies and Sweaters
Title Character Series
DIY Mabel Star Sweater from Gravity FallsMabelGravity Falls
DIY Undertale Frisk cosplay (without knitting)FriskUndertale
How to make your own Hoodie
September Hoodie
Super Sonico HoodieSuper Sonico

Hoopskirts and Petticoats
Title Character Series
Basic Hoop Skirt
Hoopskirt Tutorial
How to Make a Hoop Skirt
How to Make a Hoopskirt for Under $40
How to Make a Petticoat
Lolita Petticoat Tutorial
Lolita petticoat tutorial
Madoka Petticoat TutorialMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Making a Simple Petticoat
Multi Layer Tulle petticoat
Petticoat in GosuRori #7
Petticoats Please
Two Tier Petticoat Tutorial

Leg Warmers and Leggings
Title Character Series
Drafting and Sewing Leggings
How to make your own latex leggings
Puffy Leg Warmers- A Tutorial
Stockings That Won't Fall Down
Tutorial : Simple Leg Warmers

Mermaid Tail
Title Character Series
How-to: Swimmable mermaid tail
Silicone Mermaid Tail
Swimming with a Mermaid Tail

School Uniforms
Title Character Series
How to Sew a Sailor Collar
Inuyasha Kagome Cosplay CostumeKagomeInuyasha
Lucky Star School UniformLucky Star
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Uniform Jacket tutorial PT 1 Sayaka MikiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Make A Sailor Fuku (School Uniform)
Make A Suzumiya Haruhi Skirt!Haruhi SuzumiyaThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Making a Sailor Collar
Mako School UniformMako MankanshokuKill la Kill
Sailor collar tutorial
Sailor Senshi Detachable Collar - Part 1Sailor Moon
Sailor Senshi Detachable Collar - Part 2Sailor Moon
Schoolgirl UniformKagome HigurashiInuyasha

Title Character Series
custom thigh-highsMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Thigh High Trick Tutorial
Tutorial - Asuna sotckingsAsuna YuukiSword Art Online

Title Character Series
Cute Off The Shoulder Top
Frisk Shirt TutorialFriskUndertale
Goten's shirtGotenDragon Ball Z
How to cut an over the shoulder t-shirt

Title Character Series
Basic Female Link Cosplay - TunicLinkLegend of Zelda
Fitting the Kragelund Tunic
Guide to Norman Tunics
Link tunic tutorial - Ocarina of TimeLinkLegend of Zelda
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction
The Bocksten tunic: Going beyond the T-tunic

Title Character Series
How To Make A Tutu
How To Make A Tutu

Tube Top
Title Character Series
polka-dot tube top
Shirred tube top

Title Character Series
Anbu Vest TutorialNaruto
Arya Vest - Fabric StripsArya StarkGame of Thrones
Brocade Half-Vest Thingy
FLARP Terezi Vest PatternTereziHomestuck
How to Make a Simple Vest
Tutorial: Judy Hopps vest (Zootopia)Judy HoppsZootopia

Skirts - Circle
Title Character Series
Brown half circle skirt
Circle skirt calculator for the drafting of full, half and 3/4 skirts
Convert A-Line Skirt to Circle Skirt
DIY Circle Skirt
Draft your own skirt
flamenco skirt (tutorial)
Layered Circle Skirt
Make a Circle Skirt
Making a circle skirt
Sew a Circle Skirt
Tutorial: Circle Skirts

Skirts - Lolita
Title Character Series

Skirts - Flared
Title Character Series
flared skirt

Skirts - Bubble
Title Character Series
A Bubble Skirt Tutorial
bubble hem with pick-up skirt
Bubble Skirt
Bubble Skirt Tutorial
How to make a bubble skirt
How to make a bubble skirt
How to Make a Bubble Skirt

Skirts - Pencil
Title Character Series
Knit Pencil Skirt: A Tutorial
Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirt Sew Along: Drafting a Skirt Sloper
Psychobilly Pencil Skirt
The Easiest Pencil Skirt You'll Ever Make

