Posing Template

Is posing for pictures a challenge for you? Do you struggle to come up with interesting in-character poses at a con? Do you have great pose ideas, but they turn out looking weird? Then the posing template is for you! Use this posing template to help you come up with poses that fit the character, and make you look great in the process!

What you need:

* Wear your costume while posing so you can see how the poses look while the costume is worn.

How it works:

Google image search for your character to help generate ideas for poses and fill in the chart with these poses using MS Paint or another image editor. If you don't have an image editor you can save them to your computer or phone so you can reference them when posing.

Get in costume and set up the camera/mirror, or call your friend over to help take pictures.

Do a pose for each section of the posing template, if applicable to your character, and take a picture.

Go through the photos you have taken and determine which poses and facial expressions work well!

Here are some examples of the chart in action:


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