Wigs and Hair

Last Update: June 14th, 2020

Title Character Series
AhogeAmericaAxs Powers Hetalia
Ahoge (Antenna) TutorialKonata IzumiLucky Star
Ahoge Tutorial (Quick and Permanent)
Ahoge/Cowlick for Cosplays
Austria AhogeAustriaAxis Powers Hetalia
Cosplay Tutorial: Canada's curlCanadaAxis Powers Hetalia
Easy Ahoge
England (Hetalia) Makeup - Anime StyleEnglandAxis Powers Hetalia
Hetalia Ahoge TutorialHetalia
How to Make an Ahoge [Hetalia]Axis Powers Hetalia

Title Character Series
Cutting and Styling Bangs
Cutting Bangs with a Hair Razor
Gravity Defying Bangs
How to cut bangs
How to Cut Bangs
How to Cut Bangs
How to Cut Simple Bangs
How to Cut Wig Bangs
Poofy / Fluffy Bangs
Poofy Anime Bangs and giving a Wig volu
Super Gravity Defying Bangs

Title Character Series
Beehive Wig TutorialMulanDisney (Doll Variant)

Building Shapes
Title Character Series
1770s High Wig Tutorial
Base Spike Shapes with FoamSon GokuDragon Ball
Building a Wig with FoamPhoenix WrightAce Attorney
Extreme Spike Over Foam (Japanese)AxelKingdom Hearts
Foam Inserts GazInvader Zim
Kaito Tenjo WigKaito TenjoYugioh Zexal
Orochi Wig TutorialOrochiFire Emblem Fates
Peridot WigPeridotSteven Universe
Phoenix Wright Wig TutorialPhoenix WrightAce Attorney
Shiki Anti-Gravity Wig TutorialSeishirou KirishikiShiki
Toph Wig Tutorial - FoamToph BeifongAvatar The Last Airbender
Wig Styling Tutorial - Foam Armatures
Wire FrameJessiePokemon
Yami Bakura Wig TutorialYami BakuraYugioh

Colouring Wigs - Ink
Title Character Series
Custom-Color Wig with Copic Marker
Dye a Lacefront WigPearlSteven Universe
Gradient Dye Wig Tutorial
How To Dye A Synthetic Wig - Sharpie
Questions about any tutorial we post or general cosplay construction are always welcome! Copic Marker Wig-Dying Tutorial and Tips
Sharpie Dye
Sharpie Dye an Epic Cosplay Wig
Sharpie Wig Dyeing Tutorial
The FW Homemade wig dye recipe
The Sharpie Dye FAQ Guide
Tutorial - Wig Dyeing
Wig Colouring with Sharpie Dye
Wig Dyeing for Dummies

Colouring Wigs - Paint
Title Character Series
Hair Painting TutorialIrabuTrapeze
How to Dye a Wig Using Acrylic Paint
Wig Dyeing
Wig Dyeing Tutorial - Human GildaGilda the Griffonmy Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic

Combining Wigs
Title Character Series
Combining and Wefting wigs
Combining Two Wigs Into One
Combining Wigs for Volume
How to Splice Two Wigs Togethe
How to thicken a wig by combining two wigs
Simple Wig Tricks: StackingMeridaBrave
Two Colour Wig - Split in the Middle

Title Character Series
Celestia Drill CurlsCelestia LudenbergDangan Ronpa
Celestia Ludenberg Drill Curl TutorialCelestia LudenbergDangan Ronpa
Curling Heat Resistant Fibers
Curling Iron Techniques on Cosplay Wigs
Curling with Hot Water
Do-It-Yourself: Merida Wig (from Brave)MeridaBrave
Drill Curl TutorialMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Drill Curl TutorialMami TomoePuella Magi Madoka Magica
Giant Drill Curls
Himegyaru Style
Hot Water Curling Guide
How to Curl a Wig
How to curl your straight cosplay wig
Spiral CurlsMamiPuella Magi Madoka Magica
Spiral Curls
Victory RollsWandaFairly Odd Parents
Wig Tutorial - Hades Disney Female (Sakimichan Version)HadesDisney's Herculese

Title Character Series
Awesome Guy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Pt. 1
Awesome Guy's Wig Cutting Tutorial Pt. 2
Cosplay Lesson: Wigs - Cutting and Styling
How to cut bangs in a wig
How to Trim a Wig
How to: Cut Layers in Your Wig or Weave Tutorial
Layering a Wig
Natsu Dragneel Wig Cutting TutorialNatsu DragneelFairy Tail
Using a Hair Shaping Razor