Skirts - Rectangle
Title Character Series

Skirts - Pleated
Title Character Series
Full Pleated Skirt
How To Cosplay: Make A Pleated Skirt!
Junko Part 2: SkirtJunkoDangan Ronpa
Making a Simple Pleated Tartan Skirt
pleated kitty skirt
Pleated School Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt
pleated skirt
Pleated skirt (with instructions)
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Pleated Skirt TutorialKagome HigurashiInuyasha
Pleated Skirt Tutorial
Skirt with contrast inverted Box Pleats (tutorial)
The Pleated Plaid Skirt

Skirts - Kilt
Title Character Series
How To Make Kilt Pleats Pattern
Kilt for the Scottish Highland Games
Making a kilt

Skirts - High Waist
Title Character Series
High Waist/Corsetted Skirt
High-Waist Skirt Tutorial

Skirts - Other
Title Character Series
Battle Skirt TutoriakDragon Age 2
Bustle + Ruffle SkirtRoyal Milk TeaTea Time Artbook
DIY Suspender Skirt
Draft and Sew a Skirt
Half-Elastic Waistband Tutorial
How To Craft Sew an A-line Skirt (in 1 Afternoon!)
How to Draft a Skirt Pattern
How to Sew a Skirt
Panel Skirt
Simple Skirt Tutorial
Steampunk Bustle Skirt

