Body Suits

Last Update: June 17th, 2020

Title Character Series
Armsock Tutorial: Four StylesHomestuck
Bird Details on an Arm Sock TutorialDavespriteHomestuck
Cosplay Tutorials: Arm Socks
DIY: Cosplay Gloves, Part 1PeridotSteven Universe
Homestuck Arm Sock TutorialHomestuck
Homestuck Armsock TutorialHomestuck
Homestuck Armsock TutorialHomestuck
Tights to Gloves TutorialHomestuck
Troll Cosplay Arm Sleeve TutorialHomestuck

Body Suits
Title Character Series
Catsuit patterns and more
Catsuit TutorialCatwomanBatman Returns
Cosplay Suit Tutorial / How to Texture SpandexMarinette Dupain-ChengMiraculous Ladybug
EASY Saitama Cosplay TutorialSaitamaOne Punch Man
Female titan cosplay bodysuit draftTitan ErenAttack on Titan
Halo 4 Undersuit - Build LogHalo 4
How did you do your Titan Eren suit?Titan ErenAttack on Titan
How To Make a Skinsuit
How to make the Female Titan costume (Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay)Titan ErenAttack on Titan
Making a Custom Fit Liquid Latex Body Suit
Miraculous Ladybug Bodysuit Tutorial - Part 1:Cutting The Big Pieces!MarinetteMiraculous
Peridot Bodysuit TutorialPeridotSteven Universe
Seamless body suit
Sew-Your-Own Lycra® Bodysuit
Spider-Man Suit (Ultimate Spider-Man)Spider-ManMarvel
Uraraka Ochako BodysuitUraraka OchakoMy Hero Academia

Muscle Suits
Title Character Series
How to Make a Muscle Costume
How to: cheap upper body muscles (Spidey, etc.)
Muscle Suit Wip -Tutorial
My Superman suit and Muscle shirt

Title Character Series
Fallout Vault Suit Build Log: Part 21 - 57 Composite Upper BodyFallout Vault Suit Build Log: Part 21 - 57 Composite Upper BodyFallout
How to make latex rubber cosplay costume pieces including my Alien suit
How To Remove The Morphsuit Logo From a Morphsuit Tutorial
Jumpsuit TutorialVault BoyFallout
Sailor Fuku TutorialSailor Moon

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