Title Character Series
Detangle a Curly Wig
Detangle a Straight or Curly Wig
Detangling a Wig
detangling discovery: silicone spray lubricant
Homemade Wig Detangler
How to brush a curly wig/Styling hime lolita wig
How to Detangle a Long Wig Tutorial
How to Detangle a Wig
How to Detangle and Store Wigs
How to Restore a Messy Cosplay Wig
Salvaging a Wig
Tutorial: De-Frizzing Wigs for Dummies

Title Character Series
Easy Hairline: Glue MethodZack FairFinal Fantasy VII : Crisis Core
Equius Wig TutorialEquiusHomestuck
Glued Hairlines
Gluing a Fake Hairline For Your WigsSakuraGate 7
How to Ventilate a Wig
Making an Extreme Widow's Peak
Wig Tutorial: Widow's Peak
Wig Ventilating Tips and Tricks

How to Wear a Wig
Title Character Series
Buying and Working with Wigs
How to Put On a Wig
How To Wear a Cosplay Wig
How To Wear Wigs w Long Hair
Long Hair and Short Wigs: A Tutorial
Long Hair Under a Wig
Put On A Wigcap
Putting on a Wig

Lacefront Wigs
Title Character Series
Cutting the lace on a lacefront
How to Put on Lace Front Wig
How to wear a Lace Front Wig
Wig Ventilating Tutorial

Making a Wig
Title Character Series
Fur Wig Tutorial
Introduction to Wigmaking
Wig Making Step by Step

Title Character Series
How to Style a Vi WigViLeague of Legends (LoL)
Mohawk Hair Piece Tutorial

Odango and Buns
Title Character Series
Cinnamon Bun Tutorial
How to Make a Bun with Your Cosplay Wig
Odango / Sailor Moon WigUsagiSailor Moon
Odango Bun TutorialUsagiSailor Moon
Odango Tutorial
Pigtails + OdangoChibimoonSailor Moon
Tinkerbell WigTinkerbellPeter Pan

Title Character Series
Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina Sculpted Cosplay Wig TutorialTiny TinaBorderlands 2
Building a Wig - Process
Care for a Wig
Constructing a Wig Box
Cosplay 101: Basic Wig Guide
Fake Sideburns (Japanese)
Fiber Optic Wig Tutorial
Fitting a Wig: Making it Smaller
Frozen - Yarn Wig TutorialElsaFrozen
Getting Started: Wig Supplies
Guide to Buying a Good Cosplay/Lolita Wig
How To Cosplay: DIY a WigStand!
How to dreadlock a wig
How To Make A Dreadlock Wig
Inkling Tentacle WigInklingSplatoon
Instantly Add Volume
Make a Straight Wig Wavy
Make a Wig Cap
Make a Wig Cap From Pantyhose
Making of Ghost Trick Beauty’s Intense WigBeautyGhost Trick
Mohawk Wig with Bald Cap [Japanese]
Peridot Helmet tutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Purchasing Quality Wigs
Recommended Styling Tools for Wigs
Restyle a Skin Top Hair Part
Ryuko's Wig (Adding the Red)Ryuko MatoiKill la Kill
Securing Wigs with Toupee Clips!
Spruce Up a Wig
Styling with Heat - Hair parts (for skin top wigs)
Styling with heat - Taming a wig
Tutorial: Wig Clips
Using Clips to Attach Things to Wigs
Why Should You Wear a Wig?
Wig Cap Design Information
Wig Dying Guide
Wig Styling Walk-Through

Pigtails and Ponytails
Title Character Series
Adding Ponytail to Short Wig
Botan Wig Tutorial - High PonytailBotanYuYu Hakusho
BRSB – Styling the wigBlack Rock ShooterBlack Rock Shooter
Cheaters Guide to PigtailsMakaSoul Eater
Clip-on High Ponytail WigYoko LittnerTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
High Ponytail
High Ponytail Tutorail
High Ponytail Wig (Japanese)
How to Make a Clip-on PonytailSamus AranMetroid
PigtailsUsagiSailor Moon
Pigtails on a Non-Parted Wig
Preparing Wigs for Ponytails and Up-dos
Stripped curly heavy high updo ponytailMadeline Hatter Legacy DayEver After High
Tsubaki ponytail tutorial TsubakiSoul Eater
Tutorial: Making a Clip-on Ponytail
Twintail wig tutorial (without cut)Karuta RoromiyaInu x Boku SS
Wig Tutorial: 1 high ponytail