Character Guides
Title Character Series
Aang CosplayAangAvatar The Last Airbender
Aang Cosplay GuideAangAvatar The Last Airbender
Ahri Cosplay Walk Through - League of LegendsAhriLeague of Legends
Ahri League of Legends Tutorial/TipsAhriLeague of Legends
Ahri Shirt Pattern and GuideAhriLeague of Legends
Akemi Homura CosplayAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Alistair Cosplay TutorialAlistairDragon Age
Annie CosplayAnnieLeague of Legends (LoL)
Assassin's Creed RogueShay Patrick CormacAssassin's Creed
Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online TutorialAsuna YuukiSword Art Online
Auriel from Diablo III Costume Break Down!AurielDiablo III
Basic Rapunzel Cosplay BreakdownRapunzelTangled
Big Ol Mami WriteupMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Booker Dewitt & ElizabethBooker Dewitt & ElizabethBioshock
Building Mercy's costume (Overwatch)MercyOverwatch
Cammy White - Street Fighter 5Cammy WhiteStreet Fighter 5
Cassandra Cain Batgirl Cosplay Tutorial MasterpostCassandra Cain / BatgirlDC
Castor Costume GuideCastorTron Legacy
Chun-Li, Street FighterChun-LiStreet Fighter
Cosplay Pan TutorialPanDragon Ball GT
Crafting the MecromancerGaigeBorderlands 2
Creating a Borderlands PsychoPsychoBorderlands
Cursed MidnaMidnaTwilight Princess
Cyber Maki MasterpostCyber MakiLove Live!
Dark Souls: Elite Knight CosplayElite KnightDark Souls
Dawn from Pokemon PlatinumDawnPokemon Platinum
Dead Master Cosplay CostumeDead MasterBlack Rock Shooter
Death the Kid: Budget CosplayDeath the KidSoul Eater
Demon Hunter Cosplay from Diablo 3Demon HunterDiablo 3
Diablo III -- WizardWizardDiablo III
Diane, Seven Deadly Sins, Sin of Envy CosplayDianeSeven Deadly Sins
Disney Tangled Rapunzel CostumeRapunzelTangled
DIY Rocket Racoon TutorialRocket RacoonGuardians of the Galaxy
Elsa Coronation Gown TutorialElsaFrozen
Female Commander Shepard Build ResourcesCommander ShepardMass Effect
Fire Emblem AvatarRobinFire Emblem:Awakening
Hawkgirl Cosplay Tutorial - IntroHawkgirlDC Comics
Hetalia ChibitaliaChibitaliaHetalia
How I did my Elektra cosplayElektraMarvel Comics
How I made my Akemi Homura CostumeAkemi HomuraPuella Magi Madoka Magica
How I made my Papyrus cosplay!?!PapyrusUndertale
How I Made my Sans (Undertale) CosplaySansUndertale
How to Make a DC's "Hawkgirl" CostumeHawkgirlDC Comics
How to make a Dr. Horrible CostumeDr. HorribleDr. Horrible
How to Make a Jem CostumeJemJem and the Holograms
How to Make A Robin CostumeRobinBatman
How to Make a Saber Lily costumeSaber LilyFate/Unlimited Codes
Injustice Flash CostumeFlashDC Comics
Jack Frost Costume/CosplayJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Jecht cosplay WIP/Tutorial AlbumJechtFinal Fantasy X
Judy Hopps from Zootopia CosplayJudy HoppsZootopia
Kasumi Goto Build Write UpKasumiMass Effect
Lady Sif TutorialLady SifMarvel Comics
Leblanc Cosplay (League of Legends)LeblancLea
Light-Up Enderman CostuneEndermanMinecraft
Link Costume (Legend of Zelda) - Step by StepLinkLegend of Zelda
Love Live! Cyber Cosplay: fabrics, patterns, and details!Love Live!
Lucoa Cosplay BreakdownLucoaMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Madoka DressMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Making a Padme Costume in One WeekPadmeStar Wars
Making my Sakura from Fire Emblem Fates Cosplay!SakuraFire Emblem Fates
MakingOf - Lady Galadriel HobbitLady GaladrielThe Hobbit
Marvels Avengers - Loki CostumeLokiMarvel
Midna Twilight PrincessMidnaLegend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
MTT Cosplay: Mettaton's ClothesMettaton ExUndertale
My Gambit Costume TutorialGambitMarvel
My Hawkgirl Cosplay TutorialHawkgirlDC Comics
Mystic Lord Orlouge TutorialMystic Lord OrlougeSaGa Frontier
Naked Snake/Big Boss Cosplay : A How ToNaked SnakeMetal Gear Solid
Naruto Cosplay TutorialNarutoNaruto
No Sew Cosplay: Nico Yazawa from Love Live!Nico YazawaLove Live!
Nora Valkyrie Cosplay BuildNora ValkyrieRWBY
Notepad DressNotepadDon't Hug Me I'm Scared
NuiNuiKill la Kill
Nui Pattern TutorialNuiKill La Kill
Oogie Boogie Tutorial (Spanish)Oogie BoogieA Nightmare Before Christmas
Overwatch Symmetra Cosplay - Making OfSymmetraOverwatch
Princess Garnet Til Alexandros Xvii TutorialPrincess Garnet Til Alexandros XviiFinal Fantasy IX
Princess Mononoke CostumePrincess MononokePrincess Mononoke
Queen Ashe Costume TutorialQueen AsheLeague of Legends
Raiden (Cyborg Ninja) w/ Motorized Face ShieldRaidenMetal Gear
Rem CostumeRemDeathnote
Rey Cosplay TutorialReyStar Wars: The Force Awakens
Rikku TopRikkuFinal Fantasy X
RWBY: Blake Belladonna (Black) cosplay guideBlake BelladonnaRWBY
Samus (Metroid Prime) CostumeSamusMetroid Prime
Samus' Varia Suit Progress LogSamusMetroid
Satsuki Kiryuin CostumeSatsuki KiryuinKill La Kill
Snow White Guide
Sunburst UnderskirtKnight Captain CullenDragon Age 2
Sword Art Online Silica Cosplay ProgressSilica Sword Art Online
Symmetra (Overwatch) Cosplay Progress Pictures by LUNAR CROWSymmetraOverwatch
Symmetra Commisioned by Blizzard, yeah!SymmetraOverwatch
Talon Widowmaker Cosplay In-Depth WalkthroughWidowmakerOverwatch
Tharja Cosplay TutorialTharjaFire Emblem Awakening
The blueprint of... Lulu - FFX 10LuluFinal Fantasy X
The Elegant Princess Peach - Costume Journal and TipsPrincess PeachNintendo
The Making of a Merida cosplayMeridaBrave
The Making of Lady Three (Drakengard 3)Lady ThreeDrakengard 3
Thief Rikku TutorialRikkuFinal Fantasy X-2
Thief Rikku's CostumeRikkuFinal Fantasy X
Thranduil Cosplay TutorialThranduilThe Hobbit
Thranduil Costume GuideThranduilThe Hobbit
Tutorial: How to Make MorgianaMorgianaMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Ultimate MadokaMadokaPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Vanye - League of Legends - Cosplay by GermiaVayneLeague of Legends
Videl Cosplay TutorialVidelDragon Ball Z
Voltron CostumeVoltronVoltron
Weeping Angel CostumeWeeping AngelDoctor Who
Weeping Angel TutorialWeeping AngelDoctor Who
Weeping Angels Cosplaylated-wings-part-1Weeping AngelsDoctor Who

