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This past weekend I was at FanExpo Canada ! I decided that instead of an interview this month I would talk to some of the cosplayers at the convention and get some tips on how to make their costumes!

gillykins / UtaArashi

» Huntress' mask was made with craft foam, which can be shaped by heating it. Batgirl's mask was made from vinyl, but to get the nice shape around the eyes she built it over a halfmask base.

paper-night / xshedevilx

» Very impressive Darkstalkers cosplayers! The Q-bee's sclera contacts and the wig really make the costume stand out! Her tip is to really focus on the boobs and eyes. The Morrigan's wings were made with vinyl over a wire frame that fits into a harness. Her suggestion is to use double stretch vinyl.


»This Samus used a zentai suit as the base of her costume and then did the designs on it. Her tip? If you are working with a zentai suit you should have a friend to help you out! Since you are working with a material that stretches having a friend wear the costume, or add the designs while you wear the costume can help make sure it looks right when completed.

You could also use a dressform or look into making a duct tape dressform to be your double!


» Unlike a previous suit he made using sports equipment as a base, this was a much smaller suit and required the parts to be made without use of a base. This suit was made with cardboard, but plaster was used to help with the chestpiece. The undersuit is Under Armour, a brand of sports clothing. His tip is to give yourself lots of time to work on the costume and don't take on something you can't handle.

Jemma, Miles and Kyle

» They Harley Quinn in the middle made both the Joker's and her outfit by hand sewing alterations on clothing found in thrift stores. Her tip for making similar outfits would be to check out thrift stores and (if you live in the GTA) Kensington market for clothes that fit your needs.

Two Face had the biggest challenge of finding two suits that were very similar, since they needed to fit together properly (such as having the same number of front buttons). The tie was also made by splitting two ties and combining them! His burn effect was created by using paper mache with tissue. Then it was painted with acrylics.

» Her tip was if you are going to do the costume, you have to go all out and include painting the feet! Body paint is always a challenge, particularily when you need to cover such a large area.

Her friend helped out by making the staff, which had a wooden dowel as the main rod and cardboard creating the head of the staff. I got a chance to hold it and it was pretty lightweight, which is ideal if you need to carry it around for a day!
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»Great Resource

  • The Universal Convention Packing Checklist

    Great for the forgetful people, a base convention packing checklist to make sure you have the essentials. Expand on it and save it in a notebook or on the computer to help you remember everything for your next con!

»Pro Tips

Did your hosiery / stockings rip and you need a quick fix? The common household item that can be used to fix this problem is a bit of clear nailpolish. This is also something that can easily fit in your cosplay fix kit. The hole will still be there but the polish will prevent it from getting any larger. Don't have nailpolish? Clear drying glue or mod podge also works.

You want to look your best before a con and baking soda is a great way to help this out. Bathing with baking soda leads to smoothe skin, using baking soda in a face mask can help reduce pimples, and brushing your teeth with baking soda can help whiten them.
There are lots of benefits to baking soda, you can check this list for more ideas.


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