Black Lives Matter

If you are in the United States or follow world news you may have heard of George Floyd's mistreatment by police officers followed by his death and the subsequent protests decrying the consistent mistreatment of black people by police in America.

Through the power of the internet, cosplay has become part of a global interconneced community. This has lead to amazing things! It also helps us to better understand the challenges that different people face. Through black American cosplayers sharing news and their experiences, and international cosplayers supporting them, we can see the challenges being faced and offer support for our American friends as they push for justice. Justice for those slain by police and those facing systemic racism and oppression at the hands of law enforcement.

Black cosplayers, black Americans and black people worldwide have been speaking out, protesting and petitioning. Please join me in standing with them by offering your support.


Note: do not include “BLM” in your payment note, as some are getting blocked.

Non-Donation Support Options:

If you can't donate or want to do more

Support in the Cosplay Community:

Anti-black sentiments are also a problem in the cosplay hobby. Black cosplayers are constantly fighting for their own space in the global cosplay community. There are many ways you can directly offer your support:


The above is just scratching the surface of how you can push for change.

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