Title Character Series
Josuke Pompadour WigJosuke HigashikataJoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Specific Styles
Title Character Series
Bayonetta wig tutorialBayonettaBayonetta
Beetlejuice Cosplay Wig TutorialBeetlejuice
Bellwether Wig TutorialBellwetherZootopia
Catherine Wig TutorialCatherineCatherine
Cloud Wig TutorialCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Deku Wig TutorialDeku / Midoriya IzukuMy Hero Academia
Envy Wig TutorialEnvyFull Metal Alchemist
FFX Shiva Wig TutorialShivaFinal Fantasy X
Half Wig (Covers Half the Head)
How to Style Josuke Higashikata WigJosuke HigashikataJoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Japan's Wig Tutorial- Step 1 - Step 2 (part 1)JapanAxis Powers Hetalia
Katsura (Geisha wig)
Lady Gaga Hair Bow
Lady Tsunade (Naruto) Wig 1.0TsunadeNaruto
Light Up Ragyo WigRagyo KiryuinKill La Kill
Nurse Joy Cosplay Tutorial - WigNurse JoyPokemon
Nurse Joy cosplay tutorial - WigNurse JoyPokemon
Pearl WigPearlSteven Universe
Pearl Wig InstructionsPearlSteven Universe
Pearl Wig StylingPearlSteven Universe
Peridot Wig TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Rapunzel WigRapunzelTangled
Rapunzel WigRapunzelTangled
Rapunzel Wig - BraidedRapunzelTangled
Real Geisha Hair Tutorial
REVIEW & how to style: ZORO (one piece) - LUCAILLE wig by Misch.AxelZoroOne Piece
Sabatains wig from KuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Sabatains wig from KuroshitsujiSebastianKuroshitsuji
Saber Hair Styling Tutorial
Saber WigSaberFate Stay Night
Sebastian Wig TutorialSebastianKuroshitsuji
Sombra Wig Styling TutorialSombraOverwatch
Sona Cosplay Wig TutorialSonaLeague of Legends
Tianzi Wig TutorialEmpress TianziCode Geass
Wanda Wig (Fairly Odd Parents)WandaFairly Odd Parents
Wig StylingKatsuki Bakugou - My Hero Academia Speed StreamKatsuki BakugouMy Hero Academia
Wig Tutorial: Riko from Love Live SunshineRikoLove Live!
Yuna Hair Tail TutorialYunaFinal Fantasy X
Yuna's BraidYunaFinal Fantasy
Yuno Gasai Wig TutorialYuno GasaiMirai nikki

Title Character Series
Demyx Wig ProcessDemyxKingdom Hearts
Extreme Spike Over Paper
Hitachiin Twins Wig TutorialKaoru and HikaruOuran High School Host Club
Kingdom Hearts III Sora Wig Styling TutorialSoraKingdom Hearts 3
L Wig - SpikingLDeathnote
Larxene Wig LarxeneKingdom Hearts
Make an anime gravity defying spiked wig
Making of a Sora WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Roxas Wig tutorialRoxasKingdom Hearts
Roxas Wig WIPRoxasKingdom Hearts
Sasuke Hair TutorialSasuke UchihaNaruto
Spiking 101
Spiking a Cloud WigCloudFinal Fantasy VII
Spiking a WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Spiking a WigSoraKingdom Hearts
Spiking: Demyx hair tutorialDemyxKingdom Hearts
Styling a Spiked Wig [Junkrat from Overwatch]JunkratOverwatch
The accurate KH2 Sora wigSoraKingdom Hearts
Tutorial for Spiking a Roxas WigRoxasKingdom Hearts
Wig Spiking 101
Wig StylingSasuke UchihaNaruto
Yusei Wig TutorialYuseiYugioh 5D

Title Character Series
How to straighten a spiky wig
Straighten a Synthetic Wig with the Hot Water Method
Straighten a Wig Tutorial
Straightening a Heat Resistant Wig
Tutorial: How to straighten a synthetic wig

Title Character Series
Mercy Wig Tutorial: Adding a ponytailMercyOverwatch
Stubbing + OdangoUsagiSailor Moon
Stubbing for AddonsViolaEternal Sonata

Teasing a Wig
Title Character Series
Backcomb a Wig
Teasing a Hime Wig
Teasing a Wig

Title Character Series
Detangling + Washing
How to Wash
How to Wash a Cosplay Wig
How to Wash a Wig
How To Wash a Wig Tutorial (With pictures!)
Wash a Wig
Washing a Wig

Title Character Series
How to make hair wefts on your sewing machine
How to sew hair into a wig
How to Sew Loose Hair Into Wefts
Making Wefts 4 Wigs
Reuse Wig Fibers
Stitch Witchery Weft Tutorial
Thick Weft Tutorial
Wefts 101
Wig Tutorial- Wefting

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