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Facial Hair
Title Character Series
Creating a Stubble Beard with Makeup
Drag Facial Hair 101
Gelatin Blood Tutorial
Make a Realistic Fake Beard

Character Makeup
Title Character Series
Ahri [League of Legends] MakeupAhriLeague of Legends (LoL)
Aradia Megido Makeup TutorialAradia MegidoHomestuck
Avatar Inspired Makeup TutorialAvatar (Movie)
Baby Doll Makeup TutorialBaby DollSuckerpunch
Bayonetta Makeup TutorialBayonettaBayonetta
Betty Boop TutorialBetty BoopBetty Boop
Blood moon Akali MakeupAkaliLeague of Legends (LoL)
Britnet and Whitney Biskit EyesBritney and Whitney BiskitLittlest Petshop
Cell-Shading Makeup TutorialLilithBorderlands 2
Corpse Bride Makeup TutorialEmilyCorpse Bride
Destiny Awoken Makeup TutorialAwoken WarlockDestiny
Dramatic L makeupLDeathnote
Edward Scissorhands Make-Up TutorialEdward ScissorhandsEdward Scissorhands
Emporio Ivankov - Final Cosplay Make UpEmporio IvankovOne Piece
Grell Sutcliff Makeup TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji
HalloweenTown Sora Make-up tutorialSoraKingdom Hearts
Hiro Hamada Makeup TutorialHiro HamadaBig Hero 6
Human version Pinkie pie makeup tutorialPinkie PieMy Little Pony : Friendship is Magic
Mettaton Ex Makeup TutorialMettaton ExUndertale
Misa (Death Note)-inspired makeupMisaDeath Note
Nana Make-Up TutorialNanaNana
Naruto Cosplay Makeup
Papyrus Makeup Cosplay TutorialPapyrusUndertale
Sailor Moon TransformationUsagiSailor Moon
Sebastian from kuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Stocking Cosplay Makeup TutorialStockingPanty and Stocking
Tim Burton's Queen of HeartsQueen of HeartsAlice in Wonderland
Vampire Halloween Tutorial
Vampire Knight's Kaname KuranKaname KuranVampire Knight
Wig Styling and Cel-Shading: Lilith from Borderlands 2LilithBorderlands 2

Title Character Series
All About Edges (Prosthetics)
Applying Latex Elf/Faerie Ears
Avatar Makeup Na'Vi Halloween Prosthetics
Castor Sealer for Latex Prosthetics
Dimensional Fabric Paint Prosthetic Tutorial
Easy way to make a latex prosthetic / appliance
Foam Latex Prosthetics: Make-up Application Guide
Francoeur Mandible TutorialFrancoeurA Monster in Paris
Halloween Makeup Tutorial 10: Hot Wax
How to Apply a Prosthetic
How to make a Latex Prosthetic
How to paint foam latex appliances
Instruction Manual for Foam Latex Prosthetics
Make Your Own Latex Elf Ears
Making a Nose
Making Gelatin Ears and Other Prosthetics
Painting Elf Ears Tutorial
Prosthetic Application and Removal
Tips for Latex Prosthetic Pieces

Injuries and Scars
Title Character Series
Basic Gash
Black Rock Shooter Scar TutorialBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Cuts and Bruises: 5 Open & Sewn Cuts
Easy Halloween Prosthetics
Fake Wounds
Flesh and Metal Cyborg Battle Scars
Freddie Cuts Tutorial
Gouged Eye MakeupNishizono ShinjiMPD Psycho
Halloween FX tutorial - old scar's
How To Make A Fake Wound
How to make a Latex ProstheticRotting Wound Makeup Tutorial
How to Make Fake Wounds For Cosplay
How To: Joker's ScarsJokerDC
Realistic Wound FX
Small and thin scar tut
Special FX Wound Tutorial
Theater Effects: Lacerations
Tutorial: Bloody Scar
Zombie Makeup Tutorial
Zombies Halloween How-to Make-Up : BFX

Title Character Series
Burnt & Bloody SFX Makeup Liquid Latex
Mello Scar Makeup TutorialMelloDeathnote
Zuko's burn mark-scar tutorial

Title Character Series
Blood Tests on Fabric Swatches + Washing Out
DIY Blood, Sweat and Tears
Edible Fake Blood
Fake Blood Recipe Human and Zombie
Fake Blood Recipes
Fake Blood Reviews
No-Cook Edible Fake Blood

Face Painting
Title Character Series
Attack on Titan Halloween Makeup (Colossal Titan)Colossal TitanAttack on Titan
Choosing, Using and Applying Body Paints
Cosplay Body Paint Tutorial
Drow Makeup Tutorial
Kitty cat! (halloween makeup)
Midna makeup tutorial
oshiroi / shiro-nuri (geisha makeup)
PAX body paint overview and review
Pinhead Halloween Makeup
She Devil Halloween Makeup
Skull Mask Makeup
Splatoon Inkling - Makeup WalkthroughInklingSplatoon
Using Liquid Latex to Create a Scaly Effect
Witch Face Painting
Wolf Tutorial

Bald Caps
Title Character Series
Apply a Bald Cap
Bald Cap
Bald Cap (For Long Hair)
Bald Cap Guide
Bald Cap Kit Instructions
Half-Bald Cap Using Liquid Latex
Make a Bald Cap
Tips for applying a bald cap

Teeth and Fangs
Title Character Series
Cosplay Tutorial - Fake fang/teeth
Cosplay Tutorial: How to make Pointy TeethSoul EvansSoul Eater
Fang Tutorial
Grell Sutcliff's Sharp Teeth TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji Black Butler
Halloween Exposed Teeth Makeup Tutorial
How to make false teeth
How to make Sharp Cosplay Teeth for $10Soul EvansSoul Eater
How to make Sharp Teeth Cosplay DIY!RinFree Iwatobi swim club
How to: Grell-'Shark' TeethGrellKuroshitsuji Black Butler
Small Shark Teeth TutorialGrell SutcliffKuroshitsuji
Teeth Prosthetics
Teeth Tutorial of Love

Title Character Series
Cosplay Tattoo tutorial
DIY how to make a temporary tattoo
Fake Tattoo Sleeve Tutorial
temporarily cover a tattoo
temporarily cover a tattooBlack Butler Sebastian Contract Tutorial

Title Character Series
A Beginner's Guide to Using Liquid Latex
Glitter Fantasy Cirque du Soleil Makeup for Halloween
How to Make An Asari Latex HeadpieceDr. Liara TíSoniMass Effect
how to make fake talons
Make Your Own Nose Putty
Simple Make-up Application Tips
Zombie Costume

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