Title Character Series
American McGee's Alice 2 DressAliceAmerican McGee's Alice
Ariel's Blue Sight Seeing DressArielThe Little Mermaid
Belle's Gold Ball GownBelleDisney's Beauty and the Beast
Bustle pad tutorial
Construction of Cinderella's Ball GownCinderellaDisney
Doctor Who TARDIS dressTARDISDoctor Who
Elsa Construction NotesElsaFrozen
Elsa DressElsaFrozen
Love Live Cyber Dress TutorialCyber NicoLove Live!
Merida From Brave - Blue Formal DressMeridaBrave
Open Front Dress Tutorial
Padme Amidala DressPadme AmidalaStar Wars
Sakura's dress - tutorialSakuraNaruto
Shirred-Back Dress
Silent Hill Nurse DressBubblehead NurseSilent Hill

Title Character Series
How to tie Sasuke ropeSasukeNaruto
Orochimaru RopeOrochimaruNaruto
Sasuke Purple Rope TutorialSasukeNaruto
Sasuke Rope tutorialSasukeNaruto
Sasuke's rope tutorialSasukeNaruto

Title Character Series
Black Latex Pants Tutorial
Jack Frost Pants TutorialJack FrostRise of the Guardians
Matt's PantsMattDeathnote
Skirt to shorts

Title Character Series
Ahri Cosplay Outfit TutorialAhriLeague of Legends
An easy cheats guide to making Victorian dress
Basic Oven Mitt
Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Episode 9): Easy Elastic Waistband Skirt
Bleach shinigami outfitBleach
Bolero Tutorial
Cosplay DIY: Fallout Vault Suit - Part 1: Base SuitFallout
Creating a Toga
Cropped Jacket
Cyber Kotori Skirt and Bow TutorialCyber KotoriLove Live!
DIY Cheap and Easy Star Trek Costumes (TOS)
DIY Modesty Panel
Fullmetal Alchemist Military Uniform Pattern
Holo's Pink Top TutorialHoloSpice & Wolf
How to Knit Your Own UT SweaterCharaUndertale
How to Make a Jedi RobeStar Wars
How to Make Neko Maid Cafe Costume/outfits
How to Make Shoulder Pads for a Jacket
How to Tie a Toga
Len/Rin Arm Warmer Tutorial
Lilith Borderlands 2 - making the outfitLilithBorderlands 2
Love Live Uniform TutorialLove Live!
Make oven Mitts
Making a Grey Taffeta Kirtle
Modesty Tshirt Panel
Neku Sakuraba Shirt For CosplayNeku SakurabaThe World Ends With You
Ribbon Socks
Rock Lee Arm WrapsRock LeeNaruto
Sailor Moon Fuku (Outfit) TutorialSailor MoonSailor Moon
Tidus Overalls Tutorial - Pt 1TidusFinal Fantasy X
Tsunade - Kimono 2nd - Cosplay WorklogTsunadeNaruto
Tutorial, How to: Link's shirtLinkLegend of Zelda
TWEWY Neku Sakuraba : Shirt Tutorial
Veeery short Kigurumi Tutorial by

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